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Busy Weekend

Thursday was the start of Finn Mega-Weekend. We started the big event off by journeying to Nana and Papa's house. Upon our arrival Finn was greeted by a Mickey Mouse plate and a Curious George Puzzle. Next came Finn's favorite part of the night . . . dinner. He had mashed potatoes all over everything. Then he ate ice cream! It was his first experience with Moose Tracks and by his expression really liked it.

Since Finn was having so much fun with Nana and Papa he decided that he didn't want to go to bed until 10:30. I let him sleep in the bed with me since he was screaming in the crib. Unfortunately Finn didn't sleep very well. He woke up almost ever hour on the hour. Then at 3:00 he woke up screaming "mama" over and over. No matter what I did I couldn't console him - the storm really scared him. Then he started asking to eat so we went downstairs and found a Pop-Tart. Insert big YUM. After finishing his Pop-Tart Finn went back to sleep and…


Today the Begley family (me, Michael and Finn) participated in a charity Dodge ball tournament. Actually, it was just suppose to me participating. A few lady attorneys up at Juvenile Court decided to put a team together and play in the annual CASA Dodge ball tournament. In the beginning hopes were high and we had seven ladies signed up to play on our team. On the day of the tournament only four of us showed up. After getting a good look at the other teams, we accepted the fact that we were going to get creamed and more likely injured. However, we braved through the registration process and then went to the bathroom to put on our hot pink team shirts. We were called the Legal Dodgers.

During warm ups we realized that we were in over our heads and I made an emergency call to Michael. There were 18 teams, made up of firefighters, athletes and big guys wearing sweat bands around their heads. We were the only all female team and were in desperate need of some testosterone. Thankf…


Last night Finn spent the night with Gran and Pa while his mother and father had a date night (we celebrated Valentine's Day). We had a great time . . . we went to Fulins, we watched a romantic comedy and then at 10:00 we got back out for ice cream - something we haven't been able to do since Finn was born.

While we were hanging out at home Finn was great time at Gran and Pa's.

He played with the blocks

He played with the cars. I believe these are Michael, David and James' old cars.

He sat "strawberry" yogurt

He carried a basket around - after emptying it of course.

He learned how to comb his hair like a man

He colored

And he played outside wearing one of his Dad's old sweaters.

The next morning Michael and I both slept until we woke up naturally. At around 11:00 we got a call from Gran telling us that Finn wasn't feeling well. Around 1:00 in the morning he spiked a fever. He woke up crying and really didn't get a lot of sleep the rest of the …

Mickey Mouse Valentines

Today Finn felt awful. He cried from the minute he got home until around 7:00 when his medicine kicked in. I know it was his teeth because he practically had his entire hand in his mouth. I guess because he was in such great pain he felt a bit warm. He found out that his temperature was a little over 100 degrees so we took him upstairs and put in a cool bath.

I felt so bad for him. He was miserable to begin with and then we stuck him in cool water. In order to keep Finn from thinking this was some sort of punishment I decided to brave it and get in with him. I was right, it was awful!

After his medicine kicked in Finn got a new lease on life. His first order of business was to open his Valentines Day card from Grandad and Gigi. It was a Mickey Mouse Club House card that played the clubhouse theme. Finn asked me to read that card a hundred times tonight.

After I was all read out, Finn decided to take matters in his own hands.

Later on in the evening, long after Finn sh…

A Very Special VD

Today is Valentine's Day, a day that I dreaded as a teenager, but have grown to appreciate a bit more in my adult years. The day turned out to be great. Finn woke up at 6:15 and bawled his eyes out until 7:30. His teeth were hurting him so badly that he wouldn't do anything but sit and rock with me. He didn't eat, he didn't play, he didn't even want to go see his dad. Michael picked him up all he could do was cry for me. Since he was feeling so badly I couldn't leave him so I took him to work with me. I only had one case on the docket so I decided to go ahead and go to court.

When we got to the courthouse I sat in the back of the room so that Finn wouldn't be a distraction. We sat quietly for a few minutes and read Finn's "Mickey" book until my case was called. I put the book down, grabbed Finn and we made our way to the bench. Finn was not happy about my taking away of the book and screamed on the top of his lungs "MICKEY"…


I'm not sure why, but Finn has the worst eye boogers. I have cleaned green goo out of the corners of his eyes every hour for the last two (2) days. This has just started and it is nasty. I didn't really know what caused it so I assumed he was sick. After browsing around on the internet it doesn't appear to be anything to get alarmed about, but he may need some eye drops.

This morning Finn ate tw0 (2) bowls of yogurt all by himself and didn't really even get all that messy.

Then Finn helped me clean the house. My stock rises significantly every time I pull out the vacuum cleaner.
Since it was so nice out today we took Finn to the park. Gran and Pa met out there too. First he looked at the ducks.

Then we played on the bridge.

We also played in the kid's play area. It was pretty muddy. Oh, and Finn still hates swinging. He didn't even like swinging with me.
Finn's mama showed great foresight by packing Finn's remote control Jeep. I put it on the …