Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Christmas morning started with me telling the boys "stay in your room!" We told Finn and Sam before putting them to bed that they were not allowed to leave their room until we came to get them.  About 7:45, I woke up to the sounds of Finn and Sam playing "Santa Clause" in their room.  As I was making coffee, I heard Finn say "On Dasher, On Dancer. . . " Based on their personalities and history of play, I presume Finn was Santa and Sam was a reindeer. I just hope that Finn didn't swap Sam with a homemade reign.

At 8:00, we opened the door and let the boys come out.  They were excited to see their presents and to see Gran and Pa. Then they opened their presents.  We asked them to go one at a time so that they could see each other open their presents.   They acquiesced -which made the presents take longer.  Sam was so excited about his presents.  His favorites were his legos and his basketball shoes.  Finn, a bit more reserved, loved his video game, his Russell Westbrook shirt and his camera.

After we opened presents, Gran and Pa went home to cook for the Begley Christmas, the boys went upstairs to play their new video game, and Michael and I gave Will his Christmas present.  Will slept all the way through our family Christmas.

Next, I made breakfast while watching the Disney Christmas parade.  Michael played upstairs with the boys and Will sat in his swing - mesmerized by the Disney fireworks and singing.  I made pancakes and sausage/cream cheese bake and we all ate breakfast together.  Then the boys went back upstairs to play.  I fed Will and put him down for a nap.

It was a really nice Christmas morning. The boys seemed to really love their presents, Will was in a great mood and the food was good.  Not to toot my own horn, but I am pretty proud of how our little family Christmas turned out.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve 2016 was a really wonderful day.  We started the day with Sam and Michael going out for doughnuts and then shopping for Finn's present (from Sam).  While they were gone, Finn and I played several rounds of Twister and wrapped Sam's present (from Finn).  Once they got home, Sam and I wrapped Finn's present and then we taught Finn out to play Dominos.

At noon we met Gran and Pa at Swaney Swift's for Christmas Eve lunch.  We wanted to go to Top Hog - but it was closed. (Sam has been asking to go to Top Hog for months).  The boys were really excited to see Pa, so they didn't mind too much that Top Hog was closed.

I love these pictures of Sam.  He was in such a great mood. 

Will was in a decent mood.  He was pretty hungry so I took him out to the van to eat. 

Next we all went to the Christmas Eve Service at church. They didn't offer care for Finn's age - so Finn came with us.  I was so glad he did. We sang traditional Christmas songs as a congregation.  Finn knew most of the songs so he sang too.  It was so moving to hear Finn sing the Christmas songs.  He stood there and sang with his whole heart - loud and long.  His little singing voice was so sweet.  He really sang out on Away in a Manger and Silent Night. Finn also took his first Lord's Supper at this service.  I was so happy and proud and emotional.   At the end of the service we lit candles and sang Silent Night.  It was so beautiful to see the whole sanctuary lit by candle light.  Finn loved this part.  I was so emotional through the whole service and choked back tears the whole time. 

In the car on the way home Finn asked me why it looked like I was about to cry.  I explained that the music in the service caused me to cry.  Finn them told me that the music made him cry too.  Sweet little Finn. 

Then we went to Kroger to pick a few last minute things.  Will rode in the buggy for the first time. 

For Christmas Eve dinner Finn requested tacos and home made blizzards.  So we ate dinner as a family and then watched "Elf."  The boys sat in the floor and laughed - they loved Elf.  Finn and Sam both took turns snuggling with me and sitting in my lap.  Again, I had a hard time not crying. Then we turned on the Santa Tracker for a few minutes.  

Last Finn and Sam put out cookies for Santa.  

Sam ate one of Santa's cookies. 

Then Sam put out his reindeer food that he made at school. 

It was such a good day.  I really think the boys enjoyed themselves too.  I wish I could relive the whole day again - just the exact same way. 

After the boys went to bed, Michael and I got all the presents out and ready.  Will woke up after sleeping a whopping 30 minutes and helped us get ready for Christmas morning. We didn't tell him, but we didn't need his help. 

My sweet little Christmas baby. 

Saturday, December 24, 2016


We were all pretty tired after leaving Grandad's house.  We all ended up sleeping on the way home.

After we got home Michael took Finn to buy a Christmas present for Sam (from Finn).  Then he took Finn to Waffle House for dinner at the counter. 

(Sam took this).

Sam, Will and I stayed home.  Sam wanted to watch the Muppet movie. Sam sang and danced to the music.  I'll tell you, Sam can really dance.  This kid has major rhythm. 

Then Sam and I played with his new Dominos.  He was so precious.  

Christmas at Grandad and Gigi's

On Thursday Michael, Will and I traveled to Dad's house for Christmas.  Finn and Sam were already there and had been there since Tuesday afternoon.

That night we ate dinner and then we played "Telepictionary" with everyone.  

Will was really restless all night so it was so surprise that we ended up on the recliner. He did end up sleeping pretty soundly. 

Once we were all up Gigi made breakfast.  Gene and Minnie came over and ate with us too.  

During breakfast we put Will in the floor and turned on Paw Patrol.  For some reason Will loves Paw Patrol.  We can put him in the swing at home and turn on Paw Patrol and he will give a few minutes of peace.  The same worked during breakfast.  Quinn decided to join Will.  He laid down next to him and got under the covers. 

After breakfast and pictures, we opened presents. 

And the boys played with their new sumo suits.

Oh, and Santa visited. Sam wasn't scared this year.  But he was 100% sure that it was Grandad pretending to be Santa. 

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