Monday, December 4, 2017

Putting up the Christmas Tree with Buck Denver

On November 12th we started the process of putting up the Christmas tree.  It is now December 4th and I have still not completed the process of putting up my Christmas tree.  I made a conscious decision NOT to put my fragile ornaments up this year due to Will's ever  increasing interest in destroying everything in sight.  This year, in an attempt to avoid a nervous breakdown, I only let the boys put up ornaments that are shatter proof.  Only Finn noticed the difference. 

We ended up having a really good night.  It was Finn's idea for he and Sam to decorate the tree in their Christmas pajamas.  While decorating we turned on the "Buck Denver" What is Christmas special.  

Such concentration.  He must have known that if he messed up my tree or my ornament that I would write unflattering, though well deserved, things about him on my blog. 

 Well, Will has learned that dreaded word - NO.  But man, it is so cute when he says it.  I find myself asking him questions so that I can hear him tell me no.  He doesn't do it in an ugly way - instead, he politely tells me no.  For example, I ask:  "Will, can Mama have a hug."  He will look over his shoulder and say "no."  I wish that I could convey how precious he is when he says it - but I can't.  Luckily I have it on video.

He has also learned to say "look!"  When he wants to show up something incredible.  He will dramatically point to an object and exclaim "wook!"  This, too is precious.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


This is a little late - but I am finally getting around to publishing pictures of the boys' Halloween pumpkins.  The timing on this post is actually fitting as the boys finished these pumpkins about 10 minutes before they were supposed to go to bed on the night before Halloween. So basically we got to enjoy these pumpkins for approximately one day before we threw them over to fence for the deer to eat. Oh, and as it turns out, I don't even have a picture of the finished products.  Congrats Erin. 

Working with Mom

Since Finn spent much of Monday night throwing up, we spent much of Tuesday at work with me.  I had to be in court all morning, so I set Finn up with Netflix on my office computer, my Ipad, a pastry from the coffee shop around the corner, and pallet on the floor just in case he started feeling poorly again. Fortunately, Finn was very excited to go to work with me. Unfortunately for the office, Finn was feeling much better by the time I left him the capable hands of Lori and and Lawren. 

Whilst sitting on the bench, pretending to be a grown-up, I received the following pictures via text from Lawren.  

At some point Finn went rummaging through the office and found some old swords that Butch had laying around. After much struggle, Finn was ultimately defeated. 

After getting back from court, I found that Finn had left me sweet notes and pictures all over my office.  Writing this blog reminded me of when I use to bring Finn to work with me when he was a baby. Really, not much as changed - he still rolls around all over my office floors, tried to steal my chair, bangs on my computer keys and whines to go home. Regardless, I love having the boys at the office. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Hand, Foot and Mouth - Round II

Second verse, same as the first - almost.  

Hand, foot and mouth has once again plagued the Begley home.  This time the unlucky recipient was young William - our most tolerant and patient baby . . . NOT.  

Hand, foot and mouth hit Will pretty hard.  For five full days he was miserable. When Sam was Will's age he contracted hand, foot and mouth.  I recall that he didn't feel well, but I don't remember him being in complete agony.  But I guess this makes sense as Sam never complains about being sick.  Will, on the other hand, revels in the attention his sickness brings (at least that is my opinion) and plays it up for everything it is worth.  Think - Michael Scott - when he burned his foot. 

So for five days, Will stayed with Gran during the day.  Fortunately for Will, he was well taken care of at Gran's house.  Unfortunately for Gran, Will gave her hand, foot and mouth. 

Most of Will's blisters were on his mouth and face.  He also had a few around his eyes which he apparently scratched all night - leaving the skin around his eyes swollen and red.  He looked pretty rough. 

Traveling Home

Very early on Thursday morning, we packed the van and drove back to Tennessee.  I had a trial that next morning (Friday) so we had to leave a day early. 

The drive back wasn't too bad.  The boys slept intermittently and watched Buck Denver.  

We stopped at Chik-Fil-A for lunch.  To me, this was the most memorable part of the day. 

I love seeing the boys having fun together. 

We made it safely home at around 4:00.  We were completely unpacked by 6:00 and we spent a quiet night at home.

Self Awareness

This morning Finn came traipsing through the kitchen look this.  I had asked him to put his tie on for school.  I took one look at him and said - "Finn that is the worst job I have ever seen - do it again!"  Finn did not take my criticism too well and responded, "Mom! You can't expect me to do it perfect every time!!"  I was taken aback by Finn's assertion that he felt his attempt came anywhere within the out realm of perfection.   I told Finn to look in the mirror  and then gave him an opportunity revise his statement. 

Finn agreed that he could've done a tab bit better. 

Putting up the Christmas Tree with Buck Denver

On November 12th we started the process of putting up the Christmas tree.  It is now December 4th and I have still not completed the pr...