Friday, December 30, 2011

"I Don't Know"

Well, I have to admit that I have been neglecting my blog. My excuse is a lousy one; mostly that I am too busy feeling sorry for myself. Between the backaches, terrible heartburn, restless legs, the swollen legs, the sinus infection and the extreme fatigue, I have wanted to do nothing other than wallow in my own self pity. Well, I went to the doctor yesterday and learned that Sam and I are going to be in this for the long hall. My doctor's words were "I don't think you will make it to 41 weeks." Translations - definitely going the full 4o weeks. Luckily I only have two and half weeks left. I really look forward to breathing again. I also think that Michael will appreciate the fact that I am no longer talking in my sleep. Apparently, ever since entering my third trimester I have been talking in my sleep regularly and loudly.

This is a picture of Finn helping Daddy put ice in his water.

Finn had a big day today. This morning we went to Mt. Juliet for Katie's birthday party at a "Monkey Joes" type place. Finn was in a great mood all morning until we got to the party. He did not want to go down the slides. He told us that they were "too steep." In order to lure Finn in his super preggers mother waddled her way through a very difficult inflatable obstacle course. Finn thought it was great that I was in but wouldn't go through the entire thing with me. I ended up lifting him over the top and handing him to Michael. By the time I was halfway through I realized that I couldn't go back the way I came so I dragged my enormous body up and over the climbing wall and down the steep slide. Finn's mood improved up seeing the pizza and cupcakes for lunch.

After we got home Finn took a nap and then we went to the Home Depot and Lowes to look at fencing. Finn test drove all the lawn mowers.

When we got home Finn spent his night alternating between cleaning up his toys and going to timeout. Currently he is snuggled up on the couch eating popcorn and watching Nemo in his jammies.

As for the rest of the week, Finn spent Wednesday with Gran and Pa while I worked. Finn had a great day - he played with his new train table and then went to the movie theater to see the new "Chipmunk" movie.

On Thursday he went to JT's house while I went to the doctors and worked. On our way home from JTs Finn got to talking about his family; specifically Papa. As I always do I asked Finn what Papa's name was. He said, "Greg." Then we said "Macey's dad is Greg too!" Then in a his most excited voice he said, "there are two Gregs!" He also realized that there are two Tommys too. When I asked him what Nana's name was he "I don't know." This is his new "go to" response. He says it in this falsetto voice that is so funny." After hearing it over and over though it has become a little obnoxious. When I asked him again what Nana's name was he said "Weah." He hasn't mastered the letter "L" yet.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas with Gran and Pa 2011

After having our family Christmas at home we went to spend some time with the Begley’s. Tommy, James, Chelsea, David and Sharon were all in town at the same time – that hardly ever happens. When we got there Finn ate fruit and cool whip. Then we opened presents. This year Finn handed the presents out – he did great! He handed almost all them out before he succumbed to the desire to open his own. Michael would read the name and Finn would carry the present over. After a few minutes he noticed that Pa did not have any presents and he started asking, “Where’s Pa’s presents?”

Finn received a Thomas the Train train table, a garage for his cars, a dump truck, blocks, miniature farm animals, books/keys/cell phone from Aunt Chelsea, “A Christmas Carol” from Uncle David and Aunt Sharon (Disney Version), and clothes from Gran and Pa.

After we had opened all the presents Uncle David gathered up the paper and when Finn wasn’t looking dumped all the paper on his head. Finn thought this was hilarious and he would say “beasted!” Then we would take “beast me again.”

Next we went upstairs and laid on the couch and watched “A Christmas Carol.” Finn watched the entire movie before falling asleep during “Small One” (came on after the Christmas Carol). I bawled all through Small One. I remember watching it a lot as a child, but forgot how sad/sweet it was.

Then Michael and I went home to unload the gifts and put everything away. Finn stayed and played at Gran and Pa’s house. Later that evening we went to Clarksville for Christmas with Mimi. James and Chelsea rode in the backseat with Finn while Finn watched Nemo on his “puter.”

Finn was in rare form at Mimi’s house. He didn’t stop talking for even a minute. He sat at the table and ate dinner with us all the while asking when we were going to open presents. When the time finally arrived, Finn got a puppy dog, farm animals, jammies and “Mater” truck. Sam got a Christmas ornament from Mimi and beautiful wicker chest from Tina. After opening his presents we put on his new jammies and he played with his farm animals until time to go.

Finn slept most of the way home. I think he really excited about waking up tomorrow morning and playing with all of his new toys. I just hope he sleep until 7:00.

Christmas Morning with the Finnster 2011

At 6:30 this morning I felt a little hand pat my shoulder while a little voice whispered “go downstairs?” We pulled him up in bed and told it was Christmas morning. He was really excited immediately asked to open presents.

When we got downstairs we made Finn some oatmeal and let him eat his breakfast on his new “Toy Story” table (one of his Christmas presents). Once he was finished eating he opened his presents. Finn got a “Harold the Helicopter,” a set of “Nemo” keys, a toddler Bible, the game “gone fishin” and a farm/barn set. When he opened the farm he said, in his most excited voice, “I needed this.” So precious.

After he opened all of his presents he started playing. Much to my delight he loved his fishing game. It is just a little simple game where the fish open and close their mouths and you try to catch on with the fishing rod. Finn thought that the fishing game was really the pond that went with his barn. He would go fishing, put the fish he caught in the back of the tractor and take the fish to town.

Next Finn and Daddy checked out the stories in his new bible.

After playing for a while we got ready for our Christmas at Gran and Pa’s house.

It was a really wonderful day and I love spending Christmas with Finn.

Not a lot of pictures unfortunately. We videoed everything instead.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas 2012 - Nana and Papa's/Christmas Eve

We arrived at Nana and Papa's house last night around 5:00. When we got there Finn immediately went upstairs to play in the playroom. Once Greg got back with the Zaxby's chicken we sat down and had dinner. Finn sat at the table with us and ate goldfish and cookies. At one point both Michael and I were getting more food and we hear a thud followed by Finn screaming. Apparently he had fallen off the back the table and bumped his head - recovery was pretty quick though. After dinner Finn got a bath and then we tucked him into the air mattress for a long winter's night.

Finn went to sleep very quickly and did not wake up when I rolled out of the bed. Next we played "Fact or Crap" which Michael won and "Catch Phrase." After games we were all pretty tired so we hit the sack. Michale slept with Finn on the air mattress and I slept on the Murphey bed.

Around 6:00 Finn crawled in bed with me and slept for another hour! When we got up we ate breakfast and then the boys opened their presents. It is safe to say that Finn know what presents are. He was so excited to open presents! The first thing he said to me when he got up was "open more presents?" He not only opened his own, but he wanted to help everyone else open theirs.

At Nana and Papa's house Finn got an easel, a Noah's Ark puzzle, a hammer set, A "Professor Z" Cars car, gold coins, a golf club set, a Mickey Mouse music player (which Finn uses as a cell phone) and the Winnie the Pooh movie.

He also got a lot of stocking stuffer goodies. Finn's favorite gift of the day was Hank's "Cookie Monster." It was a Cookie Monster doll that eats cookies - and once you put the cookies in his mouth they slide into a backpack on his back. He was super glued to that Cookie Monster.

Other than the Cookie Monster, he loved the golf clubs the most. After we (the parents) opened gifts Finn went outside with the boys to golf for a while.

Later in the day Finn when upstairs and played with Nana and Cooper in the playroom. Around 3:30 we loaded the car and headed home. Finn slept the entire way home. Once we made it back to Goodlettsville we stopped at Toys-R-Us to exchange the defective Cars car for a Cookie Monster. Out of everything in the store Finn had eyes only for Cookie Monster. After we left Toys-R-Us we stopped at Papa Murphey's to pick up pizza and then we went home to eat.

When we got home Finn played with his toys and watched "Winnie the Pooh" while I got dinner ready. While we had pizza we ate it on my new Christmas plates from Gigi. During dinner we all sat on the couch together and ate pizza and cookies. After dinner I put Finn's new jammies on and we sat in his bed (with his Christmas tree lights on) and read Christmas books. One of the books was about the animal welcoming Jesus with their animal noises. The book doesn't mention the name Jesus, but instead, called him the baby. When we were finished I asked Finn who the baby was and he got a big grin on his face and said "Jesus."

After the books were read I tucked Finn - he fell asleep very quickly. I, true to form, had a good cry and then went downstairs to finish up my Christmas Eve tasks.

More pictures from the day:

Christmas 2011 - Grandad and Gigi

Finn's Christmas with Grandad and Gigi began at around noon on Thursday when Grandad and Gigi picked Finn up from Victoria's house. When they got there Finn was mid-sandwich and upon seeing them shoved the entire half sandwich in his mouth so as to leave quicker.

Later that night Michael and I joined everyone at Grandad and Gigi's house. When we got there we ate sandwiches and watched Finn play with toys.

The next morning Finn woke up very early and had his own "Christmas Photo Shoot"

Clearly, the early of the morning did not dampen Finn's Christmas spirit.

The next morning Cooper, Hank, Em and Zac arrived for Christmas breakfast. Finn sat in a chair at our table and ate eggs. After breakfast and few pictures, the boys tore into their Christmas presents. Finn got a Mickey Mouse Rocket Ship, a real moving Thomas the Train set, some really cute clothes, a "Jeff Corvette" Cars car, a soft "Lightening McQueen" Cars car, puzzles and a coloring book. Finn loved the train set - so did Hank. He was fascinated by the train chugging around the track.

After all the presents had been opened Em and I ran to town while the boys played with their new toys. When we got back I learned that Finn had attempted to take a nap on a package of wipes so Michael put him down for a nap. He slept for a while and I managed to grab a little nap as well.

After Finn woke up we played for a few more minutes and then we loaded the car to head to Nana and Papa's house for Christmas.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Double Standard

Finn is starting to realize that there is a double standard as it relates to discipline going on his house. On Saturday night Finn spent some good time in "timeout" for playing with his trains on the TV stand. We wouldn't care if Finn played on the TV table if he didn't roll his trains on the actually television screen. We asked him on more than one occasion NOT to play up there, but alas he didn't listen. As he was sitting in timeout we explained to him that he has to "listen" to mom and dad when they tell him to do something.

On Sunday morning Finn spotted Fannie sitting on the table next to the TV. One of her favorite nap spots is the warm area behind the TV. We have never cared that she sleeps back there. Finn, with all the righteous indigence he could muster pointed at Fannie and said "no Fannie - no playing on the TV!" When Fannie didn't listen, i.e. get down, he turned to me and said, "Fannie didn't listen, Fannie needs timeout." In order to drive the previous night's lesson home I got up and made Fannie move (even though I really didn't want to). Luckily she ran off so I didn't have to explain why she didn't go to timeout.

Finn must have a reputation in his Sunday School class for liking snack time (goldfish and water). When I dropped him off on Sunday morning his teacher said, and I quote "Finn, you are going to love class today because we have cupcakes."

The service on Sunday was dedicated to Long Hollow Christmas, a.k.a. the Christmas musical. It was wonderful! Halfway through I decided to go get Finn and let him watch the last half. When I got to his room I heard Christmas music and bells. I peeked in and saw Finn standing in the middle of the room shaking a jingle bell bracelet in time with the music. The other children were shaking as well, but they weren't as focused as Finn. One was laying on the floor, the others were clumped up half-heartedly shaking their bells. Finn on the other hand was standing alert, in the middle of the room, focusing on his teachers. I was so proud of him. He looked so sweet. When we got back into the service Finn was pretty mesmerized by the music. He did a really good job behaving during the last half of the musical which ended up being about 10 minutes of preaching. When Brother David left the stage, he looked at me and very excitedly and very loudly said, "now we go home?"

When we got home from church Finn took a nap, played trains and asked several time for a fire before crawling into bed for the night.

Happy Birthday Nana

This has been a very big weekend for Finn. After Lauren's graduation Finn and I went to Nana and Papa's house to celebrate Nana's birthday. When we got there we ordered pizzas - Finn ate two (2) of Aunt Em's thin crust cheese pizza sitting at the table like an adult. After pizza he dug into the single biggest piece of cake that I have ever seen cut for a two (2) year old. Nana really knows how to cut cake.

For most of the night Finn played with Cooper upstairs in the playroom. He played kitchen and blocks with Papa. When it was time for bed he crawled into the murphey bed with Nana. Cooper slept in the pack-n-play in the room too. I slept soundly in mom's bed while Em settled in on the couch. When I woke up the next morning I was startled to find that Em was with me. I was happy she came in but completely dumbfounded that I didn't wake up when she did. This pregnancy business must make me sleep very soundly.

The next morning Mom told me that Finn is the best whisperer! After Em moved to bed with me Mom moved to the couch to escape the noxious fumes coming from Finn (Finn had a terrible bowel movement in his sleep). At around 6:30 Finn woke up, crawled down the stairs and stood over Nana whispering for her to get up. I know this "get up whisper" all too well.

For breakfast Papa went to get breakfast at Hardees. Finn at a pop-tart. After breakfast we got ready and by noon we were on the road.

It was a really fun visit. Happy Birthday Nana!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Lauren's Gradutation

Yesterday (Thursday) Finn and I left for Tullahoma to meet Grandad and Gigi to drive to Knoxville for Lauren's graduation. Before we left Finn and I made our customary five stops to different courthouses to work. On our way out General Sessions Finn took off running down the ramp and bit the dust at the bottom. He was fine, but acted very dramatic.

Once we got to Tullahoma we loaded into the van and went to pick up Gene and Minnie. Finn was so excited to be in the van. He was so keyed up that he didn't take a nap until we were almost there. Grandad and Gigi gave him a portable DVD player to watch movies on the way to Knoxville. He watched Chess and Thomas most of the way. He calls it his "puter."

Once we got to Knoxville we went to eat dinner with Lauren at Calhouns. Finn ate a grilled cheese out of a car box. Then he and Grandad looked at ducks on the dock.

Next we went to the hotel room. Finn cried the minute he saw the room because it only had beds in it and he assumed he was going to bed. We assured him he wasn't going to bed and let him bounce on the bed for a few minutes. When it was time for bed Finn crawled up with Grandad and then me and watched Chess. Then we turned the light of and went to sleep. I think we were all asleep by 9:30. I started the night facing Finn until he starting kicking me - then I turned away from him and hoped for the best. He didn't fall of the bed, but he came pretty close.

The next morning (Friday) Finn had "Fruit Loops" for the first time. He ate them dry with a fork.

We arrived at UT at around 8:30 and found our seats. I was dreading the ceremony because I knew Finn would be awful. I wouldn't say he was good as gold, but "good as bronze" may be appropriate. He slept for the first hour in my lap. However, everytime the crowd would clap Finn would jerk awake and join in the clapping. He would only get a three or fours claps in before he was sound asleep again. He woke up right in time for graduates names to be called. All though the ceremony he asked where Lauren was.

After Lauren's name was called Grandad and I took him outside. Grandad went to the bathroom and Finn tried to follow him in. It was an enormous bathroom so I didn't know if Dad would know Finn was in there. Thankfully I was able to stop him before he walked to far - I knew I couldn't go in. When he came out he stood nicely beside the wall. However, I looked down and saw that Finn was licking the wall - oh goodness.

Next we took pictures with the graduate. After we left the school we went to the World Fair Park where Finn went up in the big ball. When we made it to the top Finn took several laps. He was so excited to be running in circles so high up.

On our way home we made a quick stop to Kohl's where I bought Finn a Christmas present - a farm and a "Harold." Then we had a quick sandwich at McCallisters.

We are now in the car driving home. Finn is cuddling with his soft bunny (Trash) and his little blanket. He is also talking to himself. Finn has a running commentary of his life running all the time.

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