Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Chewy's Disaster

On Friday we met Grandad and Gigi at Chewy's for dinner.  The boys had spent the night with them at the Opryland hotel the night before.  When I walked into the restaurant Sam spotted me and immediately started fussing.  His fussing soon turned into crying - loud crying.  This crying, fussing and all out fit throwing went on for the rest of the meal.  Twice I had to take him away from the table and put him in timeout near the kitchen.  Let me tell you that I got some strange looks from folks in the waiting area.  I was glad that Sam was happy to see me, but I would rather him show me how much he missed me with hugs and kisses rather than with screams and fits when I try to put him down.  

Finn was happy to see us too.  He tried to sit in my lap as well.  Every so often he would scoot his chair closer to me until finally they touched. While Finn was generally better than Sam, Finn had his moments too.  Once again Finn decided that he wasn't going to eat anything. I forced him to take a bite of beans and he immediately started to gag. I held his mouth closed and made him swollow.  It was so embarrassing.  

Finn took all of the dinner pictures.  I didn't realize he had taken any until I went through my phone this morning. 

After supper we walked the mall for a few minutes.  Finn wanted to ride the carousel so we headed in that direction.  Finn, Sam and Grandad all rode.  Sam refused to sit on one of the horses so Grandad held him instead.  

Before leaving for home Michael and Finn went to Bass Pro Shop on Finn's request.  

Sam and I headed on home to get ready for bed.  I was informed that the boys got up at 4:30 that morning so I assumed Sam was pretty tired.  When we got home Sam caught his second wind after seeing his toys.  He grabbed one of his cars and started rolling on my shoulder.  Then we did the most amazing thing - he started singing the "Finn McMissile" Theme from Cars 2 while driving the car around.  He is still a little tone deaf, but his rhythm was spot on -  I was amazed.  It looks like I have two (2) boys that will love soundtrack music. 

The next morning Finn and Sam were both in a dinosaur type of mood.  We watched "Dinosaurs" and then we played dinosaurs all morning.  During Sam's nap Finn and I played with Play-Doh and then we ate hotdogs for lunch.  Later in the day I went to the store while Michael and boys played outside with the little pool.  We grilled steaks for supper.  Finn and Sam ate animal crackers for supper and watched the spider and snake parts from HP and the Chamber of Secrets.  After supper I went to have my second eyebrow treatment.  When I got home Finn was laying on the couch watching "North America" with Michael.  I grabbed a blanket and Finn and I cuddled before bed.  

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Standoff

On Monday Nana came to keep the boys while I braved the courtroom.  While I was gone Nana painted, played and cooked supper.  She made crockpot chicken and dressing with corn and peas. On Monday night both boys loved their supper.  Tuesday was an entire different story.  When I warmed up the chicken Finn asked me if he liked it.  I told him yes and instructed him to eat.  He did not.  After 20 minutes of stalling Finn asked Michael to reheat his food so that he could he it.  Again, he did not.  20 minutes after that he asked me to reheat it.  I did.  Finn respondes, "I can't eat this because it has been in the microwave two times - it is not good now."  I once again instruct him to eat.  He takes one bite and then fakes throwing up.  He says, "my mouth just threw up."  I instruct him to eat.  He tells me that he is very tired and needs to go straight to bed.  I tell Finn that he can go straight to bed after he eats.  Finn pretends to fall asleep at the table.  I take his picture. 
Seeing that his first attempted failed, Finn starts to cry - uncontrollably.  He cries for 45 minutes - solid.  I ate calmly in front of him and instructed him to eat.  I few pictures of Finn's emotions. 

This all took place while MIchael was working out in the garage.  When he came in we changed shifts. I am not sure how, but Michael convinced Finn to eat.  He even told me that his food was good.  

One of Finn's favorite games to play is "JTs."  We just pretend that Finn is dropping me off for a fun day at JT's house.  He packs my lunch and kisses me goodbye at the door.  Today I decided to whimper a little bit when he "pretend" left.  He runs back over to me, cradles my head in his hands and says "oh sweetie - its gonna be okay."  So precious!  When I continue to hug him he says, "you have to let go of me - I am going to be really late for work."   After getting home from "pretend" JT's Finn "pretend" puts me to bed.  I asked him to hop in with me.  He says, " Oh sweetie - are you afraid? I am the mom now and don't worry, I won't leave you."  His little loving response almost makes me feel bad for leaving him alone at night. 

By the way, we love Sam too. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013


This weekend started out pretty lousy, but turned out to be a lot of fun.  On Friday Gigi came to keep the boys while I was in court (the "unfun" part of the weekend).  I learned that while driving to get some lunch Finn broke my sunglasses.  At first Finn told Gigi that it was "on purpose" but then changed his story to "it was an accident."  But as Finn often does he had an idea of how to fix it.  Instead of telling me about the sunglasses he wanted to go to Wal-Mart to buy me another pair so that I wouldn't find out.  Gigi did not let him get a way with it.  

Finn in Daddy's shirt

Later that night we went to Gran's house to eat Supper with Uncle James who was in for the weekend. Sam ate a cupcake and then went straight to the bathtub - it was everywhere. FInn played in the den with Gran's toys.  He also told me that he liked playing with Randy (Randy Whitehouse).

On Saturday Finn helped me to get Sam out of bed.  He walked into the room and asked "where is Sam's music?"  I explained to Finn that Sam doesn't sleep with music.  Finn said, "mom he needs music - that is why he doesn't sleep too good."  This coming from Finn who gets up at least two times every night.  I think that Finn may need to pull the plank out of his eye.  And by the way, Sam is the best sleeper of all time.

The boys and I were up by 7:00.  By 8:00 they were in the little swimming pool in their underwear and diaper.  Michael was mortified. 

Sam loves timeout because he gets to play with his favorite things - shoes.  Sam is obsessed with shoes, any shoe. 
Finn modeling his new Ninja Turtle's shirt.

 The eating apples and watching Happy Feet on TV.

By 11:00 Sam was practically begging for a nap.  He went and found his puppy and laid on top of him. 
After naps we went over to swim in Gran's neighbor's pool.  Finn practices his kicking (and did really well).  I let Sam bobble a little and try to roll over on his back - he hated it .

As we were getting out for the night I hear Finn start coughing and crying.  Michael was holding him and telling him it was okay.  Apparently Finn had walked off into the deep end and could not surface.  I was out of the pool chasing Sam around and missed the whole thing.  Michael grabbed him.  While Finn was only under water for a few seconds it was definitely a wake up call on how fragile life truly is.  He didn't hear and thing and Michael had only turned his back for a few seconds.   When he came he asked while crying, "did I sink."  We made him stay in the pool a while longer - just to make sure he didn't leave terrified of the water. 

On Sunday both boys ate pancakes and then we went to church.  I left the service just a few minutes early and went to peek in on Finn in "Tree Hollow" (praise and worship for preschoolers). When I looked in a saw they were singing "Wiggle-Freeze."  This is a very self explanatory song.  I excepted to see Finn standing stiff as a board in the back.  Well, Finn was front and center wiggling for all he was worth.  When they said "freeze" he would freeze in the form of a T-Rex.  It was so sweet to see him interact with the other kids.  He was clearly enjoying this song.

Later in the day Finn and Sam went to the Zoo with Gran while Michael and I went to see Star Trek.  When we got home Finn pulled out the IPad and turned on some music.  He then proceeds to do his "ninja moves."  Nothing makes me happier that watching Finn do his own version of karate moves to Adele (Fire to the Reign). It was so awesome :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Meeting Bruce

On Monday Finn, Sam and I went to Sparta to visit with Bruce.  More on Bruce in a moment.

I told Finn we were going to Sparta and he got really excited - more excited than I thought was warranted given Finn's limited knowledge of Sparta.  He started to talk about the long car ride and started naming the movies he wanted to watch on the way.  This is not abnormal given that Sparta is long trip for a little boy.  Then he started talking about Alabama.  He said, "mom, it is a long way to Alabama, but once we get to Alabama we are close to Florida."  I quickly realized that Finn thought I was saying "Florida" instead of Sparta. (I pronounce the vowel sounds in Florida exactly like the vowel sounds in Sparta).  I explained to Finn that we were going to Sparta to visit Papa Bruce.  He looked confused, but he was still excited.

The trip down was pleasant.  Finn watched "The Land Before Time" while Sam looked over his shoulder.  Neither boy napped, but they were pleasantly quiet. 

Our first stop was to Papa and Granny's house for lunch.  I had packed lunches for the boys and we ate out on the screened in porch.  Nana, Emily, Cooper and Hank ate with us.  When we pulled into the driveway Finn asked me if we could play inside - he said that Papa and Granny have "good toys at their house." 

After lunch Finn played toys with Papa.  He spent much of the time trying to handcuff Papa with a big piece of plastic. Finn opted to play with Papa over his cousins. 

Sam just kind of wandered around and played with random toys.  Sam was pretty good as excepted.  Finn was as noisy as he possibly could be.  I am sure that Papa and Granny were exhausted after we left.

We just barely got these pictures.  Finn kept trying to run off. 

On our way out the door all the boys got kisses and hugs. 

Next it was time to go visit with Bruce.  We moved all four noisy boys from Granny and Papa's house to Laura and Johnny's house.  Bruce is so sweet and so easy going.  He is a joy to be around.  He let us all hold him and he didn't get too scared when the boys got really close to his face.  Near the end of the day Bruce fell asleep with Laura - I took the opportunity to snap a few pictures.

As sweet as the boys look in this picture - I assure you they were not.  Sam picked up everything that he could reach and Finn literally ran in circles around Laura's downstairs. Neither boys was particularly mean spirited - just keyed up. It was so nice getting to visit with Kara too.

When we got home Finn and I snuggled on the couch and watched "Lady and the Tramp" while Sam took a quick nap.  We had spaghetti for supper - both boys love spaghetti.  Later that evening we played upstairs at Finn's request.  He told me that we should play upstairs "because Sam doesn't struggle upstairs" a.k.a. he doesn't fuss as much.  I am constantly amazed at how much Finn talks like Michael. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Weekend

Friday the boys spent the day with Nana while I was in court. After court I drove down to Manchester to pick up the boys and head to Grandad's house.  Upon my arrival at Nana's house I learned that Nana has rubbed off on Finn a little bit; Finn had made a "to do" list. Anyone who knows my mother knows that she makes a to "do list" almost every day.  Finn's "to do" list was filled with fun things that he wanted to do which included: Playing with Sam, eating, taking a nap (which I am sure Nana nudged him in the right direction on this one), swimming, and crashing monster trucks.  I think there were at least twelve items on Finn's list - I just can't remember them all.

We stayed at Nana's house just long enough for me to think that I popped Sam's shoulder out of place.  I rolled him over on the bed and I think his arm got stuck underneath him. It was dead weight at first, but after a few minutes he was using it again.

Here a few pictures that Nana took of the boys:

Next we went to Grandad's house and ate pizza and ice cream cake for dinner. Finn only wanted the vanilla part of his cake.  Finn and Sam played in the floor for a while and then watched "Monster's Inc." We all went to bed about 10:00.  I laid down with Finn in his bed until he fell asleep which took about 30 seconds.

The next morning Finn and Sam went to Gene and Minnie's house to ride the four wheeler and the tractor. He said that he like riding the four wheeler best.  Apparently he wanted to the tractor to go faster. When they got back to the house they got in the little swimming pool - where Finn got is first sunburn. As expected it took Sam a while to get used to the water.  Grandad hung with him the entire time.  Sam would wander off and after realizing that Grandad didn't have him anymore - we would scurry back.

Dad grilled hamburgers for lunch and Finn almost fell asleep during lunch. After playing hard all day Finn crashed with me on the big chair and took a nap.  It was so sweet having Finn nap all cuddled up on me, but we were drenched in sweat by the time he woke up.

Before heading home for the day Finn hopped back in the pool.  On the way home Finn started to notice the effects of his sunburn - it was not pleasant.

On Sunday (Father's Day) we went to church and then came home for pizza.  We had a very relaxing afternoon.  After the boy's naps Finn and Michael went to Sonic for milkshakes.  Then Gran came over and we cooked Steaks for dinner.

Finn also gave Michael his Father's Day pictures that he made at Victoria's house.  On one of his papers he wrote down, "My Dad's Favorites."

Food:  Lettuce
Dessert: Cupcakes
Game to Play:  Race Car Games
Sports to Watch:  Basketball
Restaurant:  Firehouse
Favorite Memory with Dad:  Watching Monster Trucks
Dad is the best at:  Washing the Dishes
At his job, my dad:  talks to everybody and uses the computer
When not at work my dad like to:  workout a lot, change his clothes, play dinosaurs, and a running game with me.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Reading to His Brother

Last night after dinner Finn decided to read to Sam.  He decided upon "How Do Dinosaurs Clean Their Rooms?"  Finn has memorized every word and quoted the entire book to Sam - interestingly he knee exactly where to turn the page.  Finn was so precious reading to Sam. 

 Both boys were very restless so I decided to have a little fun with Finn by taking him to the pool.  At 7:30 Finn and I were wading our feet in the water.  It took Finn about fifteen (15) minutes but he finally got up enough courage to wander ten (10) feet from me - sheesh. . . 

Once they turned the running water off to the slide and play area Finn decided that it was safe to play on it.  He was so cute going down that slide - mostly because he felt so accomplished.

It was nice spending one on one time with Finn.  We had a few good laughs, we played Godzilla and Finn told me how much he loves swimming.  When we got home Finn snuggled up next to me and we watched Tangled.  It was a nice night.

These are just a few pictures of Sam eating breakfast.

After work today I met mom at 109 to drop off the boys for a sleepover.  On the way over Finn asked me if I brought extra clothes for him.  I said yes.  He said, "that's good because I am probably going to throw up."  I asked him why and he said, "because I drank Coke."  I asked him who told  him that and he responded, "Daddy."  I think I am living with a hypocrite.

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