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Mama's Face (December 30, 2009)

Today Grandad and Gigi came to sit with Finn while Michael and I went to see Sherlock Holmes. Before going to the movie we all had lunch at Red Robin. It was at Red Robin that I almost dropped Finn. It all started while we were being seated. I was trying situate Finn and his car seat in the booth. At some point the front end of the carseat slipped and tumbled over toward the ground. I ended up grabbing both the carseat and Finn's face to keep him from bumping his head or falling to the ground. Thank goodness he was still strapped in. He looked a little startled but he didn't cry.
Later that night while Michael was playing basketball, I took Finn to play in his room. We spelled his name out on his new rug and had some tummy time. I also took the opportunity to take pictures of everything.
Before putting Finn to bed he did something so sweet. While I was feeding him he reached up and started rubbing my face. He start at my eyebrows and would run his hands down to my chin. Now Finn…

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This morning Michael and I took Finn to the pediatrician's office to get his ears checked. His ears looked great. She also told me that Finn can sit close to the TV, that the ear infection did not cause his aversion to bottles (durn) and that I am not bouncing him too hard.
Michael didn't have to go to work today so after the appointment we spent the rest of the day at home. The best part of the day was that Finn took a three hour nap - FINALLY! I was even able to catch a little nap as well.

Packing up Christmas (December 27, 2009)

Today we went to church with Gran and Pa. As expected Finn wouldn't take his bottle so I took him out of the service and walked him around for 30 minutes to keep him from fussing. After church I took down the Christmas tree and the Christmas decorations. I love Christmas trees and I never want to take my tree down. However, this year looking at my tree made me feel sad so I wasted no time in taking the tree down. While I was taking the tree down, Michael and Finn had a standoff. I was sure that Finn would take his bottle we worked with him long enough but I was wrong. Michael tried to feed Finn for an hour. Finn screamed the entire time. We both felt so bad. Needless to say, Finn won.

Later on we spent some time in Finn's room. Michael hung Finn's wall letters and I put away all of Finn's Christmas presents, rearranged his closet and put away of the clothes that he can't wear anymore. While we were working I put in Finn's new lullaby CD entitled Baby's Firs…

Christmas with Gran and Pa (December 26, 2009)


Today we went to Gran and Pa's for Christmas. This was our first family Christmas with Sharon. Finn had a wonderful Christmas morning at Gran and Pa's house. He got some really cute outfits and a beautiful Christmas ornament with blocks. Gran also got him three lullaby CDs complete with a CD player for his room. Finn also got a little suitcase that looks like a tiger and some toy rings. Finally Finn got a wonderful high chair that pulls right up to the table. So, very soon Finn can sit at the table and eat with his parents.

After gifts we had Christmas breakfast and then we went next door to hang out with Zoe. Next, the three of us took a Christmas nap. After our nap we left Finn with his Gran and Michael and I went to Arby's for a little R and R.

We are so thankful to our families for making Finn's first Christmas so memorable (at least to us). He is so blessed to have so many people that love him.

We love you,

Michael and Erin

Over the River and Through the Woods . . . Part 2


After leaving my Granny and Papa's house we drove to Clarksville to have Christmas with Michael's grandmother. The drive from Sparta to Clarksville took approximately 3 hours - luckily Finn slept the entire time. When we arrived at Mimi's house Finn met his Uncle Charlie and Aunt Donna, his Uncle Jimmy and his second cousins William and Heather. Next we opened presents. Some of the gifts Finn received included three "rockin" outfits, including his first pair of blue jeans from his Aunt Donna and Uncle Charlie, Mimi gave Finn some cute outfits as wellm Jimmy, Heather and William gave Finn a really snuggly blanket and Aunt Tina gave Finn a "baby's first christmas" picture frame.

After dinner and gifts Finn started fussing so his Gran held him to attempt to calm him down. Finn, being the stubborn baby he is, was not giving in. After a few minutes Finn's Uncle Jimmy walked over, picked Finn up and started talking to him. I…

Over the river and through the woods . . . .

After having our family Christmas we went to Sparta to spend time with my Papa and Granny. When I was a little girl I spent every Christmas morning at Papa and Granny's house. I looked forward to it all year. I am so happy that Finn is getting to go Papa and Granny's on Christmas day.
We arrived in Sparta around 1:00. When we got there Finn met his cousin Kara. Kara and Nathan live in Washington and have not been able to meet Finn yet. When I was little I enjoyed nothing more that getting to visit Kara - whether it was walking next door through the path that Laura made for me or coming all the way back from Tullahom. Needless to say I was so happy that Finn got to spend some time with Kara too! We love Kara! Next we had breakfast followed by gifts. Anna got Finn a book and matching field mouse, Laura got him a lady bug toy and a Christmas ornament, Tracey got him an "under the sea" book, Melissa got him a Thomas the Train DVD and Granny gave Finn some "green.&quo…

Christmas Morning

Today is Christmas morning. Finn woke up for the first time at around 1:30. It was too early to open presents so I fed him and put him back to bed. He woke up again at around 7:30 so again I fed him and then we got back in bed with Dad. The night before I come up with this wonderful plan of going into Finn's room, waking him up and then taking him downstairs for Christmas morning. Not surprisingly, Finn's stomach ruined that plan. However, I didn't allow this little glitch to curtail my plans. After I fed him I put him back in his bed. Then Michael and I got the video camera and we went into Finn's room as though we were waking him up for first time on Christmas morning. After we got him out of bed we took him downstairs to see what Santa had brought him. He seemed pretty impressed with his jumping gym. He played in it for while. After playing with Finn, Michael and I exchanged gifts. I got him a pair of shoes and a coupon for a mouse. In addition to Harry Potter, Mich…

Christmas Eve

Tonight is Christmas Eve. It is our first Christmas Eve as a family. We had such a good time. Finn and I watched Christmas programs on TV while Michael was out buying bigger diapers and ringworm cream. Next I made some Rotel and Chocolate chip cookies. While I was cooking, Finn sat on this couch and played with his Dad. Finn also started playing with Mini-Trash. He can hold him now and sucked on his ears. After having our snacks, I held Finn while Michael read him a Christmas story about Santa Claus. After we put Finn to bed Michael let me open one of my presents. It was Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!!!! Next we put all of Finn’s presents under the tree. This year Santa brought Finn one gift (a jumping gym) but we put all of the gifts he got from his grandparents to make a better picture. It was really special and exciting getting ready for Christmas morning. I was afraid that I would feel really sad about Finn growing up, but I wasn’t at all. I was so giddy all night. Everyt…

Christmas at Nana and Papa's house

Today was Christmas at Nana and Papa's house. At around 7:30 we woke Finn up and got him ready for Christmas morning. We had a wonderful breakfast and then we started opening gifts. Finn and Coop were acclimated to the way we open presents at Mom’s house – one at time. It probably took us about 3 hours to open gifts. Finn opened one present, the Secret of Nehm, and then began to fuss. I fed him while I opened presents and then he slept in the swing for a while. Finn got the best gifts! Nana got him four sleepers, two videos, lots of toys and an alphabet rug. After presents we took our traditional Christmas picture where we gather all the wrapping paper into the middle of the floor, hop into the pile and time a picture. Next, Em and I tortured Finn and Coop by putting them in an oversized stocking and hanging them from the mantle. I will probably look back on this one day and wonder "what I was thinking – this is so dangerous". We crazy parents will do almost anything for…

Rolling over: December 23, 2009

Tonight is Christmas Eve at Mom’s house. We had a wonderful dinner of Zaxby’s chicken nuggets, shrimp and all of the other Christmas food fixin’s. After dinner we all sat around for a rousing game of “Catch Phrase.” The boys smoked us girls. But on the brightside we are all very familiar with Will Smith movies. After the game Em laid in the floor with Finn for some tummy time. As I have mentioned several times before, Finn hates tummy time. However, on this occasion, Finn held his head up for a while and then he rolled over for the first time!! Luckily I was able to get it on video. After the boys went to bed Em and I arranged their gifts into piles and Em put out Coop’s Santa presents.

Christmas at Dad’s.

Today we celebrated Christmas with Dad and Gina. First thing in the morning he had Christmas breakfast. While we were sitting at the table Finn spit up all over his new fire truck henley and I when I took it off of him I noticed that he had a ring worm. I kind of panicked a little bit, but then I was prompted informed that ring worm really isn’t a worm. I was so relieved, but still upset that Finn had ring worm. Then, Em started playing with Finn and he laughed so hard that he snorted. I have never heard him laugh that for that long of a time. After breakfast we opened presents. Finn and Coop got so much cute stuff. Grandad and Gigi gave Finn a baby laptop, building blocks, two books, a Top Gun T-shirt, three Henley shirts, a sweatsuit, a helicopter Christmas ornament and Taggle’s outfit that has a monkey on it. Finn also met his great Grandfather Papa Bumbalough.

December 22, 2009

Today Finn, Dad and I went to visit some of Dad’s buddies. First we went to the bank and visited Lisa and Misty and then we went to Farm Bureau to visit Joanne and Cindy. After our visit we went to Walmart to pick up a few last minute items for Christmas Dinner. When we got home Finn went next door to visit Finn and Minnie while I spent some quality alone time on the phone. At around 5:00 Em, Coop and Zac arrived at Dad’s house and we had pizza and other Christmassy food. Next we played Scategories – we had a really good time. Lauren and Zac smoked us all.


Today we spent the morning at Mom’s house. In the early part of the morning we listened to a Christmas CD that Kara and Nathan made for Mom. Mom sang and danced for Finn. Finn really enjoyed the dancing. Next I went to Walmart to buy Finn diapers and wipes. While I was at Walmart Nana put Finn in the swing, turned “Thomas the Train” on and let Finn watch. After a while Finn got sleepy and slept for three whole hours! This is amazing to me because Finn has not been sleeping well lately. While Finn was napping, Mom and I wrapped Christmas presents.

Later than evening we went to Dad’s house. Finn was in a really good mood - that is until we tried to give him a bottle. Finn absolutely refuses to take his bottle now. The minute you even touch the bottle to his lips he starts gagging. He is so stubborn and pretty smart; he knows exactly how to get what he wants.

My pretty little girl – Sunday, December 20, 2009

Today is the last Sunday before Christmas so Finn wore his most adorable Christmas outfit. Michael was not completely thrilled with the outfit because he thought it made Finn look like a girl. Sure enough when we dropped Finn off at the nursery the nursery worker asked what “her” name was. Another couple behind us told us that they thought “she” was so cute. As much as I hate to admit it Michael was right.
Today was also Finn’s first day to go to the nursery. He stayed through the service and through Sunday School. When I went to pick him up, he was sitting upright in a swing just grinning away. He could see me, but he looked so content to be in the nursery. His good buddy T.J. was in his class too!

After church Finn and I went to Sparta for the Broyles Christmas party. This was Finn’s first time to meet his great, great aunts and uncles and third, fourth and fifth cousins. Needless to say Finn had a good day. Finn was also able to spend some quality time with his Papa Bruce. Papa has …