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First Shiner

On Thursday, while sitting in a CLE, I got a call from the school. The call started as follows:  "Mrs. Begley, I want you to know that Sam is okay and that he doesn't have to go to the hospital."  Mrs. Davida then tells me that Sam scraped his eye up playing football. 

The story would have been pretty cool if he was popped in the eye while catching a football.  Nope.  Instead, Sam earned his black eye when he leaned down to pick up the football.  While doing so he hit is face on a concrete column.

Sam's first spelling list.  Oh, and Finn is watching "The Office" in the background.  Finn loves "The Office."


Last week the boys started Upward for 2018.  Everyone came to see Finn and Sam play.  Unfortunately, I had to go to an event and only made it for half of Sam's game.  But . . . from what I have been told, Sam did great.  He made the first 7 baskets for his team.  Sam's team is probably going to be pretty good.  Finn's team on the other hand was quite awful.  I think that they only scored 2 baskets during the entire game. Finn seemed to forget everything he had learned to date and just started chucking balls in the general direction of the goal.

My favorite part of Finn's game was the introduction.  Since it was the first game of the year all of the kids ran out from underneath a big balloon canopy.  When Finn's name was called he ran out with his arms spread out to his side and then started twirling.  Finn has watched a lot of professional basketball and decided that any good entrance required a twirl.  Well, Finn didn't account for the fact that he is not all…

Shoot Out

During the snow break Sam and Finn started watching a YouTube channel where the children dress up in super hero costumes and film short movies.  Sam thought this was awesome and spent the following two days in his Flash costume.

Will is starting to warm up to Sam.  Up until recently Sam and Will mostly ignored each other.  It is precious to see them become buddies.

After days of being stuck inside, Finn and Sam got creative.  They built forts and shot at each other across the laundry room. Will opted instead to eat peanut butter.


Tonight Will started eating with a fork. I can't say that I am surprised.  Will watches us very carefully then copies what we are doing.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

At noon on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Finn and I marched in the Sumner County Martin Luther King, Jr. March.  It was pretty cold - in the 40s for the entire walk.  But considering that we have had several days of weather in the "teens" and snow on top of that, 40 degrees was a welcomed relief.

Some of the younger children spent the morning making signs to carry to during the march.  Finn did not make this sign.  I couple of little girls gave us these signs.

There was  a great turn out.  They closed main street and we walked from City Hall to Gallatin High School.  During the march all of the cars on the opposite side of the road pulled over as we walked by.  I was really glad to be able to do this with Finn.  We were able to talk about the civil rights movement, Martin Luther King, Jr., and the fact that we all have value because we are made in the image of God.

Finn did great during the march.  He didn't complain about the walk or the weather.  What I enjoyed most ab…

Feeling better

After two days of antibiotics Will is feeling much better.  I think that he looks so cute in this outfit.


Will cried all last week.  He wasn't feverish, but we could tell that he felt so bad.  Last Wednesday he screamed and writhed in pain for three hours.  The pediatrician told us to take him to Vanderbilt. 

So, from midnight to 5:00 a.m., Will and I were at Vanderbilt ER.  Even though we were there for 5 hours and seen by two (2) doctors - we didn't learn anything.

The next day we took him back to the pediatrician's office and found out that Will had RSV and a double ear infection.  I am so glad that we spent all night at the ER - NOT!

Snow Weekend

On Thursday evening, we received the text message that the boys' school would be closed for inclement weather.  Our bad weather hit on Friday afternoon and into the evening.  The next morning we had a layer of ice covered by a little bit of snow.  Since it the first snow we have seen in approximately two (2) years, the boys decided to get bundled up and play.

We bundled Will up as well.  Unfortunately, we didn't have any tiny gloves for Will. 

Will was pretty excited.  I let him look out of the window earlier in the day.  He looked so confused when he saw the ground mostly covered with snow.

I loved the way he looked in those big snow boots.

Sam trying to making a snow ball.  This snow didn't pack at all.

Sam making a snow angel.  I asked Sam what he was doing.  He said, "I don't know what it's called, but I know what I am doing."  Good to know Sam.

Next, Michael, Finn and Sam went sledding on the road in front of our house.  Will and I watched from the …

Sam is 6

Today is Sam's sixth birthday.  Church was cancelled due to inclement weather so we spent the morning at home.  Later that day we took Sam to Chuck-E-Cheese to play. Sam loves playing games and was pretty excited to drive.

We also let Will play and ride too.  He was on information overload and spased out for two hours.

Next we went to Texas Roadhouse for his birthday dinner. My kids love steak - so they were very happy to go.  We told the server that it was Sam's birthday so she brought out the saddle and let Sam sit on it.  He was pretty pumped about that saddle. Happy Birthday buddy - we love you.