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Christmas at Nana and Papa's 2013

Around 4:00 on Christmas Eve we arrived at Nana and Papa's house for Christmas.   Once there the boys immediately went to the playroom.  They played until dinner was served at 6:00ish.

Dinner was great this year!  Papa bought a panini press and we had delicious sandwiches.  Finn said it was the best grilled cheese he had ever eaten - that is until he tasted the pepper jack cheese.  Sam enjoyed dinner as well - he ate a little bit of everything, shrimp, fruit, cheese, chip and caramel popcorn.

Afters supper the boys all got baths and then we took a few pictures in front of the Christmas Tree.

Next Papa and Nana read the Power Point version of the Christmas Story.  Nana couldn't get through one sentence without Finn interjecting and either correcting Nana or elaborating on the story.  The boys were completely enthralled.

Next it was time for bed.  The boys did their fair share of stalling - but the adults won out in the end.  Em's kids slept together on the air mattress in M…

Christmas with Grandad and Gigi

On Sunday night I took the boys to the interstate exit off of 109 for the exchange.  Grandad and Gigi agreed to take the boys for the night so that I could take down the tree and pack for Hawaii.

We met up with them the next day (Monday, December 23, 2013) at Grandad and Gigi's house. When we arrived supper was ready and the boys were already sitting nicely at the kids' table ready to eat.  After supper we opened presents from Gene and Minnie.  Sam got a Spider Bitz and Finn got a Krang.  They both got superhero bath towels too.

 Sam playing with Hank's new fish game.
 Finn and daddy playing Ninja Turtles.
 The group picture that almost didn't happen.
Sam's new superhero jammies.

Before bed the kids watched a little bit of Despicable Me 2.  Then we put them to bed. Sam slept in the pack-n-play in our room and Finn slept in the bed with me and Michael.  The next morning Michael told me that it was one of worst nights sleep he has ever had.  Finn kept both of us re…