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White Water Rafting on the Nile River

On Friday we woke up at 3:00 a.m. to load of our stuff on to the van for our trip to the Nile.  We were not coming back to the Telman’s home, so we had to make sure that we had everything.  The Applegate’s prepared coffee and breakfast “to-go” for each of us.  They told us good-bye and we were on our way.  We didn’t have to say good-bye to the Telman’s just yet as the whole family accompanied us to Kampala.  The bus ride to Kampala took approximately 3 hours.  I sat next to the window with Alexandria Telman (age 11) next to me in the jump seat.  About an hour into the trip we stopped for gas.  Elizabeth got out to go to the bathroom.  When she got back I decided that it would be in my best interest to go as well.  To this point, I hadn’t used a “cho.”  When I learned this was a cho I was a little nervous but also a bit curious.  The workers pointed me to a walkway in between two buildings.  I saw a very large back area with a couple of buildings, again no lights.  I wandered into what…

Uganda 2015: The Clinic

First, big thank you to Amy Hunley and Elena for taking and sharing these pictures.  Without them, I would have no pictures of the trip.

7/11/15: We opened the clinic Saturday night for the children living at the orphanage/school. There are approximately 80 children living at the school.    The clinic comprised of several different sections: 1) check-in, where vitals were taken, 2) adult physician, 3) radiology, 4) pediatrics, 5) lab, 6) pharmacy and 7) vision.  I was assigned to the vision tent with Todd Hunley and Amy Hunley. 

Todd Hunley and the "tumbling E"
We were able to finish the medical assessments all of the children right about the time it got dark.  After closing up for the evening we went up to the Telman’s house for dinner.   The Telman’s cooked dinner for the entire team every night, the Applegates cooked breakfast for the entire team every morning and we were responsible for our own lunches.  After supper I took a shower and was sound asleep by 9:30.  …