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Sam's First Birthday Party

We learned that the nursery will not take Sam until he is six (6) weeks old so Sam and I stayed home from church again this week.  Sam took the opportunity to catch up on some much needed sleep (yeah right).  I love these pictures - he looks so sweet.

Before leaving for church Finn decided to tell his brother "goodbye."   Thankfully he didn't squash him to death.

After church the boys took a nap and then Sam and I went to buy Ella a birthday present.  Later that day we went to Ella's First Birthday Party.  Finn had birthday cake and then attempted to play upstairs with the other children.  As Finn is not particularly social, I guess all we can say is "he tried his best."

That night Michael went to play basketball and I gave the boys their first bath together. As I was filling up th bathtub I noticed that Sam was starting to float away.  I had to let a little bit of the water out.  I washed Sam and then filled the rest of the tub up for Finn.


Today Finn, Sam and I went to Sparta to visit Granny and Papa. When I got there Emily, Mom, Coop and Hank were already there and playing. Finn, of course, was a little shy at first, but warmed up when he started playing with his cars. This was also Sam's first trip to Granny and Papa's house. He was well behaved the entire time. Also present were Laura, Megan, Melissa, Anna, Sadie, Emmy, Tracey and Rex. We had a really good time visiting, eating and playing with the kids.

Finn though Rex was pretty cool. They went outside and crashed Finn's cars and Rex shared his Monster Truck track with Finn. They also played tag. Rex would take off and Finn would do his best to catch him. Finn had no chance what-so-ever. Rex is so sweet - when we were playing with the cars Rex talked about how the car "Finn McMissile had gun and could do a lot. I reply "he can do everything." Rex responded, "that's not right - only God can do everything." Put m…

I Love Being a Mom

Need I say more . . . .

Seeing as how I am not a woman of "very little words" I will.

Today was Finn's first day back to going to Victoria's house since Sam was born. I fully expected him to cry but he didn't. After dropping him off I went to work for few hours while Michael hung with Sam. On the way home I picked us up some lunch from BlueCoast and Michael and I spent the afternoon together.

Double Tasking

Tuesday morning we three Begley's spent the day playing at Nana and Papa's house. After we were all awake Nana made a special trip to Hardees to get me and Finn cinnamon raisin biscuits and chocolate milk. Finn and I laid a towel down in the TV room and had a breakfast picnic.

After breakfast we spent the next several hours alternating playing in the playroom and in the TV room. Michael got home around 12:30 and found the three of us napping in the playroom. I asked Finn if he wanted to take a nap with mama and he got so excited that he didn't even finish his lunch. While I was eating my sandwich Finn kept saying, "I'm ready to go to sleep now."

After my nap I went to get my haircut and when I was finished we headed by back home.

When we got home Michael worked out while I tried my hand at giving both boys a bath. First, I put Finn in the bathtub and lathered him up. Then while he was playing I bathed Sam in a plastic storage bin in the bathroom. It worke…

New Born Appointment

Sam had his first doctor's appointment today (Jan. 23, 2012). This meant that I was responsible for getting both boys up, ready and in the car in time to make the appointment. It was my first time to be alone with the boys and my first time to get them both in the car alone. It wasn't all that difficult, it was just time consuming.

When we got to the pediatrician's office we learned that Sam was in the 94th percentile for weight, the 98th percentile for height and that he is perfectly healthy. He had lost about 7 oz. which could explain why he is eating a little more in clusters. Sometimes he can go around 4 hours and then sometimes (usually at night prior to going to bed) he only goes a couple of hours between feedings. Maybe after he gains back his birth weight he will settle down a bit and give me a little break.

After the appointment we all went back to the house to get ready for our trip to Manchester. Michael had an overnight hearing in McMinnville on Tuesday and I ask…

"Life is a Highway"

Today is my first time to be home alone with the boys. Michael went into work and I am sitting here hoping that today goes smoothly. Sam is currently sleeping, Finn is watching "Cars," of course, and I am blogging. Earlier today I answered a few emails and got a little bit of work done. So far it is going well. We have a doctor's appointment at 1:15 - so until that time I am holding my breath that I won't be double teamed by the boys.

There is a scene in "Cars" that plays the song "Life is a Highway." Today Finn starting singing it. He was so precious.


Today Michael and Finn when to church while Sam and I stayed home. Sam has acted a little out of character today, meaning he has fussed. After I fed him this morning he would not let me put him down. Every time I tried he would get really upset. So I happily held him all morning. He seemed hungrier that normal too which may explain the fussing.

When Finn and Michael got home Finn was very excited about showing me his coloring page from Sunday School. Today they studied about Moses. I asked Finn what Moses did and he moved his arms around in a swirling position and said "parted the sea" and "walked across." I love that he learning so much in Sunday School.

Michael then went to get lunch at Zaxby's (gift cards are great!). During lunch we watched "Hell on Wheels" while Sam napped. Finn took a long nap too. It was nice to have both boys napping at the same time.

A little while after Finn woke up Gran and Chelsea came to visit. Finn was excited t…

One Week

Today (Saturday, January 21, 2012) Sam is a week old. I remember when Finn turned one week old. I remember crying my eyes out thinking I had already lost him for good. How silly. Sam turned one week without a tear. In fact, I was pretty happy. I held him non-stop from the time he woke up until Grandad and Gigi came to visit.

When they got here Grandad and Finn played in the floor and believe they do not play quietly. Finn would ask Grandad to go fast. Grandad pretended to be "Frank the Combine" and Finn would run screaming in my direction and jump in my lap.

They also brought "Cars 2" which we attempted to watch. Finn was more interested in playing. I told Grandad and Gigi that Sam screams bloody murder when his diaper is changed but when I went to change his diaper he didn't make a peep. My youngest child is making a liar out of me. After a while of holding Sam and playing with Finn, I got a pedicure and had a cup of hot chocolate.

Next, Michael and…