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Missing Daddy

Today was Michael's first day back to work. Finn and I woke up with him in order to see him off. After Michael left, Finn and I started our morning routine which entails feeding Finn, pumping for later, eating breakfast, and listening to Reba while straigthening up.
Today was also my first day to workout since Finn arrived. Since it would be irresponsible of me to leave him home alone, Finn had to come along. I got him all bundled up, strapped him in the carrier and we went for a brisk walk. When we got back I decided to shower. Finn squalled the entire time I was in the shower. Every so often I would run into the bedroom to see if he was okay and he would immediately stop crying - arrgghh. Finn was not happy in his bassinet so I put him in our bed and put pillows all around him. While I was drying my hair I noticed that Kodiak seemed a little too interested in Finn. When I walked over to them I noticed that Kodiak was playing with Finn's feet. Finn didn't seem phased, but …

Big Yawn

Okay, today was a really boring day. We didn't do anything productive today whatsoever. In fact, I didn't even shower today.
Finn woke up at about 7:30 this morning which was really unfortunate because he didn't bother to go sleep the night before until around 3:00ish. Upon waking up Finn was immediately ready for breakfast. He seriously eats more than any 8 pound human should eat. He has definitely inherited his Mom and Dad's appetite. He was finally finished around 10:00. Now you may be asking how in the world did this child eat for 2 and half hours. Well, I have a theory. I don't think he was eating the whole the time. If he had been, his stomach would explode and we would have an entirely different problem on our hands. After breakfast/brunch, Finn and I rocked in our super deluxe glider for an hour. Then Michael went to Zaxby's to get us some lunch.
After lunch Finn and I took a long (3 hour) nap on the couch. After he woke up, Michael gave him a bottle. I…

The Flip (Sept. 28, 2009)

Today we got up and went for a walk through the neighborhood. Today was a really nice, cool day, so I was really excited to see how Finn would respond to being outside. The minute our feet hit the pavement Finn was sound asleep. He slept really well in the stroller - I accidentally went off road a few times and it didn't phase him.
When we got back from our walk, we took the "its a boy" sign out of the yard. I didn't want that silly sign in the first place, but I was kind of sorry to see it go.
After that we waited for the repair man to come and fix our disposal. Once the repair man came we learned that our disposal wasn't broken after all. The problem all centered around the fact that we (probably I) had dropped a screw down there. It ended up costing us $70 dollars all because we don't have a flashlight.
Next we went to Best Buy to purchase a Flip camcorder. This was Finn's first time inside a store. Usually, he gets to sit in the car while one of us go…

Pa (Sept. 27, 2009)

This morning Finn woke up at 6:30. He slept all the way through the night! Unforunately, he slept through in the night in our bed. I meant to lay down with him while he went to sleep and then transfer him to his bed for the rest of the night. Well, the plan failed miserably! I ended up going to sleep before he did and didn't wake up the entire night - not even to check on him. Whoops . . .

Today Finn met his Pa (Michael's Dad) for the first time! Pa works in Missouri and has not had an opportunity to see Finn yet. Pa, Gran, Uncle David, Uncle James and Sharon brough Finn a wonderful breakfast. Too bad, he is on a strict "liquid" diet. I ate Finn's portion and it was scrumptious! Pa was pretty impressed with Finn and I am pretty sure that Finn felt the same way about Pa.
After breakfast we sat down and watched the Titan's game - Boooooo. It was lousy. While reading Coop's blog I noticed that Coop put on his Titan's gear to bring the Titans luck. Finn at…

Our good buddies the Apedailes (Sept. 26, 2009)

Today was our first Saturday at home - but no cartoons just yet. Finn woke up around 10:00 and we had breakfast. I had cereal and Finn had "milk". After breakfast we scooted around the house for a few hours and then we went to the Apedaile's to drop off food for Sunday School. On our way, me and Michael practiced the song we are going to sing for Chase and Lindsay's wedding. Finn is too little to give us his honest opinion, but if he could, he would tell us we have a lot of practice ahead of us.
Once we got the Apedaile's Finn and his good buddy J.T. (John Thomas) met for the first time. J.T. behaved beautifully - just like a little gentlemen. Finn was less than impressed. He basically started fussing the minute we walked in the house - figures. After visiting for a few minutes Finn started to cry. It was at this point that I realized that I didn't properly pack the diaper bag. We had no changing pad, no milk "to go" and I packed the wrong sized dia…

First trip to Walmart - well sorta

Today Finn and I woke up around 9:00 and had some Finn and Mama time. We ate, we watched Reba (Finn's favorite morning sitcom) and then we went and woke up Daddy. Later on in the day the three of us went to Wal-Mart. This was Finn's first trip to Wal-Mart, kind of. While I was in Wal-Mart getting a new memory card for my camera, Finn and Michael went next door to the Sonic to get happy hour drinks and cheese sticks - fancy!

For the time being Finn loves his carseat - he goes to sleep the minute we put him in it.

When we got back I realized that I had bought the wrong memory card. I made two more trips to Wal-Mart in order to get the correct card. Finn did not accompany me on the subsequent trips. Instead, he stayed home with Michael and played WarCraft.

Later that day Mimi (Michael's grandmother) came and brought Finn's rocker. It is so cute! She used the fabric that is in his room to cover the chair. It is a great rocker - we tried it out last night around 3:00 am.


One week!

Today at 4:44 p.m. Finn officially turned one week old. His poor mother had a good cry when she realized this fact. Finn really isn't any bigger than he was when he left the hospital and he certainly hasn't changed very much, but the week went so fast.
Today, after our morning feeding and changing, Finn decided that he would wear his "baller" shorts that Nana gave him. They were entirely too big on him, but he looked adorable. He especially looked cute up next to his daddy who was dressed strikingly similiarly. Okay, I admit it, I made Michael put on his red "baller" shorts so that I could take a picture. But they do look awfully cute together.
As for Finn's day - he spent much of the day sound asleep on his Mama. I didn't get much done, but I so enjoyed my time with him. We also put Finn in his baby Bjorn. Luckily, he loved it! He curled up and went right to sleep. We also had a few visitors tonight. Darren, Sharon and Jacob came by to bring us din…

Mama's day out/Baby Moses

Well today was very busy for Finn - he slept and he ate - and that's about all. I think he sleeps about 20 hours a day. It is amazing that he is able to sleep at night. Since Finn sleeps so well during the day Michael suggested that I take a few minutes to myself and get out of the house. For my two hours of free time, I chose to go to Babies-R-Us for diaper rash cream and Vaseline. Not exactly the most exciting destination, but I had a ball shopping for baby stuff. When I got home Finn was sound asleep in his swing - go figure.
Being a young parent, you don't know exactly what you will need for your baby - case in point - "something for Finn to sleep in dowstairs." After carrying Finn's bassinet upstairs, we learned that it is impractical to carry it up and down the stairs everyday. So, instead of spending money we decided to improvise. We found a large basket, stuffed a pillow inside, covered it with a blanket and ta-da . . . a baby bed. We joke about the Moses …


Today, we slept until about 11:30. Finn still has his days and nights mixed up so we went to bed around 4:oo a.m. and did not get up until almost noon. After we got up decided to forgo breakfast and instead ate the tacos that Joel and Liz had brought us for dinner. Afterward, Grandpa (Dad) came to visit us. He had been in Kentucky working and decided to stop by on his way home.
Finn had several guests today. The Apedailes stopped by to bring us dinner. I have decided that I need to have more babies immediately so that we can keep the dinners coming. A few hours later Nana and Papa (Mom and Greg) came to visit and Nana brough Finn a "mini-Trash" (insert squeal here). We love mini-Trash! Mini-Trash is floppy eared stuffed rabbit. Finn's cousin Cooper has a "regular sized" Trash. Trash has a great story and one day Aunt Em can tell Finn all about it.
Finn went to bed at 9:00 o'clock tonight and woke up every three hours to eat. I was so impressed with him. W…

Finn's digestive track/first doctor's appointment

Today was Finn's first doctor's appointment. This was also our first trip to town as a family. To celebrate, we decided to stop at the Sonic for some Route 44 drinks. Consequently, we were almost late to Finn's appointment. Great parents, huh.

While in the waiting room at the doctor's office, Michael and I noticed a very odd smell coming from Finn's direction. To our suprise and delight, Finn had a very "healthy" sized bowel movement (we had been worried about him because he did not appear very "regular"). Not only was this BM very "healthy" in size, it also migrated half way up Finn's back. While we were a little nauseated, we were so proud!
As expected, Finn did not really enjoy his check up. We have come to the conclusion that Finn is a very modest baby and does not appreciate his clothes being removed. The first thing they told us upon going into the examination room was to strip Finn down to his diaper. Needless to say, Finn s…