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Tonight Finn found, what he thought, was a bug in his mashed potatoes. He would point and say "ooohhh" and "bug." Rest assured it was not a bug, instead it was a little piece of the crush off of our chicken. In order to calm his nerves I took the little piece of crust out of his potatoes. I then attempted to eat it. Finn was mortified! As the fork arrived at my mouth Finn yelled "no, bug."

Then I had fun with him the rest of the night telling him that I was going to eat a bug and that he had bugs in his milk; he believed me.

Later on we went outside to help Daddy pull weeds. Finn became preoccupied with looking at the bird house. We have a holly tree in the back of the yard that has a small nest with an egg in it. Finn must have remembered the nest and would not leave me alone about it. We went to see the nest three different time. He also wanted to hold the "ball" in the nest. I must have been really hot this afternoon because Finn …


This morning (Wednesday) Grandad and Gigi came to visit. Grandad did some work around Hendersonville and Gigi spent the day with Finn while I was at work.

To start off the day they watched Veggie Tales and then Finn decided that he would mow.

This child is easily one of the smily-est boys I know.

Then Lauren came and they all went to the pool. In this picture Finn has just discovered Lauren's tatoo.

He was pretty fascinated by the birds.

He spent the bulk of his time jumping off the side of the pool to Gigi.
Apparently Grandad attempted to dunk Finn at one point and he decided that he would rather hang out with Gigi at the pool.

After work we all went to Logan's to eat dinner. Finn was much better this time than the last we ate together. He sat in his chair the whole time. He was pretty pooped when we got home and sat in my lap and watched Thomas.

The bird on Lauren's foot must have left a lasting impression because at breakfast this morning he pointed to my foot and said &qu…

Weekend with Nana and Papa

This weekend Finn stayed with his Nana and Papa. On Thursday Mom drove to my house to pick up Finn. Upon her arrival she knocked on my front door for 5 minutes with no answer. Then she saw that the garage door was open so she went in. What she found was Finn and I sound asleep in the car. I was having horrible allergies that day so I took a benadryl and after going out to the post office to get the mail we decided to relax in the car. I think I scared mom to death.

The first stop on mom and Finn's big weekend was to Chic-fil-a. Finn ate fries and some milkshake. He also saw a car similar to mine in the parking lot and assume I was there. I don't know exactly what happened during the rest of the weekend, but I know that Finn had fun. He came home with a "finn sized" broom, some really cute summer clothes, and a Mickey Mouse bag.

Nana also taught him a new song; skinamarinkidinkidink. He sang with Nana before she left for the evening. Now every time I sing i…

Mr. Compassionate

Tonight (Tuesday) Michael face planted in the garage right in front of Finn. Finn was so worried about his Dad that I thought he was going to cry. He looked at me with the most panicked expression and said, "Daddy Down." When we got inside Finn studied Michael's knees and when he found a red spot he started saying "Daddy's boo boo." He was so upset. It was so sweet.

Tonight was a good night. Finn ate lima beans and a fried egg for dinner. Then we all went to Kroger's to buy cat food.

Father's Day, 2011

On Friday Grandad came to Hendersonville to pick up Finn for the weekend. Here are a few pictures of what Finn got into.

First he helped Grandad fill up the pool.

Then he decided to slide for a while.

Then we went swimming.

Then he sat on hay bells with Grandad.

When he discovered that hay bells were not comfortable he had plastic put down.

These next pictures are for Finn's Sundrop campaign.

Later on in the evening Finn went to the park.

Mr. Clean

Somehow or the other Finn is a bit a clean freak. He hates to have food on his hand and he loves to clean. This morning was eat oatmeal and got a little on his fingers. Immediately he starts fussing and said "mama wipe a hands." After I wiped his hands he was still fussing and said, "mama wipe a mouth." The fussing continued when Finn realized he had oatmeal on his arm. Then he wanted me to wipe all oatmeal off of his tray. I have no idea where this came from; it had to have skipped a generation.

After breakfast Finn and I started cleaning. Finn swept the den while I cleaned and then mopped the kitchen. Half way through mopping Finn came into the kitchen and dumped almost an entire bucket of water. I had an inch of standing water in half of my kitchen and it took forever to dry it up.

Then we started on the upstairs. I turned the radio on and Finn stood in my office chair and bopped. Around 10:30 daddy was home for the day. After dinner we all went up t…