Tuesday, January 29, 2013

First Day of Whiz Kids

Today was Finn's first day of preschool at Whiz Kids in Lebanon. Knowing Finn as well as we do, we have been "talking school up" all week. We were pretty sure that the first week would be pretty traumatic for our "social butterfly" so we have mentioned how much fun it will be every chance we get.

On Monday I went out and bought a few things to get Finn ready for his big day. I stopped at the "Children's Place" and bought Finn a new pair of jeans (4T) since his 3T's are now ankle waders. After supper we all went to Target to buy a new thermos for Finn's bag. I was so excited to let Finn pick out a thermos. I assumed there would be tons of "character" thermoses for Finn to pick up . . . WRONG.  Instead of a fun thermos we bought a thermos that won't leak.

Before bed we reinforced how excited we were for Finn's first day of pre-school.

Tuesday at 6:00 I was up and getting ready for the day. I had to be in trial by 9:00 in Gallatin, so Finn and I needed to leave the house by 7:00 in order to give me plenty of time to get Finn to school and get me to court without getting a reprimand.  Finn was pretty excited about getting his backpack ready.  He made sure that I packed the "string cheese" and his new thermos.  He wasn't as worried about the apples.  I also threw in a fresh pair of underwear and clean pants, just in case the day turned out to be traumatic - catch my drift?  Before leaving, we took the honorary "First Day" pictures.

I asked Finn to turn to the side so that I could see his backpack.  In the picture below I asked him to look over his shoulder.  His "direction following" while it leaves much to desired, is certainly precious.

Next it was time to drive to school. First Finn had a speaker phone call with Nana. He mentioned that after school he was going to go her her house. The rest of the way he jammed out to the "Game of Thrones" opening theme. It takes about 40 minutes to get to school from our house. When we were about 2 minutes from pulling into the parking lot Finn made a comment about how many cars there were on the road. He then said, "I think we need to go home and tell daddy." Nice stall tactic Finn. I told him "no" and that we were almost at school. He asked me if I would go with him. I told him that I would go in but that I couldn't stay the whole time. He looked pretty sad, but said fairly cheerfully, "you will come in for a few minutes though?"

We arrived a little before 8:00. There were already a few children sitting nicely inside playing. Finn's teacher Ms. Wanda greeted us at the door. As expected, Finn stayed very close to me. He acted nervous, but not scared. As I was filling out the paperwork Finn asked the helper if she wanted to see what was in his "James bag"?  (He is so proud of the contents of that bag)  He proceeds to pull his underwear out the bag and hold it high for all to see. I gracefully put his underwear back in his bag. Ms. Wanda then showed Finn his cubby and showed him how to hang his bag inside. Finn did so without incident.

Next it was time for me to leave. I told Finn "good-bye" and assured him that he was going to have a great day. He gave me the sweetest look. He looked so sad, but he didn't cry. I guess I could define it as "putting a brave face on." He was certainly unsure of school, but he seemed to know that this was big day and that he was going to make the best of it. He slowly and deliberately told me "I love you so much mom." Then he took Ms. Wanda's hand and they walked over to wear the other children were sitting. I snuck out as he was walking away. I was so proud of Finn - he didn't shed one tear (that I saw anyway).

Since I was in court Gran picked Finn up and got the scoop from Ms. Wanda on Finn's first day. First he had a short assessment. Finn is developmentally on target. He recognized all of the colors, he passed his counting test, he recognized and could identify, five out of six letter (he correctly identifed the letters O, F, A, X, and T. He missed the letter B), He correctly identified all shapes except for "trapezoid" and "cresent", he traced his name, a circle a few lines and finally he correctly identified all the pictures of action words, hiking, blowing, swimming, painting, pouring, walking, clapping.

Next it was time for pictures! To our great surprise, today was picture day at Whiz Kids, so I will have a nice school day picture to remember the day.

After having their pictures taken the kids had a presentation on cameras and how to use them. Additionally, Finn had is first tutorial on the IPad and played with legos (which he professed to be his favorite).

Ms. Wanda did ask that I pack Finn a heavier snack. Finn ate his apples and his cheese, but complained of being hungry. Ms. Wanda said that for 30 minutes Finn told her how hungry he was. School ends at 11:00, so I assumed he wouldn't need a lot because he would eat lunch after school. Well, I was wrong. In order to appease Finn's rather loud tummy, Ms. Wanda gave Finn some of her snacks. When Gran arrived, the first thing Finn said was, "I'm hungry." Finn ate a cheeseburger, fries and a frosty from Wendy's.

Gran told me that Finn was well behaved and that he didn't cry at all. I am so proud of Finn. He told me when he got home that he wanted to go back.


Finn's Castle

On Sunday Finn made a big pillow/blanket fort. At first he referred to it as his castle - so manly.
Sam found the "castle" to be a lot of fun too!  This is mostly just a few pictures of the boys playing.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Breakfast in Boots

On Saturday I spent most of the day at church with the other female attorneys that I go to church with.  We did a free a legal clinic for some single moms.  Before leaving for the day, I got the boys up and started breakfast.  Finn told me that his feet were cold and he needed some socks.  Finn put on his dress socks - then he put his snow boots on. Yes we do keep it that cold in our house.

Sam spent the day with Michael and Finn spent the day with Gran.  They went to the circus and then to eat pizza with Joseph, Turner and Walker.  Finn had so much fun.  When he got home we learned that he saw a "big, green dragon."  He ate cotton candy, popcorn and drank lemon-aide.  Before bed we watched the souvenir video from the circus and Finn explained everything to us. 

Playing Catch up

It has been a busy work wee for me.  I have been in trial all day everyday so I spent most of my night working after the boys went to bed (the reason I haven't blogged in a while).  Well, I guess it goes without saying that I have been pretty tired.  Unfortunately Finn picked this week as the week that wasn't going to sleep anymore.  Tuesday night Michael was out of town for a hearing so I let Finn sleep with me.  He woke me up every 45 minutes to ask if it was time to get up yet.   At about 3:30 I was ready to body slam him.  At 5:30 he finally fell sound asleep.  It was a shame that I had to get him up an hour later.  I don't see how he functioned that day.   This trend as continued through the week.

On Wednesday night Gigi came to spend the night to keep the boys while I was in court on Thursday.  We ate Pizza and watched Nashville and played with the boys.  It was so nice to get up on Thursday and just leave the house without getting boys up, dressed, fed and packed for the day.  When I got home Finn was not feeling well again.  Gigi had fixed spaghetti and we all ate before she went home.

On Tuesday night I was playing with Finn in his room.  He wanted to play "going to JT's house" so he told me that I needed to get my socks on.  I asked him to put them on for me.  He tried everything in his power to get my socks on.  He struggled for several minutes before giving up.  He then told me that I could go to JT's without socks.  I refused.  Exasperated he put his hands on his hips and stomped before trying again with no success.  Then you could see an idea cross his face.  He said, "mom, we are going to the beach - we don't wear socks to the beach."  He thought he had outsmarted me (which he had).  But again I refused.  He took a long look at me, dropped the sock on the floor and walked out of the room without saying a word.  The entire exchange to me was really funny.  It is probably one of those times that you just had to be there. 

Crush Cars

Monday was MLK day - meaning that both Michael and I were home with the boys.  I woke up early with them and Finn and I played with "crush cars."  Finn has been watching YouTube videos on my IPad and came across a video of a dad and son making and playing with crush cars.  I grabbed the aluminum foil and Finn and I made crush cars for an hour.  Basically you just mold the foil around a little car until you get the shape - and then you let the monster trucks crush them up.

After Michael got up I left to do a half day of work.  When I got back Finn and I sat at the kitchen table and played with Play-Doh.  Sam was so upset about the Play-Doh he wanted to play so badly, but we wouldn't let him because he tried to eat it.  His temper tantrum really killed the fun.

Later that evening Michael and I went on our MLK date.  As I have mentioned before we got engaged on MLK weekend in Chicago so to commemorate our engagement we try to spend some time together.  We decided to use our Groupon and go to Fulins.  Nothing better than a cheap date.

We of course had homemade blizzards and watched the Bachelor.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sam's One Year Appointment

On Thursday Sam had his one year appointment with Dr. Johnson. And of course, I missed most of it because I had to be in court at 9:00. Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be lawyers. I was able to stay for the first little bit, but missed the bulk of it. Poor little Sam got four shots. Michael said that he cried pretty hard at first, but recovered well. At one year Sam weights 25.2 pounds, is 29.5 inches tall and his head circumference is 47.5 centimeters.

As always they warned us that Sam may be a little lethargic after his shots - and was he ever - the next day he took a five (5) hour nap. I had to go in and wake him up or it could've been even longer.

Tonight (Saturday) Sam started talking. Gran came over to check on Finn (Finn is sick with a stomach bug) and Sam just started talking up a storm. Over the past few days I have noticed that Sam seems to be saying "yeah." I will ask him a question and his responds with "yeah." I don't know if it is coincidence or not, but I think that he IS trying to respond to my questions.

Well tonight, Sam said "all done" when Gran was feeding him - it sounded more like "ah da." He signed too. Then out of nowhere he copied me saying "mama." For the first time he said "mama" while he was happy. I even got it on video! Then he said "dada." When Gran left he attempted to say "bye." It turned out sounding like "bu bu." He was really only making the "b" sound but he was waving too. I told Gran that I need to move her in with us because Sam has never attempted so many words. Now I don't want to give anyone the impression that we don't work with Sam. I am constantly saying "mama" "bites" "more" "daddy" "Finn." I really do talk to him and so does Michael. But there is just something about Gran - he really pulls it out of him. After she left I went threw more words with Sam. He can make the "p" sound - so "papa" and "pa" may not be too far away.

And the Gift Goes On

On Thursday Finn made a few passing comments about throwing up.  This didn't make sense to me as he seemed to be just fine. When I got home from work late Thursday night Michael told me that Finn had thrown up at JTs. Again he seemed fine so I watched him the rest of the night and when I put him to bed I assumed it was a one time thing.

On Friday, Finn was little bit more subdued. He wanted to sit on the couch and watch movies. Since he was sick the day before I didn't make him get up and play. Other than that, he seemed fine.  That is until bedtime.  Finn was up at least every hour.  At 4:30 I put him in bed with us thinking that he would sleep more soundly.  I don't think that he laid still for more than three seconds at a time (and I am not being sarcastic).  He just couldn't seem to get comfortable.  At 5:30 we made him go back to his bed.  All the next morning he was just a little off.  I left for a few hours to do a couple of home visits.  When he found out that I was leaving he completely lost it.  I have never seem him cry that hard over me  leaving.  It made me feel terrible. When I got home I tried to take a nap with him but he couldn't lay still and just kept telling me that his tummy hurt.  About an hour later Finn was just laying in the floor, rocking from side to side, holding his tummy and crying.  He just kept saying over and over, "my tummy."  I felt so sorry for him.  I asked him he felt like he was going to throw up and he said "no."  Then I worried that he had a ulcer or his appendix ruptured.  I have just never seem him so miserable. I had to go to the store to pick a few things up and Finn told me that he wanted to go too.  On our way out the door Finn threw up everywhere.  I was so relieved - and so was he.  He kept telling me how much better he felt.

That lasted all of thirty minutes.  He didn't throw up again, but the entire time we were at the store, Finn was whining "tummy."  He wouldn't sit in the buggy so I was pushing the buggy with one hand and holding him with the other, all the while praying that Finn didn't throw up in the store. 

When we got home Finn did nothing the rest of the night but lay on the couch.  He had absolutely no energy.  Finn hasn't been sick very often and I am not used to seeing him so lifeless.  I was pretty awful.   I guess I should prepare for Sam to get it too.

Bringing Up Boys

Coming from a house of all girls and having mostly girl cousins I have been had the best time watching my boys do "boy" things. I know that since they are so young that this is just the tip of the iceberg, but I look at as a glimpse of what is to come; for better and assuredly worse.

Example 1:

After supper on Tuesday while I was cleaning up the kitchen I hear a "weazy" little laugh come from the den. I walked in to see Finn and Sam in their first wrestling match. Finn was completely on top of Sam and Sam was laughing as much as his little compressed lungs would allow. I got so tickled at them. I could literally see them at age seven and five doing the same thing. I had to throw in the towel so to speak for poor Sam because he was having too much fun to realize that Finn was probably hurting him.

Example 2:

On the way home from JT's on Wednesday, Finn, out of the blue said, "I farted on JT." I stifled a laugh. Then he said, "and then JT farted on me." Little boys must be able to pass gas on command.

Example 3:

On Wednesday night before giving the boys their bath, Finn asked me if he could use the potty standing up. I helped him get in the optimal position for precision and then he started. Since I had two hands on Finn (helping him balance) I failed to notice that Sam was quickly approaching. Next thing I knew a little set of hands were darting in and out of Finn's "stream." Lesson learned.

I do love having boys.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Sam

Monday was Sam's First Birthday.  To celebrate we planned a small party at our house on his actual birthday and invited our friends and family.

I got up early and got ready so that we could get the day started.  First we went to the store to get a few things that I needed for Sam's party.  When we got home the boys played upstairs while I cleaned.

We had a really busy day.  Between the shopping, cooking, cleaning and baths we barely had a minute to breathe.  Sam's party was scheduled to begin at 6:30. Gran and Grandad and Gigi arrived first.  Gran helped me get the food ready while Grandad and Gigi entertained the boys.  We really didn't have a theme for the party but Gran graciously brought cowboys plates.

My friend Samantha and her son Evan were some of the first guests to arrive.  Sam and Evan played in the floor together.  Sam, unlike Finn, really enjoys being around other babies.

The other guest arrived in one large clump a few minutes later.  We had a really great turnout despite the weather (we had freezing rain).   In attendance were: Nana, Papa, Emily, Zac, Cooper, Hank, Grandad, Gigi, Gran, Chelsea, Carissa, Brandon, Addison, Ella, John, Victoria, JT, Lindsey, Anna, Roger, Madeline, Caroline, Samantha and Evan.

Next we served dinner.  We decided to on pizzas from "Papa Murphey's."  Gran brought a salad and vegetable plate,  and we made buffalo chicken dip.  Sam ate an entire piece of pizza.  After eating his I think he may have bummed some more from Lindsey.

I love this picture.  We all gathered for a family group picture - and without missing a beat JT jumped in.

Next we opened up the presents. Sam had lots of help opening his gifts. Sam's gifts were wonderful - thank you to everyone!  To name a few he got clothes from Grandad and Gigi, blocks from the Ponds, cars and gift card from Em and her boys, a Titan's pillow person from JT, a triceratops stuffed animal from Evan (which I am tempted to sleep with it is so comfortable), a balls activity center from Gran, Gene and Minnie got him a balls activity center too and a Veggie Tales movie, a Batman t-shirt along with a sweater and matching pants and jean from Uncle James and Aunt Chelsea, a vibrating elephant from Nana and Papa.

The last gift that Sam opened was a storage bench from Nana and Papa.  I picked it out for him - I love that I can still pick out things that "I" really want him to have.  He explored the bench pretty thoroughly.  First he explored the top of the bench  . . . .

 Then he explored the inside  . . .

 Next it was time for cake.

I brought the cake into the living room and we sang to Sam while he was sitting on his bench.  This is a picture of Michael catching Sam as he was leaning into the cake.

We gave Sam in the first piece of cake and he tore into it like beast.  In all he ended up eating two pieces.  His second piece was a bit smaller.  Eating cake was Sam's favorite activity of the entire night.  He was pretty tired and fussy around the time the party began, but perked right up when the cake was served.

Trying to figure out the best way to approach this.

Gran brought this hat for Sam to wear since it matched his cowboy plates.  We were only able to get him to wear for a few seconds at a time before he shook it off. 


Sam was not the only little boy that enjoyed cake.

Some of our other "party people."  Thank you to everyone who sent pictures and took pictures with my camera.  I don't think that I was able to take more than a couple on my own.

Papa gest the "best sport" award for the night.  He played with Finn and the other kids in the play room for a long time.  I went upstairs at one point and saw Papa getting piled.  Later in the evening I asked Finn if he had a good time playing with his friends.  He said "yes." I asked who he like playing with the best and named all the kids at the party.  Finn said, "Papa."

After everyone left Gran and Chelsea stayed to help us clean up.  Thank you Gran for helping so much with the party - it was a huge help.  

Next we gave Sam the present that we got for him.  His big present was his car seat (exciting), but I got him a little, tiny, soft puppy that walks.  I thought he would love it.  He was a little scared of it actually. 

Happy Birthday Sam - we love you.

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