Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Circus

Saturday morning was very nice.  Finn went to Gran's house early to get ready to go to the circus. Sam and I hung around the house until it was time for Sam's haircut.

Sam sneaking the last of the Halloween Candy. 

Around 10:00 I took Sam to get a haircut.  The lady that cut his hair scolded me a bit for letting Sam's hair get too long in the back. Don't worry, I got her back - or maybe I should say Sam got her back.  Sam was having no part of his haircut.  I literally had him in a headlock through the entire cut.  He was screaming on the top of his lungs so I strategically positioned his mouth into my shirt - which thankfully muffled the screams.   I had to tip the girl more that I normally would for having to deal with us. 

On the way out I asked Sam if he enjoyed his haircut and he every excitedly said, "yes, I did." 

Meanwhile, Finn was living it up at the circus!  Finn and Gran had a great time.  First, they had great seats.  Second, they were randomly selected to sit in the carriages and watch most of the show from the floor.  It looked so exciting!

 Finn with the basketball player. 

They had an awesome time!  Finn was so excited when he got home that he could hardly string two sentences together.

 Gran came home with lazer swords for both boys.

Thank you Gran for a great day!

We have finally figured out a way to keep Sam's head warm.  He wont' wear a hat - but he will wear the ear warmers.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Comeback Kid

 This morning Sam found Fannie happily sleeping on the love seat.  Sam loves Fannie and take every opportunity to both tell her and show her how much he loves her.  In other news,  Fannie hates Sam.

 Check out that juxtaposition.  Pure joy and pure disdain - side by side.

This particular morning Sam decided that he was going to give Fannie a kiss.  If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times - Sam does everything to the best of his ability, including giving kisses.  What this means for Fannie is that she is going end up on the business end of a soaking wet kiss as Sam gives the grossest, wettest kisses imaginable.

 It's just a matter of time before Fannie snaps and Sam needs a tetanus shot. 

She sure is taking it like a champ though.

Friday was the last day of "Spirit Week."  It was wear your pajama's to school day.

I picked the boys up early from school on Friday so that I could take Sam for his two year/well baby check up. We arrived at the doctor's office full life - we all three left completely defeated.  Sam acted like a bucking bronco the entire time.  I sat on him, straddling his legs and holding his arms down through the entire appointment.  Why, because he was screaming to beat the band and flailing about like a wild boar.  Dr. Johnson told me that he hasn't encountered many children as strong as Sam.

Sam weighs approximately 32 pounds and is 35 inches tall.  He is in the 98th percentile for weight and 78th percentile for height.  He has made a drastic leap in his percentages since his 18 month checkup.  At 18 months he was in the 25 percentile in height.

After the doctor completed his checkup he sent the nurse in to give Sam his flu shot.  Finn was so encouraging to Sam - he kept telling Sam that it was going to be okay and he didn't have to be scared.  Then I lowered the boom on Finn . . .  

 . . . Finn found out that he was getting a flu shot too.  All those comforting words and expectations of bravery that he had for Sam was, as it turns out, all show.  Finn lost his marbles and nothing I said gave him any comfort.

Sam got over his fear of his shot pretty quickly after discovering the light switch.  Yes he turned it off.

Both were awful during the actual giving of the shot.  Once again I had to sit on both of them.  I left the pediatrician's office totally exhausted.  We stopped for blasts on the home.  Both boys ate a mini blast and nothing else the rest of the night. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Spirit Week - Round 2

 This week was "Spirit Week" at school.  They have spirit week both in the Fall Semester and then again in the Spring Semester.  Finn really enjoyed spirit week last time - Sam got to join in the fun this time.  Monday was MLK day and the boys weren't in school.  Tuesday was "twin day."  We did our best.

Wednesday was "fake an injury day."  When we arrived at school I saw a bunch of little kids with cute, character band-aids.  My kids were the only kids that looked like they came from an abusive home.  I may have gone a bit too far.

Thursday was "team sports day".  The boys both wore their Titan's jerseys.

Later than evening Finn played with his new word puzzle.  He is getting really good at his letters. Have I mentioned how much I love this "Ninja Turtle" table?

Monday, January 20, 2014

Hawaii Day 9: LAX

This is my last post about our trip to Hawaii.  It really doesn't have anything at all to do with Hawaii - mostly just our travels back to Tennessee.  Before delving into the trip back I decided to post a few more pictures. My sister-in-law, Sharon, who is a really great photographer took the following pictures.  Thank you for taking and sharing!


The alarm went off at 5:20. I pulled myself out of bed and got ready for the day.  Our flight left at 8:30 a.m. so we assumed we would need to leave the hotel by 6:30.  We  had a very quick breakfast and then went down to the lobby to catch the shuttle.  Apparently everyone in our hotel had the same idea because the shuttle line was really long.  We assumed that we were at least two (2) shuttles back in line.  The staff told us that the shuttles come every fifteen (15) to twenty (20) minutes.  At the time it was 6:30 - we did the math in our head and realized that we may not even make to the airport until 7:10.  Being a little high strung I asked for a cab and we raced off to the airport.

Upon arriving at LAX I told Michael that I was SO glad we decided to take a cab.  I have never seen lines so long just to check your bags.  This place was absolutely crawling with people.  I should have expected it though - LAX is one of the largest airports in the world.  We have been a bit spoiled by Nashville International.  Once through the check in, we waited in line again to go through security (this line wasn't quite as long).  We arrived at the gate around 7:40.  About that time we got a call from the service we used to park the car while we were away and they told us that our car wouldn't start.  We must have missed our boarding call while Michael was making several phone calls trying to get the car towed to the Nissan dealership.  We just so happened to look over and see that our flight was seating boarding group C (the last group).  We grabbed our bags and took off for towards the hanger.  We made it - and we even managed to grab two (2) seats together.

We landed safely in Nashville at 2:40.  Once off the plane we made a mad dash to the outside pickup area where we met Mom, Finn and Sam. Since our car wouldn't start mom picked me up from the airport.  Finn was so excited to see us.  When he saw me he smiled the biggest smile and violently hugged me.  When Sam saw me hug Finn he started bawling. I ran over to the other side of the car to hug Sam and he violently hugged me too.  When Michael hugged Sam, Sam clutched onto him with all his strength and would not let go.

Poor Michael had to stay at the airport and shuttle over the parking services to wait for the AAA guy to tow our car to the Nissan Dealership in Gallatin.  Mom took me and the boys home.  Finn chatted all the way to Hendersonville - Sam cried half of the way.

When we got home Nana helped us bring in all the boys' things.  After Nana left I put Sam down for a nap and Finn played with his new Christmas toys.  After a while he decided that he wanted to snuggle with me.

At 6:00 p.m. Michael called and told me he was in Gallatin.  I put the boys in the car and we drove over to the Nissan dealership to pick him up.  Sam was so excited to see Michael.  When Michael walked back into  the building to take care of something Sam said over and over, "where'd daddy go?"

Sam's sentences are really starting to take off.  He can carry on a pretty good conversation now.  Just in the past few days he has said,

"I don't want to go to bed."
"Let go of me!"
"I don't want a donut."
"I want to watch ninja turtles."
"No, I'm not a baby."  (During his bath I asked Sam if he was my sweet baby - he let me know real quick that he was not.)
"I don't want some soap.  (During his bath Sam licked the bar of soap like an ice cream cone.  His face was hilarious. Every few seconds he would grimace, stick his tongue out, and whine.  After washing his mouth out I asked Sam, "do you want some soap?"  I love that he responded using the phrase "some soap."

I really had a great time in Hawaii and I would love to go back but I am so happy to be back with the boys.  They were both so snuggly and sweet yesterday.  Before bed Sam crawled into my lap and we watched the few minutes of the Guardians.  Finn has been very sweet to - he had a great time with his family, but he seemed genuinely excited to see us.

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