Sunday, July 5, 2015

PCB 2015 Day 1

On Saturday morning, we loaded the car and headed to the beach. We had planned to leave at 6:00, but my cell phone died so my alarm didn't go off.   As such, we pulled out of the driveway at 8:00.

As we embarked on our trip, I gave Sam his new Paw Patrol toy - he was so excited.

I also gave him Captain Crunch cereal.  Yes, I was making my best attempt to make Sam enjoy his ride.

Sam was wise to my plan though, and bored very quickly.  He then tried to entertain himself with Finn's inter-tube.

Sam reading his Toy Story book.

In spite of his sweet disposition, Sam was not the best traveler.  He constantly asked when we were going to be at the beach.

We were thankful that he let us know when he needed to go to the bathroom.  We stopped three (3) times in the first three hours.  The second stop was necessitated by Sam's bowels.  We stopped at Chik-Fil-A for Sam to use the bathroom.  It took him at least 10 minutes to finish - there was a huge line that went all the way out the door and into the hall.  But Sam was not to be pushed.  He doesn't like for anyone to watch him poop.  At home he won't even let us stay in the same room with him. When we are out in public, Sam makes me cover my eyes.

Once back in the car, I made Sam try on my new neck pillow. He wore it for approximately 1 minute before he decided that it wasn't for him.  

Sam did finally fall asleep when we were about 2 hours from the beach.

When we got to the Condo Finn was so excited to see us.  But more than anything he wanted to see Sam. He kept asking me - "where is Sam/I want to see Sam."   He ran to the car and wrapped his arms around Sam as hard as he could.  Sam missed Finn too - he asked me several time, "where is my brother Finn."

We arrived at the Condo around 5:00 p.m. and we immediately started cooking dinner.  It was my turn to cook, so we had lasagna, rice, kale salad and chess cake squares.  Then we went to watch fireworks on the beach.

The boys were so excited to be at the beach.  Finn ran in and out of the ocean a 100 times.  Gigi gave the boys glow sticks and they used them to play in the sand and cast spells (Finn pretended he was Harry Potter).

After the fireworks, we came in a washed the sand off and got the boys ready for bed.  Finn has decided that he has a new buddy - he loves Uncle Zac.  All he has wanted to do is hang with Zac.

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