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We have a new pancake lover. Sam asks for them by name now. It sounds a lot like "p cack."  

Memorial Day Weekend 2013

The boys spent Memorial Day weekend with Grandad and Gigi.  Dad picked them up Saturday afternoon.  Here are some pictures of their fun trip.

 On Memorial Day Michael and I went for lunch at Grandad and Gigi's house.  When we got there Sam was napping and Finn was playing in the pool.  Finn was excited to see us.  I think that Sam missed me - when he saw me he threw both arms around my neck and squeezed me really tight and kissed me about 10 times.
 Next we had lunch - Grandad grilled hamburgers.  Then it was off to the lake to ride the jet skis.  Sam hated them.  Finn didn't like the water hitting him in the face - so we went pretty slow most of the time.

 While we were riding Finn noticed the beach area and insisted that we go.  The boys had a great weekend!

Sticks and Rocks

On Friday the boys went to work with Michael for a few hours while I was in court.  I met them at the Sonic on Long Hollow Pike around 11:00 and the boys and I traveled to Clarksville for a home visit.  Finn loved this particular visit because he found some "really cool stuff MOM!"  The "really cool stuff" that Finn found comprised of sticks and rocks.  When I got home I found four (4) large sticks and one (1) large rock in the backseat of the car.  Finn was so excited to play his new stuff when he got home. 

Finn and Sam both took long naps after we got home.  Finn slept for two (2) hours and Sam slept for four (4) hours.  By the time Sam woke up Michael had already made it home for the day so we decided to take the boys down to the creek.

Finn road his bike and Sam rode in the wagon.  Both were happy as could be with their modes of transportation.  Finn did a really good job on his bike.  He didn't want to wear his helmet at first, but he got used to it.


Sleeping In The Den

Today Michael told Finn that they could have a campout in the living room floor.  Finn has been so excited all day.  To prepare for his big night he and Michael went to Kroger to buy snacks.  They came home with "Cars" fruit snacks.   In addition to the fruit snacks I introduced Finn to homemade blizzards.  At least once a week I make homemade ice cream (if the health of the world rested on the Begley shoulders it would be doomsday indeed).   It started out as an incentive for Michael to watch The Bachelor with me.  I called it "Bachelor and Blizzards."  Selfish as we are, I always waited until Finn was fast asleep before serving.  That being the case, Finn has neither helped me make ice cream nor tasted homemade blizzards.

When I told him that we were making ice cream he was so excited.  He wanted to do everything by himself. He kept saying, "this is going to be tee-wishous." (delicious).
Here is a picture of Finn's Tasmanian Devil shirt. This is hi…


On Monday Finn had a small "end of the year" ceremony for his time spent at Whiz Kids this year.  We all got dressed up and went to Immaneul Baptist Church in Lebanon.  All of the kids in Finn's three/four year old class were instructed to wear Red, White and Blue.   A quick picture of the boys before the ceremony began. 

There were three different ceremonies; Finn was the second one.  When it was his age group's turn they marched all the kids on stage.  First they sang two songs; "If Your Happy and You Know It" and something about the parts of a bug.  Finn was so sweet.  He sang the first stanza of "If Your Happy" and then developed a bad case of stage fright.  He didn't cry or leave the stage, but he did stop singing - he stood still as a stone and cluthed his hands together in the front.  Every so often he would look up and make eye contact with me.  I thought that he might cry, but he held it together.  I did manage to get him to wave at …