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Pumpkin Treat

Tonight is Halloween.  We have worried about this particular evening for two (2) days.  We kept hearing weather reports saying that tornadoes were coming through and it was going to pour.  Originally we thought that we might postpone our trick-r-treating until tomorrow night.  However, at 3:30 today we decided to bite the bullet and go rain or shine.
In preparation for Halloween we carved pumpkins.  Finn decided on a bat pumpkin.  The boys were really interested in helping Michael clean out the pumpkin but had absolutely no interest in helping me carve.

 Sam had Olive Garden soup for dinner.  Just to clear up that the gunk on his face is not pumpkin waste.

The finished product.

This morning Finn woke up ready to trick-r-treat.  He was pretty disappointed when I told him that he had to go to school first. Sam was kind of beast this morning too.  He most definitely woke up on the wrong side of the crib.  Perhaps he was just mad at his parents for making him breakfast on the kitchen flo…

Lunch with Nana

On Friday Finn received a surprise visitor at school - Nana!  Nana called me early last week and asked if Finn could have visitors for lunch.  After getting it all set up Nana asked that I not mention anything to Finn because she wanted it to be surprise. 

Around 1:00 I got a call from Nana - I asked her how it went.  She responded, "well, it wasn't what I expected."  She goes on to say that the kids are not aloud to talk during lunch.  I had no idea.  So it was Nana and eleven kids sitting around a table quiet as a mouse.  I wish I had a picture.  Apparently Finn didn't get his dessert that day because he wouldn't eat his ravioli.  Before leaving Finn told his teachers that his Nana likes to read books so Nana read to the class.  Last, she tucked Finn in for his nap. 

When I picked Finn up that afternoon I asked him about his day.  He responded, "I yelled at Nana."  Finn explained that Nana went into the boys bathroom and he yelled at her through the d…

Dad's 58th

Friday was Dad's 58th birthday. I picked Finn up from school and we made the long trip to Tullahoma. The trip was made even longer due to the traffic being rerouted on 109. I was on the phone with my friend Samanatha when Finn told me he needed to use the bathroom. We were five miles from the nearest bathroom and in traffic going approximately two miles her hour. I thought this might be a good time to introduce Finn to the perks of being a boy. He was excited by the prospect but said "mom how are you going wipe me?" Great!  I told Finn to dig deep and just give me a few more minutes.  To take his mind off of his bowels asked him about his friends at school. I asked who was the most fun girl to play with. Finn responds,"mom I am NOT marrying a girl. I am marrying a boy because I only have boyfriends." When pressed further Finn tells me that girls get on his nerve. I decided to have the marriage talk at another time and instead thought it was a good time to remin…

Panty Hose

Yesterday was a very eventful "noneventful" day.  It was the first legitimately cold day of the year.  The boys wore warm jammies to bed and we had our first fire.

Finn playing old Ninja Turtles games on the computer. Sam likes to watch him play - I think he likes the music.

Since it was so cold I decided to pull out my panty hose.  While making breakfast Finn looked up and me and said, "mom, why are your feet black?"  I explained to him that I was wearing panty hose.  I asked him if he liked them and he said "no."  Starts early.  He then reached down and rubbed my calf.  This sheepish look crossed his face and he said, "but your legs sure do feel nice." 

Before bed last night Finn and Sam talked to Uncle James on the computer.  Finn showed James all of his toys while Sam mostly just sat and watched.  He did manage to say "Uncle James a few times.

On Friday I took Finn to school and then came home to stay with Sam.  Sam was in a very swee…

Watch This Dad!

Sam is officially a little kid (no longer a baby).  Last night and all day today he has started saying "watch this dad."  Then he will do something silly and then laugh his head off.  It is so precious. 

This morning Finn crawled in bed with us around 6:00.  It was really cold this morning so Finn's little warm jammies felt nice all cuddled up with us.  We did our regular Sunday morning routine - rush around like mad until we finally got in the car.  When we got to church Finn learned that his Sunday School teacher wasn't there and that he had to go to a different class.  I can always tell when Finn is uncomfortable because he hugs me repeatedly.  This morning he hugged about six times.  After what I said was the "last hug" I led him in to his class, closed the baby gate and proceeded to walk away.  All of a sudden I hear a crash and Finn is laying on the floor on top of the gate.  In an attempt to hug me one more time he leaned too far and knocked the gat…