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Hair Cut

On Monday, after getting completely ready for work, I get a text from the daycare informing me that the air condition was not working and that Will would not be able to go to school that day.  I didn't have a morning docket so I was able to stay home with him. 

I decided that I would take the opportunity to schedule a haircut for Will.  There were no times available at Giggles so we walked in at Sports Clips.  Will loved this place.  There we large pictures of basketballs on the wall.  Will pointed to the wall, yelled "BALL" and took off running as fast as he could toward the ball.  Unfortunately he didn't realize that it was only a picture and he ran face first into the wall.  He hit so hard that he bounced off and fell over.  It was hilarious.  He cried his eyes out and sat in my lap. 

The lap-sitting lasted all of about 30 seconds.  Will thought that he would have a much better time crawling around in the chairs. I really did have such a great time.  I wasn't…
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Mother’s Day 2018

On Saturday me and boys went to Manchester to spent the night with Nana for Mother' Day.  MJ and her boys were there too so we had a lot of noise and chaos.

For dinner, Papa made his special barbecue.  Then the boys played outside.  They drove the jeeps, played baseball, played with balloons, played basketball and played on the swing set.  They were so happy to be all together.

The next morning we ate donuts and got ready for church. 

It was really hard to get the boys excited about Mother's Day.

After church we went to Granny's for lunch.

Sam wanted to do a silly face picture with Granny.

Sam doing the Nakamura.

Will was really excited to get home.  He played upstairs in the floor for over an hour.

Muffins with Mom

Last Friday I did not have a docket so I was able to go to Sam's school for "Muffin's with Mom."  My job is not really flexible so I was happy to get to go. Sam was excited to see me and to give me my tomato plant.

He made sure that we got a picture together.

Later than evening I took the boys to Murfreesboro to meet Grandad and Gigi. The boys spent the night with them while Michael and I went to the Bishop/Stubbs wedding at the Hancock House in Gallatin.

After the wedding we went to Jonathan's for dinner.

Michael’s Lousy Birthday Party

This year Michael turned 37.  His birthday was at the tail end of our campaign, so I was not able to plan his party.  In fact, he had to order his own birthday cake.  Luckily Michael's family came over to our house and threw a cookout for Michael.  I was able to be present - I just missed the planning.

I also missed WrestleMania this year (due to the campaign).  I knocked on doors all day and then fell asleep on the couch in the middle of the only match that I was able to watch.  The next morning, we learned that Braun Strowman won the Raw Tag Team Belt so Sam and I celebrated while getting ready for school and work.

Michael introduced Will to the lawnmower. Like all little boys, Will loved it.

Catching Up

Well, the election is over and I plan to start blogging again.  Over the last few months I took a few random pictures here and there.  I can't recall much of what happened or why I took these pictures, mostly because I was out knocking on doors every night and weekend.

I think I took this picture because Will's legs look so cute.

Our Sunday School Class picnic.  Baron and Melanie/Roger and Anna/Me and Michael/Dustin and Elena/Jody and CJ/Derek and Emily/Eric and Amanda/ David and Sharon.

Will has a new favorite spot in the house - our bed.  Each morning I put Will in our bed while I change his diaper and his clothes.  The second I walk off, he crawls over to my pillow, lays down and gets under the covers.

Finn reading to Will.

Will loves sunglasses, and for the most part will keep them on his face.

He also loves to play the piano.

Easter 2018

This year, Easter started off with an awful selfie.  But Finn snuggled up next to me and asked me to take it - so I did.

Will on the way to church.  Big shock that he is fussing.

When he got to Gran and Pa's church, he refused to sit next to me. But was more than happy to sit with Michael.

I love this picture of Henry and Finn.

Once we got to Gran's the boys opened their Easter baskets. 

Will got just what he wanted - a ball. But he was also very interested in Cade's train book.

Then it was time to hunt.  This is the first year that Will has been able to hunt on his own.  Much like with anything physical, Will picked it up pretty quickly.  Once he spotted an egg, he would run to it as fast as he could, grab the egg, immediately open it and then eat the candy inside. He was so precious.

Sam found a 20 dollar bill in his egg.