Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend at Nana and Papa's House

This weekend the boys spend the weekend with Nana and Papa.  Here are some commemorative photos.

The Playground

Today we celebrated Michael's 32nd birthday.  The day started off with a little cuddling. 

At lunch time Michael and Finn had a Father/son lunch at the Firehouse.  Later that evening we went to Chef's Market for dinner and cake.  I had the Hummingbird cake and it was wonderful.  Since it was such a nice night we ate outside.  Finn had fruit and macaroni and cheese - although he barely ate a thing.  Sam cleaned up.  He sampled just about everything.  Sam is quite the generous eater - if he enjoys what he is eating he absolutely insists that you have a bite too.  He holds that dirty little hand out until you finally relent. Tonight I had a french fry that tasted like a pickle.  

After supper Finn and Sam ran up and down the sidewalk.

When we got home the boys played on their newly secured swing set. Dad came earlier in the day and put more of the playground together.  He also brought a swing for Sam.   

A wide shot of the new swing set - complete with a Route 44.  If we had a "crest" for our house - the Route 44 would be on it.

Both boys really had a good time swinging.  I think Sam would have swung all night if we had let him.  Finn had a good time with it too.  He didn't want anyone to push him though.  He was adamant that he could do it himself.

After swinging for a while I asked Finn to show me the rest of his swing set.  He climbed the rock wall. . . and then went down the slide.  While Finn thought the slide was great - I have a feeling his monster trucks and car will take more turns down the slide than anyone.

Both boys went to bed without a fuss tonight.  Sam is so sweet when he goes to bed.  After laying him down I give him his bunny.   Sam hugs it as tight as possible and says "bubby!"   So now we have "little blanket" and "bubby."

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hank's 2nd Birthday

Friday was a big, big day for the Begley boys.  At 8:00 Grandad came by to assemble Finn's swing set - or as Finn calls it "my playground."   Grandad and Gigi got Finn a swing set as an early birthday present.  It arrived last Friday.  Finn has been going out to the garage to look at the boxes for a week now.  He was so excited.  In the car he told me that he was going to invite JT, Addison, Caroline and Mason to play on his playground.

Well grandad got more than he bargained for.  Both Finn and Sam wanted to "help."  Finn spent his morning taking the hand-holds (for his rock wall) out of the bag (even though we were nowhere near ready for them) and walking them around to the backyard.

We started assembling everything in the garage.  Sam was so interested in the process.  He was in dad's face the entire time.  He picked up and examined everything; safe or not.

At 10:00 Sam went down for a nap - he slept until 1:30 which gave us plenty of time to work.  While Sam snoozed Finn played on the platform of the new swing set.  We didn't have the steps upet y so every five minutes or so Finn would ask us to either lift him up or get him down.

At 1:30 it started raining.  I went to get pizza while Dad built the custom made rock wall in the garage.

Later that evening we went to Hank's second birthday party at Em's church.  It was the perfect place for a kids party.  It was big open and carpeted gym. Finn and Sam ran around the entire time.  Finn played with Hank for a long time while Sam ran around trying to get a ball.  Every time he got close he would accidentally kick it and it rolled away from him.

After the party we went back to Em's house to open presents.  Mom got a present for Finn and had big bubble letters on the wrapping.  I asked Finn what the letter spelled.  He pointed at each letter and said, "F" "one" "N""N".  I will miss having a sweet little toddler around.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Roughen' It

On Sunday Michael decided that he would go grocery shopping with us . . .

He was amazed at how slow these "ride-on" carts actually go.  Finn, on the other hand was in heaven.

Just a few pictures of the boys this week.  On Saturday night the boys spent the night with Gran and Chelsea.  We met them at Firehouse after church on Sunday to eat and make the exchange.  Sam gave me at least three sloppy kisses. 

 Breakfast of Champions (Finn before school on Tuesday)

 My happiest baby.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Early on Friday morning I put the boys in the car and we headed out to serve a Complaint/Summons in White House.  I didn't realize until I got the boys in the car that it was almost freezing outside. Poor Finn was in shorts, a tee-shirt and flip-flops.  Finn got a blister earlier in the week and the only shoes that didn't hurt his foot was his flip flops.  When we arrived at our location I did my best to get the boys from the car into the building.  It was a fairly big parking lot and it took forever to actually get in the building.  I held Sam in one arm, threw my file under an arm and held Finn's hand with the other.  In my haste to get in out of the cold I rushed the boys as much as possible.  This meant that Finn's flip-flops shifted to the point where he couldn't walk in them.  After several failed attempts to fix them I finally told Finn to take his shoes off and run.  He did.  After a few steps he starts crying because the poured pebble side walk hurt his feet (I totally get that - it hurts mine too).  There were two employees watching from the warmth of the building.  I'm sure we looked ridiculous.  By the time we made it inside, I had dropped all of the contents out of the file.  Finn was sobbing and Sam had slid off of my hip and was hanging on by a thread.  Oh how I love being a "professional."


Next we went home, changed into warmer clothes and went to see Cooper and Em at Vanderbilt.  Cooper looked so cute sitting in his bed.  He was so still and well-behaved.  Finn was impressed by the white board hanging on the wall.  Finn wrote his name on the white board for Aunt Em.  I didn't know that Finn knew how to write his name.  When Em said he did it, I was skeptical.  When I saw it I laughed.  Before we left Finn sat next to Cooper's bed and ate Em's cookies and colored with Cooper.  On our way home Michael called.  I told him that Finn wrote his name (I was pretty excited). Ever so sadly Finn asked "mom, did you tell dad that I wrote it backwards?"  I felt awful.

Once we got home the boys took long naps.  They had only been up few minutes before Michael came home for the day.  The night was pretty easy.  Sam and I did a little shopping for the upcoming birthdays.  When I got home I made spaghetti for supper - upon Finn's request.   It is important to note that Finn did not eat a bite of spaghetti.  I wanted taco salad.  The only reason I made spaghetti was because Finn requested it.   Michael and I ate at the table while the boys played in Finn's castle.

On Saturday we met Brandon and Carissa at Drake's Creek park to eat grilled cheese sandwiches.  There was a specialty grilled cheese truck that was parked up at the park.

Sam was pretty mad at me because I wouldn't let him go over and play with the little dog at the next blanket over.  He made a break for it several times. 
Last week while I was getting ready for work I put a little bit of moose in Finn's hair.  This offended Finn to his very core.  Yesterday he looked at me and said, "mom, don't put moo in my hair."  

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