Tuesday, July 30, 2013

8th Anniversary

Today was our 8th Wedding Anniversary.  In tree Begley style we celebrated with lunch at the Firehouse.  Later in the evening Gran came over with Gigi's Cupcakes Wedding Cake cupcakes.  They were delicious and perfect for the occasion.  She also brought us a much needed anniversary present - new pillows! Ralph Lauren deluxe. 

The boys shared in our celebration with a little bit of cake. 

Day at the Park

On Saturday we took the boys to Addison's 6th Birthday party at their new house.  Addison has his own in ground pool. After the party Michael and I went to a surprise birthday party for Deborah Frizzell.  Sam and Finn went home with Gran for the evening.  At bedtime Sam found a bunny that he wanted to sleep with.  He found "Snuggle Bunny."  Snuggle Bunny was Michael's favorite stuffed animal when he was a baby.

The next day they went to the park with David, Sharon, Gran, Matthew, Stephanie and Parker.

Sam's Words

This is post is just to memorialize Sam's words/development. Sam is 19 months old. 

WORDS: I know there are many more, I just can't think of them all on the spot.
pickle (peekle)
Water (sound like Wa-Doo)
Please (Pees)
Thank you (Thonk OO)
Get it
I don't like it (don't yike it)
Dang it
Cow (Coe)
Banana (Banni)
Toothbrush (Pu-Tee - I have no idea why)
 Bad Guy
Chu chu (train)
W (sounds like double-bee - this is his favorite letter of the alphabet, when he get to "W" he says is over and over)
Super why (Poo Why)
Cat (Me Me's)
play (pay)
I want it. 
airplane (er-pain)
helicopter (huh-opta)
truck (kuck)
David (Deebid)
help (hay-elp) 
Happy Birthday (Happy Day)

Sam can repeat everything he hears. 
Alphabet:  Sam can mostly sing the alphabet

Counting:  Sam can count from 2 to 10. I'm not sure why he starts at two.

Animal sounds: he can recognize and make animal noises for cows, ducks, horses, sheep and dinosaurs

He can count "one, two, three - GO!"

He can recognize and say: mouth, eyes, head, nose, ears

He is obsessed with shoes!

He is obsessed with brushing his teeth

Pickles may be his favorite food

Sam has a terrible temper

Sam is a climber

Sam throws terrible temper tantrums. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Butcher

Last week Gran took Finn to Walmart to buy a toy.  Finn chose a dinosaur for himself and one for Sam.  I don't think that Sam has ever held that Dinosaur.  Finn has completely monopolized that poor dinosaurs time.  This morning on the way to get hair cuts Finn said that Sam needs "a lot of dinosaurs to play with."  I mentioned to Finn that Sam has a new dinosaur that he doesn't get to play with.  Finn explained that Sam isn't playing with his new dinosaur because Sam is sharing.  Finn clearly has a very skewed idea of what "sharing" means.  I asked Finn what would happen once we got a Sam "a lot of dinosaurs" and Finn responds, "share them with me."  ITo be so young, Finn is really manipulative.

This morning I took both boys for haircuts.  I had a coupon for Super Cuts so we went there.  Super Cuts opens at 9:00.  We were waiting in the parking lot at ten till.  I did not want to wait for a cut.  Finn and Sam were the first cuts of the day.  Finn was so well behaved and polite.  Sam screamed and thrashed his body around the entire time . . .

This is what happens to one when one screams at one's hair dresser through the entire cut. Lesson - Don't mess with Super Cuts.   Sam doesn't seem to notice the butchering.

When we got home Finn noticed that Sam's haircut was different than his. He told me that he wants his haircut like Sam's. 

 Here is Sam and Finn playing with a puzzle together.  Finn is just about to lose his mind.

 Today was a great stay-at-home day with the boys.  We all took a three hour nap.  It was heavenly.

After his nap Finn was in a sweet mood and kept telling me that he loved me.  I told that I loved him too and he said, "mom, how do you know you love me?"  The question caught me off-guard.

Later in the evening Kindle and her daughter Pressley came to have dinner with us.  Pressley is four (4) years old and is precious.  They played quietly together for three hours.  I didn't see Finn the entire time they were at the house.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Bradley Reunion

On Saturday I traveled to Grandad and Gigi's house to pick up Finn. I was so anxious to see him. We had talked on the phone everyday and Finn always asked when I was coming back to the beach.  When I walked into the house Finn heard my voice before he actually saw me.  He came running around the corner and jump on me and hugged my neck as hard as he could.  He looked very seriously at me and hugged me again.  He was so happy to see me.

After picking up Finn we went back to eat supper at Nana and Papa's house.  That night Finn play ed cars with Papa and then slept in the murphey bed with me.  The next morning Finn went to Sunday School with Nana and Papa.  After church we left for the Bradley Reunion.

Finn and Nana arrived at the Sam time as Sadie and Emmy.

Once at the reunion we name tagged up. 

 Sam was introduced to the "baby whisperer"

Caleb and Aunt Tracey held our place in line - we cut in front of so many people.

 There were so many people at the reunion.  We had people come all the way from Michigan and San Fransisco.

 Finn and Rex played cars.  Rex taught Finn a lot about cars.  He also informed Finn about who won the British Open.

 Finn spent the last half of the reunion playing with Papa.  The results were comical.

 After the reunion I went back home and Finn, Sam and Nana went to Granny and Papa's house.

 Then they went back to Nana and Papa's house to spend the night.

 Chances are they are watching "Godzilla."
 The next morning Sam ate frozen blueberries.
 Finn played in the rain. 
 Later that day Nana dropped Finn and Sam off at the house.  It was a nice, quiet, rainy day at home - but  I am so happy to have my entire family under one roof.

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