Friday, November 29, 2013


The 2013 Thanksgiving Extravaganza

The Thanksgiving Holiday break started for me on Tuesday.  Dad picked both boys up from school/daycare Tuesday afternoon and took them to Tullahoma.  After work on Tuesday I was officially done for the rest of the week!  I met Michael at Brixx pizza and we had a nice quiet dinner.  It was a great dinner except for the gravel in my quatro formaggio pizza.   After supper we went home to watch Breaking Bad and I made homemade ice cream.

On Wednesday I did a few piddly things at work and then Michael and I headed to Manchester to spend the night at Nana and Papa's house.  When we got there Em and her crew were already there.  We ate pizza and then Em put her boys to bed.  After the boys were asleep we spent the rest of the evening in the playroom watching Youtube videos.  I don't remember the last time I have laughed that hard for that long - my cheeks hurt from laughing.

We quickly went from laughing to being grossed out.

As a side note, mom took this picture and 91 more just like it (no joke).  Then she somehow turned the iphone camera around on herself and took a few of herself taking pictures of us.  

On Thanksgiving Day I was up by around 8:00.  Per tradition I listened to my Thanksgiving text from Uncle Jerry. Then I made apple dumplings for breakfast and Mom made sausage crescent rolls.  After breakfast Grandad and Gigi dropped my boys off at the house.  Finn and Sam were excited to play with Cooper and Hank.  They played with balloons (threw them over the balcony) and they also played with the remote control helicopter.

Next it was time for the parade.  I love the parade because the perform a few numbers from whatever is on Broadway.  The boys weren't terribly interested in the parade.  There were a few floats that grabbed their attention - i.e. the ninja turtle float.  After the parade the boys played outside while we lounged.

Thanksgiving dinner was served around 2:30.  Sam slept through the entire meal.  The food was great!  We had turkey (made by Papa), Salmon (made by me), sweet potato casserole, asian slaw, grape salad, strawberry pretzel salad, and rolls. Midway through lunch Finn woke up and came strolling in the dining room in his underwear.

Then we opened our Christmas ornaments.  Finn got a "Monsters Inc." ornament; Sam got a "singing hound dog" and I got a "Mischievous Kitten" and a "Winnie the Pooh"

After dinner Em, Zac, Michael and I drove to the Tullahoma movie theater to meet Deanna and Ben to see "Catching Fire."  We had so much fun!  The movie was great and Deanna and Ben are so fun to hang out with.  After the movie we went to Waffle House. The six of us shoved into a tiny little booth and we sat and laughed until close to midnight.  We also planned our girl's trip to New York City to stay with Deanna and Ben to see "Rocky the Musical."  It was honestly one of the most fun nights I can remember.

The next morning I woke up and went for a quick run.  When I got back we packed up the car to go home while Nana and Finn went on their special walk around the property.  I have no idea what they do on those walks but it must be fun because Finn always asks to go.  While they were walking Sam and I read "Deck the Halls" as illustrated by Norman Rockwell.  Sam loves this book.

Sam feeling a little left out because it was too cold for him to go on the walk. 

After everyone had pottied we packed the boys in the car.  As we were pulling out of the driveway Finn told Nana, "Nana, please watch out for the evil Shredder."

"I'm being silly daddy," said Sam.

The Chore Chart

A couple of weeks ago Finn came home with "the chore chart."  His teachers told him once he has completed his chart that he could bring it in for a prize.  The chart comprised of the following:  1) Obey quickly, 2) Pick up my things, 3) Be kind, 4) Brush my teeth, and 5) Pray.

On Tuesday Finn got his last star for picking up the den.  On a side note Finn told me that he earned a star by cleaning up my bedroom.  When I went upstairs I saw that the room was pretty tidy.  Upon further examination, I found most of my earthly possessions under my bed.

He was so excited about taking his chore chart to school.  I put the chart in his backpack and asked Finn to carry his backpack to the car.  As it turns out Finn just laid his backpack on the kitchen table and we left the chore chart at home.  So much for obeying quickly.

Coldest Day of the Year

It was freezing on Sunday morning!  As such we made Finn wear his new hat.  Usually Finn will not even consider keeping a hat on his head but it was so cold on Sunday that we had a hard time getting him to take the hat off.  When we got to Sunday School I took Finn's hat off and put it in my purse.  Michael asked to me to at least hold the hat in my hand so that his Sunday School teachers would see that the hat messed his hair up.  Michael was afraid that his teacher would think that we didn't comb his hair.

Not a whole lot of note happened the rest of the day.  Finn, over a Zaxby's chicken meal, told us all about the Tower of Babel.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Runnin' the Birthday Party Circuit

Yesterday Finn and Sam attended two (2) birthday parties.  One for Parker and other for Griffin and Gavin (the twins).

Before the party madness commenced the boys snuggled up on the couch for a little "Rabbits Invasion."

At noon we arrived at First Baptist Hendersonville for Parker's party.  FBC Hendersonville has the BEST party area.   Finn and Sam were excited to see JT, Mason and Ella (friends from Victoria's house).

Both Sam and Finn played in the enormous playground.  Sam was skeptical at first so I went in with him.  After a few seconds he was fine - that is until we got to the enclosed slide.  Sam and I climbed to the very top of the play area - the only way down was the slide.  Sam really didn't want to go but I convinced him that it would be fun.  You could hear the poor child screaming all the way down.  Michael was at the bottom to catch him. I decided to go down too so that I could assess just how scary this slide is.  It was a bit twisty and pretty dark - but the kicker was that it shocked me all the way down. I'm sure the shocking is what upset Sam so much.

Sam with Aunt Chelsea. This was Sam's favorite part of the play area. He climbed up and then turn around and scoot down.  Finn's favorite part was the netted stairs.  He pretended that he was going into the sewers.

The "Three Musketeers" - or maybe I should call them . . . Mikey, Raf and Donnie.

  The party crew . . . and Sam (minus one nap).

Next we had lunch - Sam ate all the tomatoes that he could get his hand on.  After lunch Sam went home for a nap and Finn got his face painted.

Finn also got a balloon "sword" and promptly attached Parker's Great Grandfather.  He also made poor little Mason an accessory to a crime.

Our second party of the day was at Wholesale Nashville in Goodlettsville.  I forgot to bring my camera so I didn't take any pictures. Finn spent most of his time in the bouncy house while Sam ran around kicking a ball.  There was a pretty intense dodgeball game going on so Michael and I spent most of our time ensuring that Sam didn't get his head knocked off - this kid is fearless.

We made it home by 6:00.  We were all pretty tired.  In fact, I had to wake both Finn and Sam up from their naps so that we could go to the second party.  By 7:00 we were all snuggling on the couch.  By 7:30 I was snoozing on Finn's shoulder. It was a good day for two (2) parties because even though it was freezing outside the boys were still able to run and play.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Pink . . . it's my new obsession

This morning I was called in to work on a couple of emergency cases.  As such, Sam spent a few hours with Gran.  When Finn found out that Sam was going to Gran's house he decided that he didn't want to go to school.  We met Gran in the Kroger parking lot to make the exchange.  Upon seeing Gran, Finn started bawling.  To make Finn feel better Gran told Finn that he could come see her for a few minutes after school. As promised Finn went to visit Gran after school.  He came home with a stuffed Leonardo.  Sam got a smaller version of the same.  The boys spent the rest of the evening wrestling, jumping on and throwing their new ninja buddy.

Finn has the most delicate little face - so sweet.

During wind down time tonight Finn and I were snuggling on the couch watching Mickey Mouse.  Michael walked in and asked Finn, "who is your favorite character?"  Finn said, "Minnie Mouse." Further inquiry revealed that Finn liked Minnie because Finn's favorite color is PINK.  Michael gave Finn a good bit of grief about liking the color pink.  Instantly I could feel Finn's body sink into mine.  Then I felt his little shoulders shake.  When I looked over I could see Finn silently crying.  He was either really hurt or really embarrassed (or maybe a little bit of both) by daddy's japing. I felt so sorry for him.  Michael didn't mean to hurt his feelings - but Finn took it pretty hard. You can definitely see his full range of emotions staring to develop.

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