Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick -r- Treat

I would venture to guess that about 60% of the my blog concerns all the mischief Finn makes or the fits he throws. I am afraid that if Finn ever reads the blog he will think that I never talked about anything good he does. So, before blogging about the day I am going to take a moment to give Finn props for his sleeping habits. Finn is great night time sleeper (at least when he is in his own bed). I put him in bed awake every night and he goes to sleep without crying. I know that lots of babies do this, but Finn wasn't one of them until just recently. While Finn is a great nighttime sleeper he is still a pretty lousy napper. However today Finn took a 2 and 1/2 hour nap and yesterday he took a 2 hour nap. What makes these naps impressive is the fact that he took them in his crib. Good job sweetie!

This morning Finn slept until 7:00 and then slept another hour in the bed with us. So I was able to sleep until 8:00!

After church Finn had a taste of his first donut; it was a crueller. His expression was so funny. He looked like he had just eaten something really sour. I think it was too sweet for him.

Today is Halloween and Finn went trick-r-treating for the first time. I have never been very excited about Halloween, but I had a good time. Kids make everything fun.

First Gran and Pa came over and gave Finn is Halloween present.

Finn got some Titans onsies, a few play outfits, a truck, some new tennis shoes, some animal crackers and "Goldfish" with an official goldfish carrier. I loved the goldfish box because it had Finn's name on it.

This year Finn dressed as a woodland hunter. Thanks to Uncle Charlie and Aunt Donna he looked great and very authentic. I added eye shadow to his checks to complete the look. After perfecting the female warpaint we headed out.

I have to admit that Finn was a great trick-r-treater. He would walk up to who ever had the candy bucket and hold out his pumpkin.

This is the first house stopped at.
I think Finn's favorite thing about trick-r-treating was just walking through the neighborhood. It was my favorite part too.

Here we are at Amy and Jerry's house.
This is a picture of Finn running toward the go-cart, a.k.a - "ma-moer" (lawn mower).
Finn with Austin Powers! Our neighborhood is a great place to trick-r-treat. The parents and homeowners really get into the spirit. Coop, you should come with us next year.
Midway through we ran into "Captain Barbossa" a.k.a. Addison.
Every so often Finn would stop walking, put down his pumpkin and look inside to make sure his candy was still there. Once he was satisfied that his stash was safe he would start walking again.
This house was incredible. It was so spooky! Was a dead guy hanging from the porch; the second story windows had huge, scary eyes in them; there were cob webs everywhere; really eerie music, a real guy crouching in the corner; and this guy . . .

Finn was scared to death of this thing. I don't blame him a bit. Not only is it scary looking, it moves. Finn wouldn't go anywhere near it. He cried a little bit too!
After making a quick stop to Darren and Sharon's house we came home and Finn had a sucker before bed. He also got to give candy to the kids that came by a little later. He was very polite. He stood at the door as the kids picked out their candy and he told them all "bye" when they left.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Farmer's Market

Right now Finn is walking around the den with his pants pulled up under his armpits and his and his shirt tucked in. He looks hilarious. But at least he won't trip on his jammies. Also, Finn just brought me his "Brown Bear" book. He laid it next to me and said "Brown Bear." He, of course, didn't say if perfectly, but you can definitely tell what he said. He is such a big boy!

Last night Finn coughed for about two hours. In order to allow Michael to get some sleep I took the monitor downstairs and slept on the couch. When Finn woke up this morning I turned on PBS and we watched "Martha Speaks" while all snuggled up under the blankets. Even though it was 6:30 it was still dark outside. It was pretty chilly in the house so Finn sat really close to me; it was really sweet.

A few minutes later Finn starting asking for breakfast. He can say both "oatmeal" and "breakfast." Oatmeal sound more like "O-Mel' and and breakfast is "bre." I let him off the couch the two of us started to walk into the kitchen. On our way Finn noticed that the tray to his booster seat was in the den floor. He stopped, turned around, went and picked up the tray and set it next to the booster. I was pretty impressed.

Next Finn went downtown with me to deliver some medical records to Dan. Dan works on the 27th floor of the Renaissance Hotel. We took the express elevator all the way up. Right as we took off Finn looked at me with his excited face and laughed all the way to the 27th floor. He did the same thing all the way down.

On our way back home we stopped to see Dad for a few minutes. When we got home Finn took the "s" key off the laptop. It took me forever to put it back on.

Then Gran and Pa came by and we went to the "Farmer's Market" to buy Finn a pumpkin. Finn had a great time at the Farmer's Market.

He sample many of the vegetables (we purchased the ones he bit into). Finn's favorite thing was the basket of squash. The lady selling the squash was really nice and let Finn play with anything we wanted. He also peeled an apple and gave it to Finn.
The only problem that we had at the Farmer's market was Finn kept getting distracted by all the trucks. Once he saw the trucks he pretty much lost all interest in the produce.

We were able to get him to look at the gourds for a while. We also got a few family pictures.

Next Finn picked out a pumpkin. This is not the pumpkin I picked for Finn.
Finn liked this particular pumpkin because he thought it might be fun to lick the paint off.

It was a really day.

Tonight I filled the bathtub completely up to the brim. Finn thought it was pretty fun.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tough Love

Last Night (Tuesday) Finn learned the concept of tough love. Finn decided that he only wanted graham crackers for dinner. Michael informed me that he had tried to give Finn real food but Finn refused and only wanted crackers. Well, I put my foot down and refused to give Finn a cracker. No joke, he screamed at me for at least 10 minutes. He would go to the pantry, look at the closed door and scream, look back at me and scream and then he would plop himself on the floor and scream. He looked so angry at me. I didn't give in. I just went about my business, paying no attention to Finn. It doesn't bother me for Finn to throw a fit, well that is if we are at home. The only way that I could get Finn's mind off of the crackers was to give him a bath.

After his bath he happy sat down and ate some oatmeal. Mission accomplished.

Tonight (Wednesday) Finn played with us in the back yard. All he wanted to do was run toward the road. He also thought it would be fun to sneak into our neighbor's garage. He also played with the Frisbee.

For dinner Finn had spaghetti and he ate his spaghetti with a fork. I thought it was about time that Finn learned to use utensils. He did a great gob of getting the spaghetti onto the fork, but couldn't really maneuver the fork into his mouth. Instead, he pick the spaghetti off of the fork with this other hand and eat it that way.

Finn helping Dad fix the computer

Finn reading "Brown Bear, Brown Bear." I bet I read this book 5 times tonight.
Finn noticing that the camera is on him.

While brushing Finn's teeth I noticed that one of his right and left upper molars have cut through.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandad

This morning Finn ate breakfast in front of the television. At our house Finn eats all meals at the kitchen table. At Grandad's house he also eats at the kitchen table, but gets to watch TV too. This morning he ate eggs and watched "Super Why."
While we were getting ready for church Finn hung out in Grandad and Gigi's room.

Next we all went to church. After the singing was over Finn decided that he wanted to chat. Grandad ended up taking him out to the parking lot where the two of them kicked tires for thirty minutes.

After church Gene and Minnie came over and we had Dad's birthday dinner which consisted of turkey, corn, green beans and mashed potatoes. Notice, no dressing. Grandad asked for dressing and Gigi said she would make it if Finn would say Gigi. Dad managed to get Finn to say Gigi, but alas it was too late. Thus, no dressing. For desert we had carrot cake.

After lunch we took a few pictures on the deck.

As we were about to leave for the day Finn noticed the Miata. It is just about his size.

This is Finn looking at the cute baby in the side mirror.

Zoom Zoom!

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