Monday, March 31, 2014


On Sunday morning we slept until 9:30!  Finn was up with the sun, of course, but Sam slept until a little after 9:00. When we got up the sun was shining so we decided to hang the boys gourd bird house from Mr. Gene.  So far we have really enjoyed going to church on Sunday night.  Finn specifically told me that he likes night church better because he can get up and play. 

The boys had a pajama party at school today.  It was in honor of Ms. Jenn's last day before maternity leave.  Finn was very excited to show his friends his godzilla feet.

Big morning for Finn.  Last night was the first night that we have not put a nighttime pull-up on Finn.  He woke up with a dry bed!


On Friday morning I quietly walked into Sam's room to wake him up.  He was sleeping soundly so I tried to be gentle so as not to scare him.  Well, the second I touched his back he shot up like a firecracker and yelled "GRYFFINDOR."  He was breathing heavy and didn't seem to register that I was there so I figured he was dreaming.  It was so funny.

When we got downstairs he managed to grab our safe and scoot it into the middle of the floor.  I am so glad that he didn't drop that safe on his foot.  I'm surprised that he was even able to move it.

Friday was a really fun day for the boys.  Gran came to pick them up around 9:00 and took them to the downtown library in Nashville. They had a great time!

Sam is now regularly running up to me, throwing both arms around me and saying, "I Love You mommy."

Saturday was very easy going.  It was cold and rainy most of the day so the boys didn't even bother to get out of their jammies.

Finn, fighting while wearing his "helmet."
Finn enjoying ABC Family Harry Potter weekend. While we are on the topic . . . Sam quotes the movie now.  But not only does he quote the lines accurately, he does so with great fervor and with a British accent. For example, he likes to say, "It can't be Harry Potter."  He does a spot on impression of Professor Lockhart. He also speaks in parsel tongue regularly.  

The boys talking to Uncle David on Skype.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

No Use Crying Over .....

.... An entire bag of Honey Nut Cheerios.  Yes, Finn spilled an entire bag of Honey Nut Cheerios.  I asked him to put the bag away - he picked it up from the bottom and slung Cheerios all over the den. 

I made him pick them up.  He spent about 30 minutes picking one and two at a time.  He didn't complain though. 

Tonight, as Finn and and Sam were "winding down" Finn asked me to read a book.  I was snuggling with Sam who was pretty emerged in the "Chronicals of Narnia" and told him "not right now."  To remedy the situation, Finn tells me that he is going to read a book to himself.  He sits next to me and Sam on the couch and said, "this book is about sex." I almost fell out of my seat.  I, as calmly as possible, said, "what did you say that book is about?"  He again said "sex."  I asked to see the book - it was a book about bugs. It instantly made sense.  I said, "Finn, did you mean insects?"  He said, "yes, insects - that's what I meant." Crisis averted. 

Loveless Cafe

On Saturday the boys and I met Em, Zac, Grandad and Gigi at Loveless Cafe for Em's birthday breakfast.  I had never been to Loveless, so I was pretty excited to try the biscuits.  The boys were excited to play in the trashcan.  They were so excited about the "little house." 

Finn's first time to play with a hoola-hoop.  He used them as weapon's, of course. 

Breakfast was great! Sam especially liked his food.  He ate a piece and a half of french toast, two pieces of sausage and two biscuits.  I have no idea where he put it all. 

The weirdest thing about breakfast was that the guy that brought our food sounded JUST LIKE Tommy Gunn.  Em and I were both floored!

After breakfast I decided to use my coupon from the Loft.  It was an awesome coupon and it was going to expire that next day.  The closest Loft was the new one in the Gulch.  Word of advise - never take children, much less babies to the Gulch.  People will look at you like you are a leper. You can almost feel their judgment for your poor life choices. Of course it could have been that Sam got stuck in the display window and made all sorts of racket getting out.

When we got home we cuddled on the couch and watched "Frozen."   

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Broken Heart

Monday on the way home from school Finn asked if we could watch the dragon part of Lord of the Rings.   When we got home I turned on the "mines of Moira" scene.  When it was getting close to Gandolf's death/fall, Finn said "that is a broken heart."  I asked to tell me what he meant by that.  He looked and me and in the most sincere voice said, "this is going to break my heart."

On Tuesday as I was dropping the boys off at school I heard Finn and his friend Brady playing "silly Rabbids."  Rabbids is the THE most annoying sound in the entire world.  I told Finn that he was NOT to play silly Rabbids at school.  Then I turned to leave.  As was I walking down the hallway (out of sight of Finn and Brandy) I heard Finn say, "we can play silly Rabbids after my mom leaves." I turned right back around, walked into Finn's classroom and told him that I heard his statement.  After a stern talking to, Finn assured me that he would not play silly Rabbids after I left the building. 

That afternoon Gran picked the boys up from school.  She had scheduled to have some trees cut down in her yard and wanted Finn and Sam to be able to watch.  Well, the tree people didn't show up so Finn and Sam ate ice cream on the porch and then went shopping with Gran.

When they got home from the store, they were greeted by a new dinosaur from Grandad and Gigi.  This dinosaur walks around, roars realistically and has glowing eyes.  It was love at first sight for the Finnster. Sam, on the other hand was petrified. He clung to me like white on rice.

Later on that evening we had girl's night at Jeni's ice cream.  I had the"goat cheese cherry."  WoW!

Monday, March 17, 2014

99 Things To Do at Nana and Papa's

Admittedly, it's not quite 99. 

 Watch "neckfwis" with Papa.  That's "Netflix" for those of us over four (4).  

 Go through the "treasure chest."

 Get indoctrinated by Nana and Stannie and Ollie. Nana promises that this wasn't staged. I smell propaganda. 

 Break child labor laws. 

Intimidate your brother with the threat of violence.

 Turn into crazy cat lady.  They are pretty though, aren't they?

 "Solemnly swear you are up to no good." 

 Admire the view. 

 Get "jiggy with it." Yes, that's gangster.

Go on a "Fantastic Voyage."  Slide, slide, slippity slide.  (I couldn't resist after feeling "jiggy.")

Not sure . . . 

 Paint rocks.  This is Finn's pet rock, named "Rock."  Nana even wrote "Rock" on the rock, just in case we forgot. (This idea came from the show "Dragon.")

 Run around the "dark forest."  (Sam's words - not mine)

 Get "weighed, measured and found wanting." 

 Commit at least one of the seven deadly sins.  

 Join the "Hunt Club" militia. 

Bathe the local landscape.  

Burn hot-dogs.  

 Eat dinner, outside, in your underwear.

 Take "pyro" lessons from Papa (check out Finn's expression)

Have an awesome time!

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