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Model Behavior

Today Finn went to work with his dad. Well, he went to the parking lot where his dad works to meet his Aunt Em and his Cousin Cooper. The purpose of said meeting was to propel Finn one step closer to his dream of becoming a male model. That's right - Finn had his first photo shoot today and just like any model worth his salt he was demanding, stubborn, emotional and refused to work his co-model (looks like someone has been watching a bit too much reality TV). We have been preparing for this shoot for a couple of days. I bought Finn a new outfit which will double as his Easter outfit. The outfit in the pictures above is not his Easter outfit. I put him in his play clothes just in case he pulled a Finn. Originally I wasn't going to be able to watch because I thought I would have to be in court. Luckily, General Sessions was cancelled this week so I drove down to Murfreesboro to watch the fiasco. When I first got there I found MJ holding Finn. I quickly learned that Finn refused …

The outfit that wasn't

This is a picture of Finn watching Beauty and the Beast. I love watching him watch TV - especially sitting up on the floor. He really likes Beauty and the Beast; I think it all has to do with the singing. I may have a little choir nerd on my hands after all. A boy after his mother's own heart.

Today, I bought Finn his first Easter outfit. It is a pale blue romper with a plaid collar. While at Belk I saw this really cute sleeveless romper with a fish on it with matching sandals. The biggest size they had was a 6-9 months (Nursery Rhyme - my favorite baby brand - only goes up to 9 months). It looked too small for him in the store, but I bought it anyway just in case. When I got home we had a mini fashion show and much to my surprise it fit. The only problem is it fits right this minute. This is a very summery outfit and I doubt that it will fit in mid-June. It is a bit too pricey to just sit in his closet, so, I am going to take it back. But before I do I wanted to get …

Got a Little Captain in You?

Today was a big day for the Finnster. First, we went to David and Sharon's couples shower. Finn spent most of the shower attacking the tissue paper and playing with Zoe. At least it kept him happy.

After the shower, we took Finn outside and let him play in the grass. We have Bermuda grass, meaning it is not very soft and extremely prickly. Finn didn't like standing in it because it pricked his feet. Every time we tried to stand Finn up in the grass he would automatically pick up one foot. He reminds me of the Captain from those Captain Morgan commercials.

Check out my two favorite boys posing for the camera. Super masculine honey!

Finn also played with Kodiak. Kodiak normally likes to play outside but today he was terrified of the great outdoors - so Finn was forced to play with Kodiak through the screen.

After burning some calories outside (yeah right) Finn was ready for some lunch. First we had a few spoonfuls of chicken, or as I like to call it "Kitty Delight.…

My Girly Man

I ask you, does this in anyway look like a girl?

I love being self employed! I was able to spend the entire day with Finn! We woke up at 7:30 (yes, he slept until 7:30) and then Finn spent the rest of the day clinging to me as if his very existence depended on it. I am not sure if he was feeling a little insecure from being at the hospital all day yesterday, but he was very clingy. I would attempt to put him down and he would pull his little feet underneath him. If I actually put him down he would cry huge crocodile tears. He even cried when I pulled him away from my body to switch him from one hip to the other. I guess we was terrified that I would put him down
Finn was also called a girl twice today - twice. I couldn't believe it. The first time was at Krystals. Finn and I met Michael for lunch. During lunch a guy behind us said, "wow, she's cute." Then at Wal-Mart, a woman looked at Finn and "the air conditioner is making her hair blow around." I was in n…

3D Scan

Today was a very big day for the Finnster. Last week we found out that the plates in Finn's head were fused together. Today we took Finn back to Vanderbilt for his 3D scan. Finn's scan was at 1:00 today; however, we were not allowed to feed him after 8:30. I was really dreading these few hours because Finn doesn't take too kindly to not being fed. Luckily he great! He threw a huge fit around 9:00 so I gave him to Michael and they watched Sesame Street. Once we got his mind off of eating it was smooth sailing.

At around 12:30 we arrived at Vanderbilt. We were immediately taken back to radiology where Finn was prepared for his scan. His prep room had a little crib, a rocking chair and a regular chair.

Next, Finn met his nurse. He was very suspicious of her. He never cried, but he was very quiet and watched her very closely as she wrapped the monitor around his toe.

Finn was perplexed by this monitor. He studied it for a while - that is until he decided . . .

. . . to pull it off…

Converting the stroller

This is a picture of the first time Finn rode in his stroller . . . . The next picture is of Finn the first time he rode face forward in his stroller. Good grief he has grown!

Finn is now big enough it sit facing forward in his stroller. He was a little mad when I first put him in it, but he straightened right up after we started walking. I was excited at first, but quickly grew bored of the new stroller set up real quick because I can't look at Finn while we are walking - Darn.
After we got back Finn started showing some interest in Granny Martha's Mt. LeConte picture. It looks like Finn is going to need Mt. LeConte picture as well.
Last night was fairly typical, that is until we put Finn to bed. He uncharacteristically woke up at midnight and couldn't go back to sleep. After crying for 30 minutes I got him up and fed him. He wasn't interested in eating, but instead spent most of the time knawing on his fists. I do believe he is teething. At 4:00 we had the same situa…

Finn's new laptop

Today I took Finn to Sunday School with me. Ever since I found out that he will need surgery I have felt very protective of him and I didn't want to leave him in the nursery. I know that I am going to have to get over it, but I don't want to think about that right now - I'll think about it tomorrow.
Finn was not incredibly well behaved today in Sunday School - he ate my entire lesson. Granted it was only one page, but he ate in nonetheless. Every so often Victoria would pull chewed up pieces of paper out of his mouth. The lactation room was a bit difficult today too. I am usually in there by myself, but today we had company. This little girl kept watching me nurse Finn all the while letting me know that she had sullied her tights and showing me her underwear. I also accidentally fell asleep in there and missed some of the service. After church, we went back to Kroger to get the milk that I had forgotten the day before. This was a great trip because Finn rode in the fr…

Teething Biscuits

One word - GROSS. No one warned me how disgusting these things are. Finn had it all over his face, his hands, his legs, his clothes and my couch. At least he enjoyed them.
Today was a busy day. I woke up early and drove to Cool Springs to pick up the new rug for my office. Next, Michael and Finn met me at the office to help me situate the rug. Afterwards Finn and I went to the new Kroger to grocery shop. (FYI MJ, they carry the BeechNut brand baby food). While there we went to the meat counter to visit Uncle James. I feel fairly certain that I am not going to be able to shop at this store very often because I spend way, way too much money. This Kroger has everything - including a home store! It's comparable to the best Wal Mart you can imagine. I went in for a few things and came out with a piece of furniture for my office. (It was nice and cheap!) Anyway, later that night we three went to Brandon and Carissa's to cook steaks. Since Brandon and Carissa live in our neigh…

The Copycat

I never put much stock in the idea that children watch their parents and adopt their parent's interests as their own. Well, I was wrong. Even though Finn is only six (6) months old we are noticing that he is very interested in the things we "play" with everyday, i.e., the computer keyboard, the remote control, and sonic cups. Sure says a lot about me and Michael. It would certainly be better if Finn were reaching for water bottles and the Bible. Michael and I always have a large Styrofoam Sonic cup sitting around. The other day Finn was showing some special interest in my sonic drink. I let him put the tip of the straw in his mouth thinking that he would just chew on it. Nope - Finn figured out how to sip from the straw. Before I knew it he had Diet Vanilla Coke running out of his mouth and all down the front of his shirt.

Six Months Old

Today Finn is six (6) months old. I can't believe that he has been with me for six months. Today was also St. Patrick's Day so I made sure to put Finn in something green. I certainly didn't want Finn to get pinched on his first St. Patrick's day.
This morning Finn went to visit his cousin Coop's old stomping grounds. We went to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital for an X-ray of Finn's skull. Yesterday Finn had his six (6) month well baby checkup. He now weights 22 pounds and is 27 inches long. Finn had a pretty good check up. She told us to put hydrocortizone cream on his face to help with the redness and chapping of his checks. We learned that Finn is developing well, but Dr. Thompson was concerned about the shape of Finn's head. She was further concerned with the fact that his soft spot is growing or has grown together too quickly. Just as a precaution she had us go get Finn x-rayed.
So, at 8:00 this morning we took Finn to have an X-ray. Finn has learned…