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Boo at the Zoo 2016

Last Friday night we met Gran, Chelsea, James, and Cade the Zoo for "Boo at the Zoo."

The boys went as "the Flash," "Leonardo," and "Superman." 

Will didn't make a peep the whole evening.  He really seems to like the baby carrier.


When Will was born, Gran took the boys to purchase a LUV (pronounced LOVEY).  Finn, Sam, Henry and Cade's names are all embroidered on the LUV.  Just recently Will has taken a fancy to it.

This is will watching WWE with his brothers.

Visit with Gene and Minnie

Last Thursday Gigi, Gene and Minnie picked Finn and Sam up from school and then came over to visit with Will.

Will was pretty happy!

Mr. Gene also gave Finn an Indiana Jones hat!

Parent/Teacher Conference

On Monday, I met with Finn's 1st grade teacher for parent/teacher conferences.  It went really well. She told me that Finn has an innate sense of justice.  She also told me that Finn is a natural leader. She asked me if I had any concerns, and I told her that I was concerned about him socially. I explained that he can be a little critical of those around him.  She smiled and said that an essential part of leadership is being able to be critical in a kind way and that we should let Finn's natural tendencies play out (because he wasn't unkind). She told me that she believes that Finn is destined for greatness, and that leadership can often result in a lonely life. 
After parent/teacher conference, I took Finn and Sam home.  I had a trial the next day so I had to prepare the rest of the day. 

Bottle Caps

Sunday was a busy day -  we were at church from 8:00 to 12:40 and then we stayed in Hendersonville until 2:00 so that we could take Sam to a birthday party (school friend).  Church went great.  Finn was pretty good during service and Will was perfect.  He stayed awake through most of the service and he was so quiet! I only had to take him out right at the end. 
Anyway, the birthday party was pretty good.  The family had an awesome house and pool.  Right as we walked into the backyard, Finn yelled - "whoa, look at this house - they much be rich!!" Embarrassing moment # 1. Embarrassing moment # 2, came courtesy of Finn as well.  As we were sitting next to the pool speaking with the host, Finn and Sam walk up holding handfuls of bottle caps. These were not coke bottle caps - they were beer caps.  Very loudly, Finn shows us the bottle caps in his hands and said "What is this?"  Leave it Finn to uncover the bottle caps allegedly buried in under the dirt in the playhouse…

More Babies

On Monday, Will woke up early so he had to go into the garage and workout with me. He loved it.

Later that morning Finn came into my bathroom and started playing with Will.  He started to look sad and said, "mom, Will is getting so big - I want you to have another baby." I told Finn that it was impossible for me to have more children. I also told him that even if I could physically have another baby, we couldn't afford another baby.  Finn said, "Mom, we can afford it. I don't have to go to private school. You can put me in public school. I'll be okay - we go to church, we read the Bible every night and I have asked Jesus into by heart - Sam hasn't, but at least I have."  It was so sweet. But as usual,  Finn left Sam hanging to dry. 

We have also come to a point where Sam is correcting my pronunciation. We were sitting at the dinner table when Sam asked for more milk. I poured him another glass, handed it to him and said, "here's your milk, …

Letters to Pa

Saturday was pretty calm day at home.  Will and I watched TV and colored most of the morning.  The boys played upstairs.

Later in the day Finn and Sam wrote letters to Pa.  Gran was going to see him so we thought we would send the cards with her.  Since Sam can't write yet I wrote everything he said, verbatim. 

Later than evening we went to Swaney Swifts for burgers with Gran.  Right about the time we walked in the Vols scored a big touchdown to win the game.  The people at the bar went crazy.  Finn jumped out of the skin.  It startled him so badly.


Friday was Homecoming.  Every year HCA has a homecoming parade and each preschool and elementary school class prepares floats.  Sam's class was Peter Pan and Finn's class were the Incredibles.

Sam was Tick-Tock Croc and wore a crocodile hat. Sam's teacher, and the BEST teacher, I might add, is Captain Hook.

Finn as an "Incredible."

The night started off a little rough.  Right as we were set to leave the house it started to rain. This meant that putting the floats together was pretty gross.

Will was also in a pretty sour mood.  All he wanted to do was go home and snuggle.  Which I can't really blame him.  He did okay in the baby carrier for about half of the evening.  At point I was holding an umbrella, a bottle and a video camera.  Will did not like that at all.  

After the parade Finn's teacher informed us that Finn brought his piggy bank to school.  She asked if we knew and we said "no."  Apparently Finn put in his backpack without us knowing…