Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Sam has started to smile.  He smiles more at Michael than he smiles at me so it makes it easier to catch his smile on camera.

Finn showing Sam how it's done.  Finn specifically asked me to take this picture. 

As cute as Sam's smile is, this may be my favorite facial expression.

Last night (February 28, 2012) was Sam's first night in his crib.  For the past six weeks we have been sleeping in the den; me on the couch and Sam in the pack-n-play.  He did just fine in his own room.  He woke up at 1:00 and then again at 4:30.  I did pretty good too - I didn't feel all that nervous to leave him alone in his room.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Back To The Grind

Well, maternity leave is officially over.  Luckily I never took a real one so I was not at all behind on any of my work.  This morning I got both of the boys up and got them ready to go to Victoria's.  Everything was going really smoothly until we got in the car.  Finn decided that he did not want to go to JT's house.  He started to cry and asked me to stay home with him.  I felt awful.  He wasn't just doing his typical fussing routine - he was genuinely crying.

When I dropped the boys off Finn clutched to me and cried.  I passed him off and he reached and cried.  I was heartbroken. I thought that I would have a hard time leaving Sam, but that was easy compared to Finn.  Victoria emailed me during the day and told me that Finn was fine within approximately two (2) minutes after I left.  She also told me that Sam was really good. 

First "full day" picture.  I guess this is tantamount to first day of school picture.

I spent the day at home doing "administrative" stuff.  Pretty boring, but necessary.  When I went to pick the boys up Finn met me at the door, jumped into my arms, gave me a big smile and said, "I missed you mommy."  On our way to the car he picked me a flower.  He held it out to me and said, "I picked you a pretty flower mom."  While the sentament was super sweet he didn't actually give me the flower.  He told me that he would save it for me.

New Member at Long Hollow Baptist

Sunday was Sam's first day at church.  Before leaving we took a few pictures to mark the occasion.  The first thing we did when we got to church was drop Finn off.  Sam rode in the Bjorn and Finn held my hand.  I wasn't sure how this would work out because usally I have to pick Finn up and hand him to his Sunday School teacher.  In otherwords, he doesn't go willingly.   Well this time Finn walked right up to the gate and then walked right through into his classroom.  Then he turned around and asked for a kiss and hug.  I gave him one and he said "bye mom."  His teacher told me on the way out that Finn is the sweetest boy and that she loves having him in her class.

Next Sam and I went upstairs to my class.  Sam was good as gold.  He didn't disturb his Father's teaching one time.  He generally slept in the Bjorn.  He took a small bottle and then went straight back to sleep. He seemed to be doing pretty good during the service too - that is until the sermon started.  The second it got quiet Sam got hungry.  We finished the sermon in the nursing room.

After church Chelsea and I went registry shopping while the boys spent the day first at home with Michael and then at Gran's.  While the boys were at Gran's house Michael and I split a triple play at Chili's.

Around 6:30 I went to pick them up.  I asked Finn if he knew what "tonight is" and he said no.  I told him  "OSCAR NIGHT!!!"  I love the Oscars - it is one of my favorite nights of television and always has been.  I remember watching the Oscars as an Elementary school child at Granny and Papa's house.  Anyway, Finn got equally excited and started yelling "its Oscar Night."  It's pretty clear to see that Finn and I are going to be good friends.

The rest of the weekend (Saturday) was pretty relaxed.  Finn played with his toys around the house and Sam sat around and looked sweet in between feedings.  That night we met Brandon and Carissa at the Chop House.  It was funny eating dinner with four (4) kids.  Happily, they were all well behaved. 

When we got home Michael and I watched "The King's Speech" while Sam snuggled up next to me.

Finn using the Nappy Nanny as a ramp for his Cars.

Phraseology of the Finnster:

1. On sickness:  Finn is of the mindset that Sonic drinks can cure a fake stomach ache.  Here's how the scenerio goes:  Finn will take my drink, I will take it back, Finn will whine and then he will say, "my stomachache hurts."  I love the way he says this. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

71 Degrees

Thursday was an exceptionally and unseasonably warm day.  In fact, it was in the 70s.  Michael and Finn went outside to soak up the sun in shorts and t-shirts.  At one point Sam and I went outside to check the mail.  We arrived outside just in time to see Finn run top speed, all the way down the hill to the stop sign, unaccompanied.  Michael was chatting with our neighbor while the Tasmanian Devil went tearing down the street.

There was no way that I could run after him so I watched  as  Michael took off after him.  Thankfully he stopped at the stop sign and didn't run into the road.  As the seconds past I grew more and more nervous.  I guess all that "if you go in the road you will be in big trouble" talk paid off.

These next pictures of Michael and Finn playing in the backyard. 
 Pictures of Finn doing his favorite thing - "being fast."

On Friday Nana came to keep the boys while I was scheduled to be in court.  We had a great afternoon together -we went to Firehouse for some subs and we hung plates in Sam's room. Later in the afternoon I went with Chelsea to meet my sister-in-law Sharon and Chelsea's sister Maddie to do some bridesmaid dress shopping.  I LOVE my dress.  Too bad I look like a house in it.

While I was gone mom stayed with Finn and Sam until Michael got home.  It was during this time that Finn told Nana he loved her.  Mom was holding Sam and Finn ran up to her, hugged her legs and said "I love you."

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shu Todoroki

 Meet our newest member of the family - Shu Todoroki.  Shu Todoroki was Finn's "prize"  for going "poo-poo on the potty"  Here's hoping that he will continue.

Yesterday was President's Day meaning we were all off of work and at home hanging out.   It was a very relaxing day.  Michael and Finn walked two miles around the subdivision and Sam and I rocked.  He was a little needy but I certainly don't mind holding him.

These pictures are of Sam watching none other than Rocky IV.  One of the cable channels has been showing the Rocky movies very regularly so our house has been filled with the sounds of Rocky for the past few weeks.  Sam is pretty sensitive to noise so the movie music really caught his attention.

Last night after dinner Sam and I accidentally took a nap.  Finn decided to join in.  

Sticker Man

Yesterday was my first day back to Sunday School and church.  The nursery will not take babies until they are six months old so I have been home with Sam.  Gran stayed with Sam and we went to church.  I was pretty miserable at the end of the service, but overall it was nice to be back.

When we got back from church we ate lunch with Gran and Chelsea and then we spent the rest of the day vegging.  It was freezing outside, overcast and the perfect day to sit around and hold a baby.


Phraseology of the Finnster:

1. On Vanity:  Last night before going to bed I turned on Mickey Mouse.  We hadn't let Finn watch a whole lot of television that day so he was very excited about watching Mickey.  He jumped up on the couch, gave me a big hug around the neck and yelled, "take our picture Daddy."

2. On Learning Modesty: Yesterday Brandon came over to the house to run with Michael in the backyard.  On his way in the door he handed me a box that was left on the front porch.  It was a nursing bra that I had ordered from  While Brandon and Michael were outside Finn opened the Amazon packaging box and pulled out the box that contained the bra and headed for the back door.  I chased Finn down and took it away from him.  He gave me a disappointed look and said, "I need to show this to Brandon."  That would have been mortifying.

3. On Emotions: Today, while standing in the center of the room, Gran asked Finn a question and his response was, "No, that makes me nervous." Goodness, they are just little sponges.  I wish so badly that I could remember what he was talking about with Gran.

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