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Earning His Way to Heaven

About three weeks ago, Michael and I had a discussion about Sam's understanding of God, Jesus, salvation, etc.  We concluded that Sam seemed to have no real understanding of our sin nature and our need for salvation.  One week later while saying his prayer at bedtime, Sam, out of nowhere, prays that he is sorry for his sins that he trusts God.  Michael and I were both flabbergasted.  We were really encouraged that Sam is actually starting to comprehend. 
Fast forward one week.  Sam is sitting on the towelette in the bathroom right off of the foyer.  He has the door closed and the fan on.  It takes Sam a really long time to go to the bathroom, so he entertains himself as best he can.  On this particular evening Sam starts singing a song that he made up.  After a few minutes, I stood at the door and listened.  Sam's song was so sweet and so heartfelt.  He was talking to God - telling him how much he loved him, but that he was really afraid to die.   He would sing over and over,…
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Flag Football

Last Saturday was the boys' first flag football game.  They both did terrible, but we didn't expect any better.  Sam, Will and I arrived at the fields around 8:30.  I stopped to get coffee on the way and bought Sam his first ever bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit, which has quickly become his new favorite.    We really couldn't have asked for a better day to play.  It was nice and cool and the sun was out.  The only problem was the grass - it was really wet. Luckily I had a big plastic tarp in the van.  I laid the tarp out and put a quilt on top.  
Back to the games.  Finn's game was first.  For the first half of Finn's game, I watched seven and eight year old kids (not my kid, mind you) play football like they had been playing their hole lives. Midway through the game I looked across the field to see Michael talking to Finn. I could tell that Finn was upset - most likely crying.  After his game was over Finn told me that he lost the game for his team. Apparently he …

Service Buddy

The other night as I was going through my pictures, I ran across the pictures from the Ravi Zacharias conference that we attended this past summer with Dustin and Elena.  It was a two day conference at the RZ Institute in Atlanta.  It was great conference - filled with powerful testimonies.  As is often the case these days, I forgot to post the pictures.  As I was preparing this blog post, I got to thinking about all the things that I have done with Elena over the years.  Since we attend church together, it is logical that our connections are church related.  We teach Middle School Sunday School together, we have gone on Mission Trips together, Youth Trips together, we are Deacon's wives together, we are in a D-Group, we are in the same Sunday School Class - and the list goes on.  Even though Elena doesn't read my blog, I thought that I would take a moment to acknowledge how important she is to my walk and accountability.  I am blessed to have a such a great "Jesus lovin…

Will at Daycare

I love Will's daycare - and thankfully, so does Will. The teachers are so sweet and they don't micromanage you to death.  For the first year of Will's life he was in the baby area.  While in this this area, Will was known as the kid that doesn't nap.  Seriously, for a whole year, he went from 8:00 to 2:30 without napping.  When they told me that they were moving him over to the older class I had my doubts.  In the older class there are no cribs - instead the kids all sleep on their cots.  I laughed to myself as they told me that Will would take a nap on the cot.

Well . . . the jokes on me.

Last week I found Will, sound asleep on his cot.  This cot is not enclosed and only one inch off of the floor.  Ms. Jazz is so special. She told me that he naps like this everyday.  The blanket was a gift from Miss Laura - from the baby room. 

In October of 2016, the Daycare asked that I make a collage for Will to look at while at school. Eleven months later, I finally got around to…

Will's First Real Trip to the Zoo

On Friday most of the Begley's fought rush hour to spend an awesome night at the Zoo.  The weather was cool and dry, the zoo wasn't crowded and the all of the animals were out.  Will's first trip to the zoo was this past October for the Halloween event.  It is really crowded and dark at the Boo at the Zoo, so this was technically Will's first trip.  

Sam the navigator. This picture is so sweet. 

Check out Michael's expression. 

These turtles were incredible.  This one weighs 55 pounds. 

Will looking at the kangaroo.  Will really loved the Zoo.  You could tell exactly when Will spotted the animal.  His eyes would get big  and he gasped.  Will is doing this gasp thing now when he gets excited when it basically just sucks in huge amounts of air.  It is really loud and so precious.  He was able to find all of them on his 

We were all able to pet the Kangaroos. 

After the zoo we went to Five Guys for hamburgers. It was a really fun night. 

Ride Along with Thomas

On Sunday, Gran and Pa took Henry, Mason and Sam to "Ride Along with Thomas."  This is the same event that we took Finn to for his second birthday.

When Sam got home on Sunday evening he was so excited to tell me about his day with Thomas.  I have to say that I miss Thomas a little bit.  We watched it constantly with Finn.  Now, we have introduced it to Will and he seems to like it.  When I watch, I can remember Finn being about the age that Will is now - and I start missing Finn a little.  I also start thinking that Sam got cheated out of his Thomas phase because he did whatever Finn was doing.  Anyway, all this to say, that I am really happy to have Thomas back in my life.

This was Finn's "Ride Along" day - six years ago.

While Sam was with Gran and Pa, Finn, Will, Michael and I hung out around the house.  Michael and Finn watched football together while I finished up painting my kitchen island.  Will woke up from his nap screaming like he had an ear infectio…