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First Day of Whiz Kids

Today was Finn's first day of preschool at Whiz Kids in Lebanon. Knowing Finn as well as we do, we have been "talking school up" all week. We were pretty sure that the first week would be pretty traumatic for our "social butterfly" so we have mentioned how much fun it will be every chance we get.

On Monday I went out and bought a few things to get Finn ready for his big day. I stopped at the "Children's Place" and bought Finn a new pair of jeans (4T) since his 3T's are now ankle waders. After supper we all went to Target to buy a new thermos for Finn's bag. I was so excited to let Finn pick out a thermos. I assumed there would be tons of "character" thermoses for Finn to pick up . . . WRONG.  Instead of a fun thermos we bought a thermos that won't leak.

Before bed we reinforced how excited we were for Finn's first day of pre-school.

Tuesday at 6:00 I was up and getting ready for the day. I had to be in trial by…

Finn's Castle

On Sunday Finn made a big pillow/blanket fort. At first he referred to it as his castle - so manly.
Sam found the "castle" to be a lot of fun too!  This is mostly just a few pictures of the boys playing.

Breakfast in Boots

On Saturday I spent most of the day at church with the other female attorneys that I go to church with.  We did a free a legal clinic for some single moms.  Before leaving for the day, I got the boys up and started breakfast.  Finn told me that his feet were cold and he needed some socks.  Finn put on his dress socks - then he put his snow boots on. Yes we do keep it that cold in our house.

Sam spent the day with Michael and Finn spent the day with Gran.  They went to the circus and then to eat pizza with Joseph, Turner and Walker.  Finn had so much fun.  When he got home we learned that he saw a "big, green dragon."  He ate cotton candy, popcorn and drank lemon-aide.  Before bed we watched the souvenir video from the circus and Finn explained everything to us.

Playing Catch up

It has been a busy work wee for me.  I have been in trial all day everyday so I spent most of my night working after the boys went to bed (the reason I haven't blogged in a while).  Well, I guess it goes without saying that I have been pretty tired.  Unfortunately Finn picked this week as the week that wasn't going to sleep anymore.  Tuesday night Michael was out of town for a hearing so I let Finn sleep with me.  He woke me up every 45 minutes to ask if it was time to get up yet.   At about 3:30 I was ready to body slam him.  At 5:30 he finally fell sound asleep.  It was a shame that I had to get him up an hour later.  I don't see how he functioned that day.   This trend as continued through the week.

On Wednesday night Gigi came to spend the night to keep the boys while I was in court on Thursday.  We ate Pizza and watched Nashville and played with the boys.  It was so nice to get up on Thursday and just leave the house without getting boys up, dressed, fed and packed fo…

Crush Cars

Monday was MLK day - meaning that both Michael and I were home with the boys.  I woke up early with them and Finn and I played with "crush cars."  Finn has been watching YouTube videos on my IPad and came across a video of a dad and son making and playing with crush cars.  I grabbed the aluminum foil and Finn and I made crush cars for an hour.  Basically you just mold the foil around a little car until you get the shape - and then you let the monster trucks crush them up.

After Michael got up I left to do a half day of work.  When I got back Finn and I sat at the kitchen table and played with Play-Doh.  Sam was so upset about the Play-Doh he wanted to play so badly, but we wouldn't let him because he tried to eat it.  His temper tantrum really killed the fun.

Later that evening Michael and I went on our MLK date.  As I have mentioned before we got engaged on MLK weekend in Chicago so to commemorate our engagement we try to spend some time together.  We decided to use ou…

Sam's One Year Appointment

On Thursday Sam had his one year appointment with Dr. Johnson. And of course, I missed most of it because I had to be in court at 9:00. Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be lawyers. I was able to stay for the first little bit, but missed the bulk of it. Poor little Sam got four shots. Michael said that he cried pretty hard at first, but recovered well. At one year Sam weights 25.2 pounds, is 29.5 inches tall and his head circumference is 47.5 centimeters.

As always they warned us that Sam may be a little lethargic after his shots - and was he ever - the next day he took a five (5) hour nap. I had to go in and wake him up or it could've been even longer.

Tonight (Saturday) Sam started talking. Gran came over to check on Finn (Finn is sick with a stomach bug) and Sam just started talking up a storm. Over the past few days I have noticed that Sam seems to be saying "yeah." I will ask him a question and his responds with "yeah." I don't kn…

And the Gift Goes On

On Thursday Finn made a few passing comments about throwing up.  This didn't make sense to me as he seemed to be just fine. When I got home from work late Thursday night Michael told me that Finn had thrown up at JTs. Again he seemed fine so I watched him the rest of the night and when I put him to bed I assumed it was a one time thing.

On Friday, Finn was little bit more subdued. He wanted to sit on the couch and watch movies. Since he was sick the day before I didn't make him get up and play. Other than that, he seemed fine.  That is until bedtime.  Finn was up at least every hour.  At 4:30 I put him in bed with us thinking that he would sleep more soundly.  I don't think that he laid still for more than three seconds at a time (and I am not being sarcastic).  He just couldn't seem to get comfortable.  At 5:30 we made him go back to his bed.  All the next morning he was just a little off.  I left for a few hours to do a couple of home visits.  When he found out t…

Bringing Up Boys

Coming from a house of all girls and having mostly girl cousins I have been had the best time watching my boys do "boy" things. I know that since they are so young that this is just the tip of the iceberg, but I look at as a glimpse of what is to come; for better and assuredly worse.

Example 1:

After supper on Tuesday while I was cleaning up the kitchen I hear a "weazy" little laugh come from the den. I walked in to see Finn and Sam in their first wrestling match. Finn was completely on top of Sam and Sam was laughing as much as his little compressed lungs would allow. I got so tickled at them. I could literally see them at age seven and five doing the same thing. I had to throw in the towel so to speak for poor Sam because he was having too much fun to realize that Finn was probably hurting him.

Example 2:

On the way home from JT's on Wednesday, Finn, out of the blue said, "I farted on JT." I stifled a laugh. Then he said, "and then JT …

Happy Birthday Sam

Monday was Sam's First Birthday.  To celebrate we planned a small party at our house on his actual birthday and invited our friends and family.

I got up early and got ready so that we could get the day started.  First we went to the store to get a few things that I needed for Sam's party.  When we got home the boys played upstairs while I cleaned.

We had a really busy day.  Between the shopping, cooking, cleaning and baths we barely had a minute to breathe.  Sam's party was scheduled to begin at 6:30. Gran and Grandad and Gigi arrived first.  Gran helped me get the food ready while Grandad and Gigi entertained the boys.  We really didn't have a theme for the party but Gran graciously brought cowboys plates.

My friend Samantha and her son Evan were some of the first guests to arrive.  Sam and Evan played in the floor together.  Sam, unlike Finn, really enjoys being around other babies.

The other guest arrived in one large clump a few minutes later.  We had a really g…