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Winnie the "Poop"

Today Finn made an enormous mess. I was sitting in my lovely glider rocking Finn and all of a sudden I felt something very warm on my stomach and legs. I immediately knew what had happened so I rushed across the room to Finn's changing table. When I got to the changing table I noticed he did not have anything on his Winnie the Poo outfit. What was even more peculiar was that he did not have any reminisce of "poo" in his diaper either. Instead it was all over me and worse, all over my glider! (The video refers to the couch - but rest assured, it was the glider). Anyone who knows me knows that I HAD to have this glider (it is the thrown of all gliders). So you can imagine my horror when I discovered poo all over it. Luckily I was able to clean it up with no casualties. Finn, the glider and I made it out relatively unscathed.

After our hectic morning Finn and I met Michael for lunch at Chili's. When we got to Chili's Finn started to get fussy so I started digging for…

Fannie and the Finnster (October 28, 2009)

Long before Finn arrived I had another love in my life - my cat Fannie Mae. I got Fannie when I was 20 years old and even though she is not the ideal pet (extremely prideful, gets mad and refuses to use her litter box, is afraid of her own shadow, not nice to visitors, and has been diagnosed with depression and schizophrenia) I love her unconditionally. Fannie is a very jealous cat. She doesn't like anything or anyone that she sees as competition. Knowing Fannie as well as we do we knew that she would be less than fond of Finn. As predicted, the day we brought Finn home she walked right up to him, gave him a sniff and started hissing at him. After that brief encounter Fannie and Finn stayed in different rooms. It took almost a month for Fannie to even agree to exist in the same room as Finn. Because I spend so much time with Finn, and Fannie has refused to be around Finn, Fannie and I have not spent any time together. As such Fannie has not had her daily dose of attention and affe…

Holding my head up (October 27, 2009)

Okay, so Finn's crying at Michael yesterday was a fluke. When Michael got home from work today Finn was so happy to see him! He just grinned that huge sweet grin.

Finn has also made quite a few developments this week. First, he is making cute baby noises. Up until this point the only sounds he made where whiny sounds indicating that he was hungry. But this week he has started making happy sounds - especially when he smiles. Second, Finn has become an old pro at holding his head up. He can hold his head steady for almost a minute now! It is so funny when he starts to get tired because his head bobs around like a bobble head doll. Third, he has kind of learned to suck his thumb. Okay, he really hasn't really learned to suck his thumb. Instead, when I saw that he had this thumb close to his mouth I shoved the rest of the way in and snapped the picture really quick.

Wide awake (October 26, 2009)

Today Finn did not sleep at all. Usually he takes several naps during the day, but today he slept all of 30 minutes until he went to bed for the evening at 9:00. He didn't even fall asleep in his stroller today - he always falls asleep in his stroller. I don't really mind because I get to spend more time with him, but I really don't get anything done during the day.
We are both always happy to see Michael when he gets home in the afternoon. I want to talk to someone who can talk back and Finn seems happy to look at another face other than mine. Well today was very different! When Michael got home he came over to talk to Finn. The minute Finn saw him he started crying. It was weird because he was in a great mood just seconds before. At first I thought it was just a coincidence, but every time Michael would walk away from Finn he would calm down and the minute he would get closer Finn would cry again. It was so funny. (I still think it is coincidental).
Finn also received so…

Mt. LeConte (October 25, 2009)

This weekend Finn received a present from his Nana and Papa - it is a Great Smoky Mountain T-shirt with bears on it. Finn clearly loves his shirt. The plan is to have Finn wear it the first time he goes to Mt. LeConte - which will have to be soon because the shirt is a size "12 months." Finn's Momma is hoping to take him up strapped on her back much like his second cousin Megan did 18 years ago. We will have to clear it with Daddy first though. Papa Bruce will be so happy that his great grandchildren are going to LeConte. You certainly cannot be a member of the Vaughn family without going to LeConte.
Today was really cold so we bundled Finn up for church. As expected Finn got hungry during service, but I didn't want to take his hoodie off so I put the bib on over his hoodie. He looked ridiculous so I had to take a picture. Finn has such a cruel Momma.
Finn learned how to pull hair his afternoon. While he was eating he reached up and grabbed a handful of my hair and ya…

I Love My Mummy

Today Finn hung out with his cousin Cooper. Both boys lounged around the house in their Halloween themed onsies that GiGi gave them. Finn's onsie read "I Love My Mummy" while Coop's read "I Go Batty Over You." Get it . . . bats, mummies, you know spooky Halloween stuff. Finn and Coop have also learned to fist pump - see picture above. They are well on their ways to telling lame jokes and calling each other "dude."
After leaving Dad's we had to stop by Michael's office and pick up our other car. When we got to the parking lot we had to change a flat tire. That was not very fun because it was pitch dark, cold and Finn screamed the whole time. Not to mention we were changing a tire in a dark, empty parking lot in a less than stellar part of Nashville. We were sitting ducks.
Once we got home Finn took a bath in the big bath with daddy. He loves the big bath tub. I took pictures, but I can't post them for obvious reasons.

Sleep over at Grandad's and GiGi's (0ctober 23, 2009)

Finn is official! Finn received a letter in the mail informing him that he has a social security number. Congratulations Son, now you too can be the victim of identity theft. The letter was address to Mr. Griffin Thomas Begley. It was a little wierd seeing mail addressed to Finn. Today he is receiving mail from the Government and before you know it he will be receiving calls from girls. I don't know which is worse.
Today Finn, Michael and I went to Tullahoma for Dad's birthday. After a long morning Finn and I picked Michael up at his office and then made our way to Dad's house. Once we got to Dad's we all ate hamburgers and then Finn played in the floor.
Tonight was first for both me and Finn . . . Finn spent the entire night away from me in Dad's room. Dad and Gina offered to keep Finn in their room for the evening. I must admit that I was a little nervous at first (he has never spent the night without me), but since I had my pump with me I thought it might be a g…

Wednesday/Thursday (October 22, 2009)

The purpose of this blog was to document everything Finn does everyday. Well . . . some days Finn is rather boring. Wednesday and Today happened to be two of his more boring days so I decided to combine them.
Wednesday was the first day I was able to go back to Wednesday night church. Since Michael played basketball, Finn spent some time with Gran.
Today Finn woke up around 5:45 so I decided to go ahead and stay up and workout. During the day Finn and I went shopping and then went to Tonya's house for lunch. Later that night we went to bible study. Afterwards Michael decided to put Kodiak in Finn's swing and turned the swing on has fast it would go. We both thought that Kodiak would freak out and jump out of the swing immediately. To our surprise Kodiak really liked the swing. I think that Finn has some competition.
This is a really boring post.

Hungry Boy

Finn is a big eater. He eats between 5 and 6 oz. every two hours during the day and every three to four hours during the night. In order to give myself a break I pump and give him a bottle at night and sometimes during the day. However, I have noticed that Finn is pretty fussy after he eats. He never used to be fussy after eating so I think the bottles are giving him gas. So, its back to the way nature intended it at least until I have had ample time to test my theory. The best part about Finn being funny is his facial expressions right before he eats. It is so funny. I have also noticed that Finn is starting to get some baby fat - YAY! Just take a look at that tummy.
Today was a fairly unremarkable day. We took a long walk in the stroller (which about killed me - I hate being out of shape) and then we went to Kroger. After dinner Finn hung out with Daddy in the floor.

Our new bath chair

Today Finn took a bath in the big bathtub. Michael was out of town and I couldn't bathe him by myself in the sink so I pulled out the bath chair and we took a bath. I tried to take some film of Finn in the tub, but the lens kept fogging up. I did manage to get take some film, but I can't put it on the Internet. He really seemed to like the bath chair. He sat in it for a long time without fussing. He old began to fuss when I put lotion on him - he hates lotion.
Finn has turned into a real baby meaning he cries and spits up now. He used to hardly ever cry - he would only cry when he was hungry. Now he seems to cry every time he wakes up. He doesn't cry long, but he does cry more often. Don't let the picture fool you Finn has the ability to be a bloody terror! He has also become a messy eater. I actually and foolishly believed that I would not have to use a bib with Finn because he did so well the first three weeks - wrong. Now when he eats milk runs down his neck, onto h…

"Look Ma, two hands!"

Today Finn held his bottle by himself. I am sure that it was fluke and that he won't do it again until he is older, but it was surprizing to see. It happened when I was feeding him after church. I was giving him his bottle and I noticed him struggling with my hands. Finally he pushed my hand away, put both hands on his bottle and finished the whole thing. He turns one month and one day and he thinks he doesn't need me anymore - we will see about that! Today was also Finn's first day in "Big Church" with Me and Michael. When we arrived at church he was asleep. He did really good during the singing, but got fussy once the preaching started. In order to keep him calm and quiet I gave him a bottle - this allowed us to stay for the rest of the sermon. I did have to take him out during the offertory because the drums scared him to death and he screamed. Luckily the music drowned out the screaming.

One Month Old (October 17, 2009)

Today Finn is a month old. I am so happy and thankful that he is growing, but his one month birthday is bittersweet because the month has gone so fast. Emily told me that every month on the 17th she is a little sad because Cooper is getting older (Cooper was born on December 17, 2008 and Finn was born on September 17, 2009). It is nice that the two of us can feel a little sad together.

You may ask, what did we get Finn for his birthday - a bump on the head. While Finn was swinging, Michael heard a noise and noticed that Finn was crying. When he went to check on him he saw that the mobile on Finn's swing had fallen on his face. Oops. Thank goodness this one wasn't our fault. Luckily Finn was fine.

For Finn's one month birthday we took him to Crackel Barrel where we ate lunch with our friends Greg, Shelley and Macey T. It was freezing today so we bundled Finn up in his hat and socks and went to town. After lunch Greg, Shelley and Macey T came by to pick up the Lord of the Ri…