Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Branching out

Today while at the store I stumbled upon Almond Milk and let me tell you it is go-od. It is the best stuff I have drank in a while and only 10 more calories than in a cup of skim milk. So I put a little bit in Finn's sippy cup and he loved it too. Finn has also found a new food of choice - popcorn. Okay, before everyone gasps with horror please know that I do not allow him to eat popcorn unless he is sitting down right next to me. I also only give him the very large fluffy pieces. As a popcorn enthusiast myself I have a keen eye for which kernels have half popped seeds inside.
Finn guzzling his almond milk

I mostly took these picture to showcare Finn's new Elmo outfit from MiMi. I love this outfit and I think that Finn looks just as cute as a button in it. Thank you MiMi!

Check out that silly face. Note the lack of eyebrows; poor Finn got his mom's eyebrows. Finn made lots of silly faces tonight. He was in a great mood when he got home from J.T.'s house and just cheesed it up all night. I have given him a new nickname, "Big Cheese." As I was taking his picture he would get this huge smile on his face and run full speed at the camera. It is very difficult to take a picture of child running at you. Finn was very interested in the camera tonight. All he wanted to do was look at the screen on the back of the camera and point to the baby wearing the "Elmo" shirt holding a drink.

The back of the shirt is just as cute as the front

After dinner Finn and I played with his new "Thomas" ride on train. He would get a good running start and ram Thomas into me. I would fall over and pretend to be dead. As soon as I fell over Finn would get really panicky and run over to check on me. About the time that he got close to my face I would pop up and grab him. As you can imagine this was really fun for Finn and we did this same routine several more time.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Where in the World is the Finnster

Today we went here, there and everywhere! And, just so you know we had a great time doing it!! This morning we woke up at Nana and Papa's house. The three of us (me, Michael and Finn) slept on the Murphey Bed. Finn woke up every 30 minutes to whimper at me. This lasted almost all night.

Today was Sunday so we all went to church with Nana and Papa. It was while at church that Finn gave me his Christmas present - a whole hour of snuggling up in my lap and being quiet. He listened to the special music, clapped for all the performers, watched intently to the "Home Alone" clip and fell asleep during the sermon. He was so sweet and precious.

Next we went to Sparta for our Christmas with Granny and Papa. Finn hung pretty close to me but he did loosen up a bit, especially when he saw Rex's new "big truck." I was busy doing something else and happened to look up as Finn was running off with Rex's truck from Granny and Papa. Finn seemed to really like Rex's toys. We had a bit of a scare though because we thought that Finn broke Rex's Mario Car toy by chewing on it. Thank goodness he didn't. Finn also played with his cousin Sadie Bell's Mickey ball and school bus at the kitchen table.

Cousins shot

Belly bump cousins shot

Then we took our big family picture. Pretty good lookin' bunch wouldn't you say?

After pictures we opened presents. Finn got a Mickey ornament from Aunt Laura, an indoor, football tent from Aunt Melissa, a book (neatest book ever) and money from Aunt Tracey and money and toy car from Granny Martha and Papa Bruce.

Finn checking out his new tent.

Checking out Coop's tent too.

The "big truck" that Finn swiped from Rex. We are sorry Rex.

All of the presents were wonderful and greatly appreciated. One of my most exciting gifts came from Anna - a sour dough starter!!! I am so excited to make bread!

Thanks to everyone for sending me pictures. It is seldom that I am actually in a picture with Finn.

Finn's third cousins Rex and Sadie. Just braggin' on my beautiful family.

Around 2:30 we left to go to Clarksville. It was a 2 1/2 hour trip, but it flew by. Finn slept for the first half of the trip. At the Old Hickory exit we stopped to meet Gran and Pa. When we got to Mimi's house we had dinner and Finn got to hang with his family on the Edward's side. Again, he hung pretty close to me but warmed up after opening his "big truck" from Aunt Donna and Uncle Charlie.

Finn had a great Christmas at Mimi's. In addition to the "big truck" Mimi gave Finn a garbage truck. It is so neat - it actually picks up the trash container, throws it in the truck and compacts it. We attempted to test it out with a block, but Finn panicked and tried to save the block from the compactor. He was oddly protective of the block. Aunt Tina gave Finn two really cute hoodie/blue jean outfits and a puppet wash cloth.

After opening presents Finn was exhausted and crawled up in my lap and let me hold him. He was so sweet.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas with Nana and Papa

After having Christmas with our little family we packed up and went to Manchester to have Christmas with Nana, Papa, Aunt Em, Uncle Zac and Coop. We packed Thomas to Finn to play with at Nana and Papas.

The first thing that we did was let the boys open their presents while they were both still in good moods. Finn got some really cute sweaters, a remote control Jeep, blocks, books and movies (I am so excited for him to watch Fantasia) jammies, coins from Ruby Jo, and new shoes. He also got a few little cars, one of which he ate the wheels off of on the way to Granny and Papas the next day.

The boys opened their presents just in the nick of time because shortly thereafter Finn got really restless. We tried to get him to take a nap but he had a really difficult time sleeping. He ended up sleeping for about 30 minutes and then coming back downstairs. He managed to make it through the rest of presents but just barely.

Next we had Christmas dinner - Zaxbys! It was so good! In addition to Zaxby's we had chips and fruit and sandwiches and "kake lady" cake.

After dinner we took our traditional family pictures - the ones with all the wrapping paper. Then we settled in for relaxing evening. Coop showed Finn how to do a "Cooper bomb" and Finn laughed his head off. Finn sat with me the rest of the night and fell asleep in my lap. He was not in the mood to hang out with anyone but I'm not complaining because it was great to sit and hold him. After the boys went to sleep we all sat in the den and watched the Christmas episode of "The Office."

White Christmas

Today is Finn's second Christmas morning and what a wonderful one it was - complete with snow!!!. Finn woke his exhausted parents up at 6:45 (we didn't end up going to sleep until 1:45 a.m. so you can imagine we were pretty tired). We decided to let Finn eat a little breakfast before showing him everything that Santa brought him. I tried my best to cover his eyes while walking him to the kitchen, but he spotted his "Thomas" right as we turned the corner in to the kitchen. When he saw Thomas those sleepy little eyes popped wide open and he said "Thomas" in the sweetest voice. I sat him down in his high chair and he tried his best to peer around the corner to see Thomas. Finn's appetite has been nonexistent the last few days so he was finished with his breakfast pretty quick.

After cleaning him up we took Finn into the den to see his new presents. First he saw his new toy box. I think that he liked it. He went straight to it and started pointing to one of the trucks. I feel quite certain that Finn doesn't fully appreciate the usefulness of the toy box, but for now he thinks it's great because it always has trucks inside.

Next we showed Finn his new "Thomas" the train. I knew this would be a big hit and I was right.

After playing with Thomas for a while Finn decided to really examine his new toy box where he discovered that there were books on the shelf of the toy box.

After grabbing a book Finn would take it over to Dad. For some reason Finn has decided that Dad is a better reader than Mom. If Michael is in the room Finn will always take the book to him.

It really was a fun morning and I look forward to many more to come.

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