Wednesday, August 30, 2017


When Will was a very new baby,  I dreaded taking him to the grocery store.  It didn't matter what I did to console him, he cried the whole time.  It was very stressful.  Over the last couple of months, his attitude toward grocery shopping has improved.  He  sits happily in the seat and passes the time by looking at the inventory.  Well, Will has digressed a bit.  I blame it on his new learned ability to walk. Now when we go to the store, he will sit calmly for about 20 minutes before he screaming to get up.

This past Saturday I caved.  To stop the screaming, I got him out of his seat and let him sit in the aisle while I looked through the yogurts.  Unfortunately he decided that he was NOT going back in the seat.  Instead, he helped me push the buggy.

It took forever to get down the entire aisle. 

When he got tired of pushing, he decided to ride under the buggy. 

As tiresome as he can be - I still love taking him with me to the store. 

The rest of day was pretty good. The day started with our family going to the donut store for breakfast.  Michael usually takes the boys alone, but Will and I made our first appearance at this particular breakfast.   Once we got home, I decided to move the boys' books from a small bookshelf in the playroom, to a large bookshelf in the playroom closet.  We have always been concerned that Will would pull that shelf on top of himself, so we moved everything to a place where, even if the shelf does tip, it won't fall on anybody.  I was pretty proud of myself for this little feat. 

While I was cleaning, Will played with his cars. 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Solar Eclipse 2017

Yesterday, August 21, 2017, was the solar eclipse.  We have been hearing about this event for months now and we were pretty excited to see it.  We lived directly inside the path of totality, so we knew that barring any bad weather, we would have one of the best views in the United States.  Given that so many people were packing into Gallatin, we decided to let the boys stay home from school.  First, because we didn't want to fight the traffic, and second, because he didn't think that Finn and Sam would leave their glasses on at school.

Securing glasses became a bit of an issue.  Grandad and Gigi had given us glasses months ago for Finn and Sam.  Michael and I waited until the week of  to buy our glasses.  Of course, there were none to be bought locally.  So we got on Amazon, where they were going for upwards of $60 per pair. We did manage to find a couple of extra pairs.  My friend Patti offered us glasses, Mom brought us a couple pair of glasses, and our real estate agent sent some in the mail.  So, crisis averted. 

Around noon I took a blanket outside, found a nice spot in the middle of the basketball court, and intermittently watched the eclipse.  The boys were inside for most of it, but I would bring them out here and there to let them see the progression.  Finn and Sam both commented that the sun was turning into the moon.

This is my picture of the eclipse just as it was starting. (I took this picture basically blind because I was wearing my eclipse glasses and couldn't see a thing).   I later learned that you aren't suppose to take pictures of the eclipse because the sun can burn through your  camera, just as it can burn your eyes.  I don't think that I did any damage to either.  But, we had an unobstructed view!

About 30 minutes before totality, I brought the boys outside.  It was already noticeably cooler and it was growing darker.  It was a strange darkness.  I wouldn't compare it to dusk - it was heavier than dusk.  I can't really describe it.  It was kind of like looking through sunglasses. 

While waiting for totality, we passed the football around. (The boys are playing flag football this year.)

I took these pictures seconds before totality.  I think Sam might have missed the whole thing. Fortunately, Will was asleep the whole time. 

These pictures were taken during totality.  It was so strange and so incredible.  It was dark for almost three minutes.  The second it got dark, everything went quiet.  Then we heard frogs and crickets.  The boys were amazed, as were me and Michael. 

This is a picture I took during totality.  This pictures does not even come close to resembling what we saw.  The rays shining behind the moon was an incredible sight.  In fact, I got a little teary. 

Immediately after totality, we looked down and saw the shadow bands (snakes) all over the basketball court.  It was surreal! Then, once it was light again, we heard a rooster crow. 

Sam's reaction to the sun coming back.   

I am so thankful that I was able to experience this with Finn, Sam and Michael.  I will never, ever forget this moment.

Friday, August 18, 2017

When a Baby Poops in the Bathtub

My kids love bathroom humor.  They would rather talk about excrement, flatulence and bottoms than just about anything else.  So, when Will dropped a big deuce in the bathtub, I couldn't resist the urge to show the boys. I had my camera ready to capture their response.

With my focus on getting a good picture of Finn and Sam.  I completely ignored the fact that Will had unfettered access to his "floater."  This was Will's response after I pried it from his hands. 

Amanda's Baby Shower

On Saturday I went to the Chocolate Covered Strawberry for my good friend Amanda's baby shower.  Her sister Meagan planned and prepared everything.  It such a nice event.

Later than day, Michael took Sam to a birthday party while Finn, Will and I stayed home.  Will went through all of the drawers and ate raisins for the first time. 

Mary Kay Party

Last Wednesday I had some friends from church come over to play makeup with my friend Samantha.  She is a Mary Kay sales representative and she gives the best presentations.  We ate junk food, drank coffee and tried on both skincare products and makeup.  I had a really fun night.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Will's First Haircut

Last Tuesday was the first time in two years that Finn and Sam both had chapel day on the same day. While one may tend to think that I am rejoicing in the fact that my children are studying God's Word together - one would be wrong.  This Mother, who lives in a constant state of "behind the eight ball" is rejoicing in the fact that now there is only one day per week that I have to make sure that the boys have a clean uniform.

I asked the boys to stand together for a picture.  Finn decided upon the "80s prom pose." 

Later than day Will had his first haircut.  Though he needed a haircut badly, I have purposefully put it off for months because I couldn't bare to have his curls chopped off.  Well, on ultimatum from from King Begley, I scheduled an appointment.  

I really expected this experience to be awful.  But, surprisingly, Will didn't seem to mind.  He was wiggly, but otherwise, well behaved.  Now, in full disclosure - they didn't use the clippers. 

Finn and Sam accompanied Will to the appointment.  Beforehand I went to McDonald's to get the boys something to keep them occupied during the cut.  I ordered two SMALL chocolate shakes and one LARGE coffee for myself.  I ended up with two large chocolate shakes and one small coffee. Great. 

The cut turned into quite the affair.  In total, we had 7 people (including Will and Pa) present for the death of Will's curls.  

I have to admit, even though I miss his curls, he looks pretty cute with his new haircut. 

Next, Michael and I took the boys over to FBC Hendersonville for Upward Flag Football tryouts. Sam was hilarious. He gave it no less than 110 percent.  After  finishing each assessment, he would get in Finn's face and trash talk about how much better he did than Finn.  I will say, while Sam's times were a bit slower (not much), Sam worked that field :)

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