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First Day Back to Work and School

Well the boys went back to school on Monday.  Somewhere the Hallelujah Chorus is playing.  Man I was pumped.  I had an entire weeks worth of work to catch up on and I was rip, roarin', and ready to tackle it.  Then I got this picture from Ms. Cindy at the boy's school.

So pitiful.  Ms. Cindy told me that Sam was running a fever of 102 and must be picked up.  WHAT!  My sweet, precious, youngest child, whom I love dearly couldn't give me one lousy day back in the working world before he decided to turn all sick and pitiful. 
It was a good thing that Ms. Cindy sent me that picture, because if she hadn't, I would've had a right mind to just leave him there.  But oh that picture was just heartbreaking. He was even more heartbreaking in person.  I walked in the building and immediately heard his desperate cry. He cried even harder when he saw me.  
Once we got home Sam wouldn't leave my side.  I sat in the glider and rocked him for an hour while I was on a conference…


On Sunday I met a few of my closest friends from my small group at Long Hollow for "Momentum."  It is a women's conference hosted at our church for women all over middle Tennessee and southern Kentucky.  We were busting at the seams - both in the building and in the parking lot.  It was quite an incredible and inspiring sight.

The event was MC'ed by Holly Thompson.  The opening speaker was Lisa Harper and the main speaker was Chris Caine.  I really liked Lisa Harper, but Chris Caine was awesome.

Elena, Amanda and I before the night got underway.

Amanda, Audra, me and Elena at the end of the evening.  Our friend Anna was there too, but left before we took the picture.  Our friend Audra also spoke on the panel.

On Saturday Michael took Finn out for a special father/son night.  This left me and Sam to slum around together.  Since I had been stuck in the house all week I decided that Sam and I would go to the post office and the grocery store.  I was really dreading che…

Snow Week

Well, as we all know it has been a week of snow.   Finn, Sam and I have had ALOT of time together.  I think that we spent much of the week suffering from cabin fever as we didn't leave the house.

The boys spent the night with Gran on Sunday night. Michael went to pick them up on Monday. Well, when he turned the car on his back windshield exploded and glass went everywhere.  Uncle James came to save the day by bring his big truck to the house.  He picked up Michael and then they went to get the boys.

On Tuesday we took the boys out in the snow.  Sam decided that he did not want to wear gloves.  It took about 30 seconds before he started begging for my gloves.

Finn with his ice weapons.  Finn spent most of his playtime de-icying all of the structures in the yard.

On Thursday Finn spent the day with his friend Jack.  Finn hasn't really ever done this before, so it was kind of strange putting Finn in someone else's car and watching him drive off.  He had a really good time at …

Hot Chocolate Run

At 5:00 a.m. on Saturday my alarm went off and I started getting ready for the Hot Chocolate 15K.  Around this time in the morning the temperature was in the "teens" so it took a while to get properly dressed.  On top I wore an undershirt, a running shirt, a goose down vest, a neck warmer, gloves under my thumb holes, an ear wrap, and sunglasses (to keep the wind off of my contacts).  On bottom I wore tall sock, my running pants and leg warmers.  Despite all the clothing, I was still had great mobility.

I met Grandad and Gigi downstairs at 5:45 and we took off for Nashville.  We met Emily at French Landing (an office complex off of Rosa Parks Blvd where I use to have hearings).  Em and I both hopped in the car with Grandad and Gigi and we headed for the Bicentennial Mall.

Gigi dropped us off at the Rite Aid next to the Farmer's Market and we took a picture.  After that we started getting all geared up.

Here we are at Corral C.  Somehow or another Emily and I ended up in…

Valentine's Day

While we were at the Hot Chocolate Run, Finn and Sam spent Valentine's Day morning with Gran.  They had a special Valentine's breakfast.

They opened their Valentines - Finn got super hero undies and a John Cena action figure.  Sam got an big Batman action figure.

Later than day Gran took the boys to their friend from school Caleb's birthday party.  They were so excited when they got home.  Sam came running in yelling, "look at my attitude."  He meant tattoo - fake, of course.  Finn proved to be a little nervous about the tattoos.  As he was watching Caleb get tatted up, he said, "Caleb doesn't know that the tattoo won't come off."  Caleb's mom told Finn that these tattoos would wash off.  Finn responds, "well my mom's tattoos don't come off."  Once he was sure he wouldn't be permanently branded, he was very excited to participate in the tattooing. 

Finn, with his best friend Jack,  Sam, with Jack's little brother Jo…