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Crown Bearer

On Friday I took Finn and Sam to Gran's house to play for a few minutes while I ran a few errands.  Both boys were very excited to go play at Gran's house - Sandy was excited too!  As we were walking in Sandy (in her excitement to see Finn) bumped into him.  Finn fell off the top step and landed on his back in the landscaping.  Other than a slight scratch on his cheek he came out of the bushed unscathed.  He cried for a minute or two - but recovered quickly.

After picking the boys up we went home and packed for the weekend.  Grandad picked us up at noon to take us back to his house.  Finn was the crown bearer at the Tullahoma High School homecoming.

We played at Grandad's house for a couple of hours before getting ready for the game.  Finn was a little uncooperative - but we did manage to get him all "tuxed" up.  To finish the look we put a little makeup on his scratch.

When we got to field we put on Finn's jacket and corsage.  Then we took his pi…

School picture day

Last Monday was school picture day at HCA.  Finn wore his new shirt from Aunt Em.  He also carried his new backpack for the first time.

Soaked to the Bone - Le Conte 2013

On Friday after taking Finn to school I came home and started getting ready for our big trip to Le Conte.  I already knew that it was going to rain so I packed rain gear, extra dry clothes and lots of zip lock bags full of dry socks and under, wear - just in case a change was in order at the top.   After Michael got home we put the boys in the car and dropped them off at Dad's house.  Then we picked up Em and Zac and headed to Laura and Johnny's house to spend the night.  We got to their house about 9:00 p.m.  We sat around and ate chips and cheese dips and chatted until bedtime.  I'm not sure about Laura and Johnny, but I had a great time.

My alarm went off at 3:00 the next morning.  By 3:45 I was drinking coffee and talking to Uncle Johnny about the forecast - it was grim prediction.  At 4:00 Dema (spelling?) and was quickly sent back to Mark's to get his boots. Mom and Greg came a little after 4:00.  It was already raining, but not too much.  We stopped in Harriman …

Four Years Old Today

Today Finn is four years old.  As he was coming down the stairs I said, "Happy Birthday Finn!"  He responds, "Happy Birthday Mom."  He told me Happy Birthday because my birthday was coming soon.

As a special treat Michael took Finn to school today.  First they stopped at the donut place to get a "birthday donut."  He also got donuts for his class.  When I asked Finn if he wanted to bring cupcakes for his birthday he said "YES!"  Then he said that he would rather bring "birthday donuts."  So he and Michael picked out chocolate and vanilla sprinkled donuts and glazed donuts (plain donuts).

Midday I got a notice on Facebook from Finn's teacher.  She posts pictures throughout the day and posted the following pictures.

Finn told that he ate a plain donut because he gave all the sprinkle donuts to his friends (Finn passed out all of the donuts).  He then said, "that was very kind of me, wasn't it?

After school Finn asked me …