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Memorial Day

On Monday we had a Memorial Day get together with our Sunday School Class.  Outside of swimming lessons, this was the first time that the boys have been in the pool all year.  I was a little concerned that it might take them a while to warm up to the water - but they did great.   Both Finn and Sams spent the entire day running as hard as they could and jumping off the diving board. 

For the first several jumps Sam jumped without his float.  I held the noodle out for him and after he jumped into the water he would swim to the noodle.  I was so proud of him.  As the day went on he decided that he wanted his float. 

Finn enjoyed his day because Ethan was there.  Finn loves playing with Ethan. 

The dads spent their pool time playing basketball.  It was complete chaos.  At one point Finn got trampled, but came up unscathed. 
After the pool we went back to Roger and Anna's house for a cook out. 
We got home around 7:30 - the boys were exhausted.  But we all had  really good time. 

Finn's Kindergarten Field Day

Wednesday was also Finn's Kindergarten Field Day.  Field Day and Sam' end of the year party overlapped, so I didn't get to field day until it was about half over.  I arrived just about the time the 50 yard dash started.  Finn beat everyone in his group - all girls mind you, but he won. 

Soccer ball kick

Long jump

Finn's team won tug of war. 

Michael was there the whole time and helped with the events.  Finn had such a good time. 

The Blue Ribbon for smoking all the girls at the 50 yard dash. 

Afterward they had a picnic.  Finn was excited about picking out what he wanted to bring for lunch. 

Finn and his buddy Ben. 

K3 Graduation

Wednesday was Sam's last day of K3.  It was also is awards ceremony day.

The award's ceremony was held in the auditorium at 9:00.  About the time it started we saw Finn's class come in.  I was so happy that Finn was able to watch Sam's ceremony. 
They sang a few songs, said a few Bible verses and then accepted their individual awards. 

Sam received "Future President."  I don't know exactly what that means, but we were happy not to get "most stubborn."

Sam was so proud of his award.  The spent the rest of the day telling anyone who would listen one of the following:  "I'm going to be President!" or "Vote for me for President" or "Here comes the President." 

Sam listening intently to Miss Mandy.
Next they went back to their classroom and Miss Mandy handed out gifts that matched their award.  Sam received the flag.  Check out his face!

We have been so blessed to have Miss Mandy this year.  She is so patient and so…


One of the perks of being is Kindergarten is that you get a Yearbook.  Finn was very excited to show me every single page! Sam, was also excited  - he looked over Finn's shoulder and yelled with glee every time he saw himself, one of his friends, or someone he recognized.  When pre-ordering the Yearbook, I didn't realize that the preschool was included - so I didn't order Sam one.  Well, this little slip up was not lost on Sam and he asked me a thousand times why he didn't have a Yearbook.

A few pictures of Sam eating corning.  When "Head Begley" is out of town, I cook food from my childhood.

While the boys hate it when Michael goes out of town, they love that they get to sleep in our bed.  I thought the sleeping arrangement would get easier given that we have a big bed now.  Nope - they both sleep right next to me the whole night.

I love this picture.

Hanging About

On the way to school today Finn told me that he wished that he couldn't hear that way he didn't have to hear scary music or bad words on TV.  I told Finn there was an easier way to accomplish this and recommended that he simply top watching TV. He didn't think this was best solution, but did not offer up another proposal of his own.  I then told him hard it would be lose his hearing and that I was thankful that I had mine.  He responds with "mom, I sure am thankful that I still have my arm."  He said it as though it common place for limbs to fall off at random.

That evening, the Finn decided that he wanted to make homemade pizza. He does a surprisingly good job - especially now that we have the counter space to do it.

The boys have decided that our bed is the most comfortable bed they have even laid in and take ever opportunity to hop in with us.  Michael loves it when the boys disrupt his sleep!

This weekend was nice.  Michael and I had a nice dinner with Corey…

Muffins With Mom

Last Friday I attended "Muffins With Mom" Finn's school.  The K-5 class planned a special breakfast for all of the Mothers.  Finn was really excited to see me.  After getting our muffins we sat down together and ate breakfast.  Finn introduced me to his friend Ben and I was able to talk to Ben's mother for a while. 

After breakfast Finn gave me a little potted flower. He was so excited to give it to me.  It is currently sitting at my office. 
Around 11:00 all the moms packed up and left.  Finn hugged me about four (4) times and then finally allowed me to leave. It was a fun morning. 

Mother's Day 2016

Mother's Day this year was really nice.  We went to church and then came home and the boys cooked lunch for me.  I went and laid down for a few minutes while the boys slaved away in the kitchen. Finn was pretty focused on the task at hand.  Sam, was a little less enthused.  He kept running into the bedroom every few minutes to see how I was doing.  Consequently, he cooked very little - while taking a fair share of the credit.

Lunch was good and then I read outside a few minutes while the boy's napped.

After their naps the boys asked if I would paint with them.  So we pulled out the water colors and painted until supper.  I had a really good time with them. 

Visiting Nana for Mother's Day

Friday after school we drove down to Manchester to visit with Nana for Mother's Day.  

Here we are having dinner.  This is actually us praying, but you wouldn't know it because Sam's eyes are open and Finn is picking strings out of his corn. 

After supper the boys played outside while the girls sat inside and chatted. 

The next morning the boys ate donuts and then we played outside for much of the day. 

Finn trying to Limbo.