Tuesday, October 31, 2017

King Kong

Well . . . Will hates his Halloween Costume.  Big shock that Will doesn't like something.  He squalled for no less than 20 minutes.  He was furious that the costume had a banana sewn to the sleeve and shook his hand violently in an attempt to get it off.   But I was bound and determined NOT to take that costume off because he looked so cute dressed up like a little monkey.  Given his poor disposition and his tramping through the house in anger, we affectionately named him "King Kong." 

This is not the costume that he will wear for trick-r-treating so hopefully our evening will be a bit less awful.  This is actually Sam's old costume that put Will in for his Halloween party at school. 

He HATED the feet!

Day 2

Day 2: 

On our second day at the beach there were no jellyfish so we took the boys into the deeper part of the water.  Sam and Finn both liked to jump the waves.  At one point Finn and I "wrestled" the waves.  Finn would call out a "move" and we would perform it as the wave crested.

After the beach we let Will float around in the pool. 

Later than evening we took the boys to the race track.  During our first race, Finn and I raced Michael and Sam and David and Henry.  Then Sam and I dueled Finn in the floating water squirter game.  Then we went inside played the arcade games. Next we went to McGuires for hamburgers.  McGuires is our favorite place in Destin to eat.  Will didn't do so good, so I ended up leaving a few minutes early to take him home.

Once we got back to the Condo we grabbed the flashlights that we brought and Michael and I took Finn and Sam down to the beach to look for crabs.  The sand was freezing cold, but the four of us had a great time together!

This is a picture of Begley Castle.  Gran spent all day making with the boys.  At night it looks like a sunken ship.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Field Trip to Traveler's Rest

On Thursday Finn's Second Grade Class took a field trip to Traveler's Rest in Nashville.  Traveler's Rest was the home of Judge John Overton.  Knowing that Nana loves American history, we invited her to go with us too. 

Nana and I dropped the boys off at school at 8:00, then Nana and I went over to McDonalds to get coffee.  The bus left at 9:15.  Finn told me that he wanted to sit with Luke on the bus, so Nana and I were able to drive behind the bus.

Upon our arrival, we were met by our tour guide - Mr. Chad.  He was a great guide.  He made everything very interesting for the kids. 

This was taken in the first room. Here, the guide went over the history of the John Overton and the history of the home in general.  He asked the kids lots of questions.  One of the answers to one of his many questions was "Memphis" (John Overton helped established Memphis).  After the kids started guessing things like Nashville, Virigina, etc., he said, "this Tennessee city has a basketball team."  Finn immediately raised his hand and correctly answered "MEMPHIS!"

In this picture the guide is telling the kids about 'bathing' set up.  All of the kids were grossed out.

This was taken in the ballroom. Finn may never admit it - but he loves to learn.

Here they are watching the tour guide demonstrate the toys of the time period. 

 I bet Finn a dollar that I could get the ball into the cup before he could. Finn won.

The hoop and stick game - its harder than it looks. 

Finn and his teacher Mrs. Lockhard. 

The graceful hoop game.  This was my favorite game. 

Last, I helped Finn with the button game. 

Next, the kids were given a change to write with a real quill pen. 

The school house. The guide told the kids what they would be expected to do if they didn't go to school. 

Finn's Second grade class. 

After the tour we sat in the sun and ate our lunch.  

We all had so much fun on this field trip. 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Beach Picture Day

Very early on Wednesday morning we got up, got everybody dressed and went down to the beach for pictures.  Sharon took professional pictures with her camera.  These are the pictures that I made with mine. 

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