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My Fake Baby

On Friday night Finn and Sam were climbing around on the bunk beds. Finn was climbing up the back side when he looked down at Sam and said "Sam, you can't so this - it is WAY to dangerous." Sam thought about it for a second and said in his most confused voice, "then why are you doing it Finn?" Michael and I got so tickled.  
Friday night was a milestone for Will - he slept in his crib for the first time. It was only for a couple of hours, but it was two hours longer than he has ever stayed before. Michael moved him to the bassinet in my bedroom and he slept until 2:45. It was a good night. 
We woke up at 9:00 pretty refreshed. 

The boys went to their Saturday morning donut place while Will and I drank coffee and colored. 

After the boys got back from breakfast Finn told us again that he was going to play in the NBA. He also declared that he thinks before going to the NBA he will probably play his college ball at North Carolina. Now if someone would just notify Norh…

Finn's Imagination

Will went to work with me on Thursday. I expected a terrible day - due to the shots - but he was surprisingly pleasant. He slept from 8:00 to 10:30 and then laid on the floor behind my desk until lunch.  We left at lunch. 

On our way home from school Finn mentioned several times what a great imagination  he has. Later that afternoon Finn asked me if I liked his picture. I asked "what is it Finn?"  He looked at me like I had two heads and said, "Mom! It's my imagination." Good to know. 

Judge Begley and his bailiff. 
Just a few more pictures of Will laying on his stomach while I get ready for work. 


On Wenesday Will went for his two month appointment. He weighed 10.8 pounds. He is officially the same size as Sam the day he was born. He is in the 13th percentile in weight and 11th percentile in height.
He also got his first set of shots. Because it was just me at the appointment, I had to hold him down (as opposed to Michael holding him down while I take the picture). Oh he felt so betrayed and reminded me just how betrayed he felt the rest of the night.  See Exhibit A.  He looked like this most of the night. 

On a lighter note Gigi came and stayed with us on Tuesday night and kept Will on  Wedneday - up until time for his shots. She also made chicken pot pie for dinner. 

I spent the whole night with Will. These are a few pictures I took right before bed. 

His night of misery finally got the best of him.


Tonight before bed Finn insisted that we watch volleyball. He attended a free clinic at HCA the day before and is now very interested in watching Olympic Volleyball. Moments after turning it on Finn and Sam were knee deep in excitement. Every time they scored Finn yelled "BOOM" and immediately followed it up by saying America (except he said it with a redneck twang which made it sound like Amurca).   After a few minutes he said "Mom, which team in America?" If that don't beat all. 
Saturday was a great day. Will and I slept until 9:30. We spent the rest of the day around the house. He was in the foulest of moods so I strapped him in the baby carrier and wore him while I cleaned the house. He slept almost the entire time he was in the carrier. 
Sam loves to hold Will "on his shoulder." Whenever he asks me to hold Will it is always up on his shoulder. Yesterday he accidentally fell over with him and sweetness ensued. 

Pretending to be asleep. Will didn'…

King George

This week at school Finn has been studying about the revolutionary war. While in the car he explained to me that America was upset because the "bad King George" was making them pay too much in taxes. Finn has been pretty interested in the Revolutionary War, due in part to Hamilton the musical.  After discussing King George, I turned on the song from Hamilton sung by the King George character. Finn said, "he doesn't sound mean - is that what he really sounds like?" I explained to Finn that there is no one alive today that know what King George actually sounded like because he lived a long time ago before recording devices were invented.  Finn casually responded, "okay, I'll just look it up on YouTube."  You do that Finn. 

Since Will hasn't had his shots yet, I still take him with me when I teach my middle school Sunday School class. Last week we played our own version the Escape Game.  I knew that there would be 200 students running around like…

Working Out

Working out used to be my favorite time of the day.  I got up early - around 5:00 a.m and would lift for an hour.  It was peaceful and quiet and energizing.  Now that we have three children - working out has changed. What use to take 30 minutes has now turned into an hour. Due mostly to the fact that I have three boys hanging on me.  One of which has a question every 30 seconds about what I am doing - I'm sure you can guess that it is Finn. 
Finn waits until I decide to go work out to decide that he needs to work out too.  Try as I may, I can't  teach him gym etiquette . He jumps onto every piece of equipment that I am using the second I turn my back.  Everything I do he will ask - "will this help me jump higher?"  Jumping has become of utmost important to the Finnster.  To quote Finn, "if I am going to be in the NBA, I have to be able to jump high."  After fighting Finn tooth and nail for the chance to use my equipment I finally gave up and said Finn, why…

First Day of School

Monday was Finn's first day of 1st Grade and Sam's first day of K4. They had really good days. Finn couldn't believe how fast his new teacher says the Pledge of Allegiance. Of all the new things that happened to him - the speed of the Pledge was the most noteworthy.  We also decided that Finn would be taking his lunch to school everyday because a school lunch costs $4.00!  I am not paying 20 dollars a week for Finn move his food around on his plate and ultimately eat his cookie!!  So we bought Finn a new lunch box to make his peanut butter sandwich more appealing. 

We bought Sam a new backpack too. Sam has never had a new backpack - Finn usually gets the new one and San carries his old one. So his year we made Finn carry his backpack from last year  (because there was nothing) wrong with it ) and let Sam pick out a new one. He said he didn't want a new backpack, but quickly changed his mind when we went down the backpack aisle. He chose the Ninja Turtles. He was so exci…

First Grade Orientation

Thursday was Finn's orientation.  His 1st Grade teacher is Mrs. Brigstock and she seems great.  Finn really likes his classroom. They use tables instead of individual desks.  They keep their art supplies in on the table and they have seat back pockets for their dry erase board.

Finn saw the names of most of his friends from Kindergarten.  Unfortunately his best friend (from School) Ben wasn't on the roll.

After orientation we went to Lifeway to get Finn's bible.  He has to bring  King James Version (KJV) Bible with him everyday.  Lifeway has a ton of great "kids" Bible - unfortunately, none of the great ones were KJV - go figure.  He ended up picking out a green, leather bound bible.  We had his name embossed in gold on the front cover.

Yes, these my boys - including my adult husband, lying in the floor at Lifeway watching Veggie Tales.

Next we took Finn for dinner at Culvers.  Gran and Pa met us. 

After leaving Culvers Finn, Sam, Will and I went to spend the n…