Friday, August 30, 2013

Boo Boo Report

 Just a few pictures before Church on Sunday.

Sam's new thing is to run away from us as fast as he can go as soon as he gets outside.

On Monday night as I was going through Finn's backpack I found a "Boo Boo Report."  Apparently Finn "got bit" at school.  It didn't find this report until around 7:00 that night.  When I picked Finn up at 3:30 he didn't mention it.  Knowing how dramatic Finn is prone to be - I figured this "bite" didn't cross his radar.  I took a risk and asked Finn who bit him.  He told me it was Gavin - our little neighbor up the street. 

On Wednesday after picking Finn up from school I had to run to the Courthouse to get an emergency order signed.  I had to take Finn with me.  On the way back out the car Finn took off running across the main road.  I ran him down in my heels and grabbed the back of his shirt collar.  Once safely across the street, I let go of Finn's collar.  Right about that time he took a spill and scraped his hands.  He pops up, crying of course, and said, "why did you shove me down and hurt me?"  I hope he doesn't tell his teachers his version of this story.  If so, I'm am going to be looking at an arrest :)

On Tuesday night Sam started to get really fussy.  He crawled up in my lap and fell asleep on my shoulder.  The next day he cried the majority of the day.  I also noticed that he had little chigger bites on his ankles.  I thought maybe the itchiness was making him miserable and in turn making him cry.  Regardless I took him to the doctor on Thursday and learned that he has "hand/foot/mouth."  Sam had little blisters covering his throat.  And the little chiggers on his legs were actually little blisters.  The doctor told me that it causes headaches, body aches, and sore throat.  He said it is quite painful. Poor little Sam. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Little Chef

Today was a very productive day.  This morning the boys were up at 7:30.  Finn came in our room at 7:00 and fell asleep in our bed until 7:30.  It is so nice to sleep late on Saturdays.  When we got up both boys wanted pancakes.  While I was making pancakes Finn asked me if we were going to stay home all day today.  I told him yes. He said ever so pitifully, "good - I am so sad about not being able to stay home all day anymore."  I guess the five (5) day week is starting to get to Finn.

After breakfast Finn's draw to musical theater reared its head in full force.  He asked me if we could "play the Mother Knows Best song."  To Finn this means acting out the song.  He was so particular.  First he would play Mother Gothel and I played Rapunzel - every other time we switched roles.   He was very thorough with staging (he told me exactly where I could and could not stand), creative movement (he told me when to hugs, pat his head, etc.) and he corrected my lines.  We went back and forth like this for 30 minutes.

Finn saw me sitting on the counter talking to mom this morning and decided that this is a "must."  After crawling up he found a bag a pretzels that Michael brought home from a CLE.

The rest of the day was so busy.  We cleaned out the boy's closets, the attic, the hall closet, the playroom and the garage.  We dropped off 12 bags at the Goodwill. Goodwill day is one of my favorite days of the year.  For Finn Goodwill day is full of heartache.  As we were sitting in the garage sorting bags, Finn noticed that one of the plastic garbage bags looked like it had toys in it.  Finn starts to question what is in the bag.  I was purposefully vague.  Finn caught on.  He then starts to cry uncontrollably.  I assumed that I had decided to donate something that Finn couldn't live without and asked him, "Finn what toy are you so upset about"  He responds, "whatever toy is in that bag."  He had no idea what was in the bag, but was heartbroken nonetheless.  We had a long talk about how fortunate Finn is and how nice it is to help other people. Finn bawled all the way through my little teaching moment and at the end came to the conclusion that it is in fact better to receive than to give.  No toys were retrieved from the bag.

The garage looks so much better.  When I was all finished Finn thanked me for cleaning up the garage.  As a part of cleaning up the garage we had to carry off an enormous pallet.  We don't have a truck so we decided to carry the pallet to be big dumpster at the end of the road.  Since both boys were up we had to think outside the box.  We decided to put both boys in the "Arctic Cat."  Finn drove and Sam sat shotgun.  They rode right next to me and Michael and we walked that pallet up to the dump.  At one point Finn got a head of us.  Then he turned around and looked back at us.  We could tell that if he didn't start paying attention that he would take out our neighbor's mailbox.  We start yelling "FINN - TURN AROUND!"  Sure enough, he ran smack dab into the mailbox, running over decorative bricks and flowers on his way.  Seeing no damage we decided to sneak away as quickly as possible.  This proved difficult as the arctic cat sounds like a jet landing.

When we got back Sam drove the little lawnmower.  Yes, he is in a long sleeved shirt (it was 92 degrees today) and his diaper.  Parents of the year right here.

Next Sam and I made a second trip to Goodwill and then we stopped at the store to get food for Michael's draft party.  Sam becomes so affectionate at the store.  All he wants to do is hug and kiss me - and when he hugs me he hugs for several, several seconds and then he follows up with a big kiss right on the mouth.   Today Sam leaned over and attempted to bite my finger.  I stopped the cart and said, "Son, you will rue the day."  An elderly couple overheard my threat and broke into laughter. They were impressed that Sam knew what "rue" meant. 

When we got home Finn helped me make cookies. This week Finn has been obsessed with the Disney movie Ratatouille and was really excited to be my "little chef."  As we were mixing I let Finn take small tastes.  I noticed that Finn was trying to take a bite of flour.  I told him that he wouldn't like it but he didn't listen.  He got a horrible look on his face and spit the flour out - it came millimeters from landing in my bowl of dry ingredients.   When we were finished mixing Finn took a bite of the batter.  Like on Ratatouille I asked Finn what ingredients he could taste.  He looked pensive and said, "vanilla."  Such a sweety.

In other news, Finn said his memory verse at school on Friday.  As a reward we stopped for ice cream on the way home.

As for Sam, he individually dipped all my makeup in the commode this week. I walked in to find him swirling my blush compact around the bowl.  I am happy to report that it all dried out just fine. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Gender Confusion

 Sunday Morning pictures.  

On Sunday after church we met Gran at Casa Veija for lunch.  Finn hardly said two words while Sam ate everything we offered him - guacamole, french fries, green peppers, chicken, chips and cheese sauce. When we got home both boys took really long naps.  While they were napping I went to Bethpage for a home visit. On my way home I saw a baby about Sam's age sitting in the middle of a two lane, main road.  The speed limit was 55 MPH and she was sitting an area with double yellow line (very limited visibility).  I pulled over the first place I could find and started sprinting for the baby.  There were cars coming - luckily no one hit her.  I was scared to death.  About the time I reached her an adult came running up panicking and crying.  It was by far the weirdest thing that has happened to me in a long time.  My adrenaline was pumping and after it was all said and done I couldn't decide if I wanted to cry or throw up.

I picked the boys up at the gym where Michael was playing basketball.  When I walked in the boys were arguing about who got to bounce the ball.  Before we left Finn and Michael took a few laps around the gym.

When we got home we turned on Tarzan and the three of us (me, Sam and Finn) walked around like gorillas.  At one point Finn turned to me and said "why do they (Tarzan and Jane) have the same hair?  My response didn't clear the matter up because Finn then asked, "Is Tarzan a boy?"  He looked so confused.  I wish he had known Uncle David when he had long hair :)

While Finn and I were playing in the den I heard the obnoxious noise of a kitchen chair scooting across the floor.  I walk into the kitchen to find Sam elbow deep into the chips that I left on the table.


It has been a pretty normal week - school, JT's and work. Instead of a narrative of the day I have decided to post little snippets of things that have happened this week.

1. When I picked Finn up from school on Friday he told me all about his days - then he said the entire Pledge of Allegiance followed up immediately by the singing of the first verse of "My County Tis of Thee." 

2. On Thursday after picking Finn up from work I took him to Sonic for a half price cheeseburger.  Then we went to DCS to drop off a document.  As I was strapping him back in his seat he said - "when I get bigger I can sit in the front seat with you.  When I get even bigger I can drive other small people to Sonic."

3.  Sam is now saying "oh my goodness!"  He is also talking in full sentences (about three or four words).

4.  Finn does not get dessert most days at school because he refuses to eat his lunch.

5.  Finn said his bible verse to his teachers this week and received a "star."

6.  Finn and I took a long nap together today (Saturday).  Finn snuggled right up next to me the entire time - it was wonderful.

7. Sam is singing the "Super Why" song right now.

8.  Upon pulling into the driveway today Sam got really excited and said "HOME."  Then he cocked his head to the side and smiled the sweetest smile I have ever seen. 

9. Finn got his first timeout at school for running around the parking lot.

10. After picking Finn up from school on Wednesday we went straight to Judge Brown's office for a short meeting.  I brought Finn with me.  Judge Brown said hi to Finn and another lawyer complimented him on his tie.  Finn immediately falls to the floor and starts rolling around like a crazy person - I was so embarrassed.

11. On Saturday John, Lindsay and JT came over for lunch.  Finn and JT ate hotdogs, played on the swing set and played with toys. 

12.  Finn has been singing "Harry Potter in 99 Seconds" and "Lord of the Rings in 99 Seconds" all week.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Hannibal "Sam"ter

Today I decided to take Sam with me to court. I figured that I would be there 30 minutes tops so I thought it would be pretty safe to take Sam along.  Well 30 minutes turned into 3 and half hours.  We sat in the back room and played with some of my younger clients most of the time.  Sam was very good while we were in the back.  However, when my case was called Sam turned into a cannibal.  We were all standing before the Magistrate; I was holding Sam. All of a sudden Sam leaned into kiss me (or so I thought) - instead he bit my chin.  He chomped down very hard and would not let go.  My eyes filled with tears due to the blinding pain. Sam would not let go and seeing as how as I was in the middle of a court proceeding and I could scream out or hand Sam off.  Discretely, I jammed my fingers in Sam's mouth and tried to pry open his jaw.  When I finally got him off I expected blood to run down my chin.  Luckily no skin was broken but I expect to be sporting a bruise tomorrow. 

Sam was in a kissing mood all day.  We made several stops before court and at all of them Sam decided to show the world how much he loved his mother.  I had given him my keys to play with so his face smelled like metal the rest of the day - not a pleasant smell when getting a kiss.  It was sweet - but my face is chapped from all the kisses.

Later in the day we went to pick up Finn.  Sam loves going to Finn's school.  He wants to play with the other kids so badly.  He also gets really excited when he sees the "Cat in the Hat" posters.  He runs to them, points and yells "HAT"!

When we got in the car Finn told me all about his day. He said most of the "days of the week".  He leaves Thursday out every time.  We worked on the days of the week most of the way home.  After a while Finn began to tire.  We finally made it to the end of the week and Finn only had "Sunday" left to say.  He couldn't think of the word so he perked up and said "August?"  Wrong - but I am glad that Finn is working on months too.

This is also Finn's first week to memorize his bible verse.  I asked him if she could tell me his bible verse.  He nodded (yes) and said, "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America."  His actual bible verse is "in the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth."  We will keep working on it.  Next he sang a little bit of "My County Tis of Thee" and "I'm in the Lord's Army." 

I learned that starting this week he will have a Spanish class every Tuesday and a Music class every Thursday.  Finn ate all of his food today.  I was impressed until I learned that it was pizza day.

After dinner we all went outside.  Sam tried his best to mow the yard with the little mower.  The grass is so thick that the mower kept flipping over on him - but I gave him an "A" for effort.  Next we played on the swing set.  Finn will now swing really  high.  I asked him who taught him to swing so high and he said, "you did mom, because I love you I learn things from you."

Busy Weekend

This was a very busy weekend.  On Friday Sam and I took Finn to school.  Finn was excited to show Sam the new dinosaurs that his teacher bought for the class to play with.  His teacher even bought a special floor puzzle with Finn in mind.

Sam and I spent the rest of the day together.  First we met an opposing party at the bank to get some documents signed.  Then we went to drop off the alterations.  Sam loved the three way mirror.  He also loved the big basket of straight pins - he grabbed a handful but managed not to prick his hands or fingers.  While there, a man walked in and sat down on the couch.  He let out the deadliest fart I have ever smelled.  I know that he tried to blame it on Sam.  But as a parent you know what your children's flatulence smells like - this was NOT Sam and it was awful.

Next Sam and I went to Parker Uniforms to return a few shirts that Finn didn't need.  Sam was a bundle of energy and ran up and down the aisles.

It was fun to run around with Sam.  Before Sam was born I had a ton of time to just run errands with Finn.  It is harder to run errands with two (2) kids.  Sam better get ready for busy Mondays and Fridays. 

When we got home Sam took a long nap.  I woke him up a few minutes before it was time to pick up Finn.  Upon arriving at school we found Finn playing on the playground.  He ran to me and told me that he ate all of his lunch except for his chicken. (I told Finn that I would make pudding if he ate all of his lunch)  He told me he didn't eat his chicken because it was too ficy (spicy). I looked at him as if to day "yeah right."  His teacher confirmed that the chicken was too spicy for the kids. So when we got home we had pudding.

The night was pretty laid back.  Michael grilled hotdogs and we hotdogs, corn and peas.  Both boys ate well.

The next day was pretty busy too.  I had a home visit in White House at 8:00.  Finn, Sam and Michael went to the Beech Volleyball team carwash to support Courtney Apedaile and then they went shopping.  We spent the rest of the day cleaning and lounging.  At one point I had to get up in the attic to pull out an old pair of jeans.  From up in the attic I heard Finn yelling "no" to Sam.  I look down and see that Sam is more than half way up the ladder to the attic. I panicked.  We both got down the ladder without a scape, fall or broken bone.  I couldn't believe how fast Sam could climb up that ladder!

That night we went for dinner at Greg and Shelley's house.  Finn and Sam played well with Macey and Gabby.

On Sunday we met Grandad, Gigi, Cooper, Hank and Aunt Emily at Oprymills to see "Planes."  The boys were ruined at the first preview:  Dinosaurs 3D!  It looks awesome.  Sam was really scared at first.  He hugged my neck as tight as he could for the first 20 minutes.  He pressed his cheek to mine and cut his eyes back at the screen. When we finally chilled out he decided to eat popcorn.  I sat him the seat next to me and gave him a small bowl of popcorn.  He wasn't heavy enough to keep the folding seat down so he sat all scrunched up in "v" position - just as happy as could be eating popcorn.  When he was all finished he decided that he wanted to run down to front of the theater and watch "up close."  At that point I walked him out.  Dad and I switched in and out watching Sam.  Finn stayed for the entire movie but kept asking to go out into the hallway and see the big dinosaur poster.  Cooper was the best of them all.  He clapped so hard when "Dusty" won the big race (spoiler alert).

Next the boys rode one of the little rides at the mall. Then we went to eat lunch in the food court. Finn ate a cheese burger and Sam ate all of the broccoli out of GiGi's Chinese food.  Next they rode the carousel.  It was a really fun afternoon.  Oh, and Happy Birthday Gigi!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Chapel Day

Today was Finn's first Chapel Day at school.  They have Chapel every Wednesday at HCA and the children are required to wear their Chapel uniform.  At the open house on Thursday I believe I remember being told that the kids didn't have to wear their Chapel uniform this week because it was the first week.   When I dropped Finn off this morning I immediately noticed that all of the children were wearing their Chapel uniforms.  I panicked.  Then I remembered that Finn's Chapel Uniform was still in the trunk of my car wrapped in plastic!  I grabbed the bag and changed Finn in the "indoor play area."  Luckily no other parents came in.

When I started buttoning the shirt Finn looked at me and said, "I don't think this shirt is going to be very comfortable  mom." Comfortable or not - he looked cute.  We just need to get a belt for next week.

When I picked Finn up this afternoon I learned that his table manners are starting to catch on.  In the car I asked Finn a couple of questions.  He didn't answer.  I asked again - no answer. I asked Finn what was wrong and looked at me disdainfully.  After swallowing a "single" smarty (candy) he said, "Mom, we don't talk with our mouths full." 
Our new morning drop off set up is that I take Finn on my way to work and Michael takes Sam on his way to work.  I didn't see much of Sam until this afternoon when they got home.  We had a nice night.  I had to work a lot of the night preparing for trial - but the boys played nicely in the upstairs TV room. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

First Day of K3

August 5th, 2013, was Finn's first day of Pre-School at Hendersonville Christian Academy. The morning was much like any other morning.  Finn got up, ate breakfast and then we plastered his hair to his head with hairspray.  I even ironed his shorts.

Before setting out for the big day we took the customary "first day of school" pictures.  I decided that every year that Finn will "willingly" participate I will take his picture holding/standing next to a sign of what he wants to be when he grows up.  He aims high, this one.   This is not an LEB original - I stole it from an acquaintance on Facebook.

Finn decided that his "notice" was not quite finished.  He signed his name:  FNNI.

Next he took a picture with Daddy . . .

Then with Mommy. . .

And also with Sam.
Sam had no interest in standing still.  He was way more interested in getting his hands on that chalk board.
He was devastated when Finn blocked his advances.
Next we loaded the boys in the car and went to school.  Upon arrival we put Finn's backpack in his cubby - this includes his new pillow.  As a side story, HCA asked that we bring a small pillow.  I had a really hard time finding one.  We finally found something that would work at Kroger Marketplace.  It was not a real "bed" pillow, but instead a decorative pillow.  I made Finn try it out before I bought it.

Okay - back to the story.  When Finn walked into his classroom he went straight for the dinosaurs.  Before we left we took a picture of him with his teacher Ms. Jen.  He gave us big hugs (long hugs - I was afraid that he was going to cling to us for dear life), but he didn't shed a tear and let us go peacefully.

After dropping Finn off Michael went to work and Sam and I went back home.  It was kind of weird spending a whole day at home with just Sam; weird but enjoyable.  The biggest difference in staying home with Sam is that Sam slept half the day away.  I got a "ton" of work done.

Before going down for his nap Sam asked to watch "Tangled."  He walked up to me, said "Tangled." Then he said "hand" and reached for my hand.  We walked into the den and I turned it on for a few minutes.  He is so funny watching his movie.  The only time he moves a muscle is when he is dancing to the music.

Later in the day I went to pick up Finn.  When we pulled in Finn was out on the playground.  The K4 teacher walked up to me and told me that Finn did a great job.  She also said that his manners were impeccable and that he was a very sweet child.  I was so happy to hear that! She told me that he ate all of his food at lunch, that he took a great nap and that he didn't cry at all.  It sounds like it was a really successful first day.

On the way home Finn talked to Nana on the phone.  He told her a little about his day and then said in the sweetest voice, "Nana, do you know that I love you?"

When we got home I looked through Finn's school folder.  He had a paper that had all of things that he will be working on this week.  He will be learning Genesis 1-4, days of the weeks, etc.  They also sent home a lunch list.  It looks like Finn will be exposed to all sorts of new foods.

We got home around 4:00 and the boys played until bedtime.  Sam went to bed around 7:30 and Finn sat on the couch with me and watched the first hour of the Bachelorette.  Trying to explain the Bachelorette to Finn was like trying to explain "pig latin" to Fannie.  He just could not fathom this show.  This was a particularly teary episode - Finn kept asking, "why is she crying so much?"  Then he got curious about the roses.  "Will the other guy get a rose too?"  The thing that was most comical about watching the show with Finn was how affectionate he was.  Ever few minutes he would over at me and smile and say, "I love you so much mom."  Then he would kiss me on me on my cheek. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

School Supplies

On Saturday Finn came running into the bedroom around 7:30. He proceeds to touch my face to wake me up - this drives me crazy.  He cuddled in bed with us until 8:00 when we got up for breakfast.  We had a quiet morning; it was overcast so we lounged around the house until around 10:00 when I went out for a run.  Next we went to target to get Finn's school supplies.  We are not big Target shoppers but seeing as how it is the "tax free" weekend I assumed Wal-Mart would be teeming with people.

Since we have already purchased all of Finn's school workbooks, we really didn't have to get very much. We bought five (5) boxes of Kleenex. . .

Next we found the hand sanitizer, sunscreen and baby wipes.  After doing a bit of grocery shopping we looked for the fun stuff.

Finn picked out a Ninja Turtle blanket to use at naptime.

Unfortunately we didn't read the dimensions - this blanket is gynormous.  We decided to use it on Finn's bed instead (as he will be sleeping in a big bed in January) and use his frog blanket (from his toddler bed) at school.

We had a very successful trip.  Finn was so excited and in turn so sweet.  Sam sat in the buggy and pointed to lights the entire time.  The only thing that we couldn't find was the little pillow.  Finn did manage to find a very large bag of star shaped marshmallows.

When we got home the boys took long naps.  I too took a long nap - thanks to the Benadryl. After naps I cleaned up and then played dinosaurs with Finn.

Later in the evening we took the boys to the Sumner County Fair in Gallatin.  This was actually Gran's idea.  The night of Finn's open house Gran mentioned that she would take Finn to the fair.  After we got home from school Finn kept insisting that we got the fair.  He said over and over, "but Gran is waiting for me at the fair."

We arrived at the fair grounds at 7:00.  We looked at the horses while we were waiting for Gran.

After Gran arrived she and Finn rode the Ferris Wheel.  While they were waiting in line Finn ate cotton candy - the only REAL reason to go to the fair. 
I knew that Finn would like the Ferris Wheel - the rest of the night surprised me though.  I asked Finn if we wanted to ride the Tug Boat with me.  This ride is an adult ride - but it is not too scary.  Finn walked right up to the ride and stepped on.  He laughed all the way through the ride.  Knowing Finn as I do, I figured he would be scared to death and would never ride another Fair ride.  He told me that he had fun and wanted to ride more.

Before hitting the other rides Finn threw darts at balloons.  He threw six darts. Two of the darts hit the balloons and bounced off.  You know how hard it is to actually win a fair game.  I was impressed that Finn hit two of them.  For playing he won two (2) lime green dolphins; one for him and one for Sam.

Next it was time to ride again.  I asked Finn what he wanted to ride.  He walked right up the Himalaya and said, "that one."  He wasn't quite tall enough but we snuck on away.  Finn loved the ride when we were going forward.  I couldn't see him because the centrifugal force was so strong, but I could hear him laughing as hard as I have ever heard him laugh.  Michael said that he could see him the ground and said that he was having a ball!  Next Finn and Michael rode the Pirate Ship.  Finn stood in line and watched the ride and still didn't chicken out.  He loved this one too.  Looks like Finn has a little "County" boy in him after all. 

I had so much fun with Finn.  It was almost like I was hanging out with Finn at a much older age - 9 or 10.  On the way out Finn and Sam split a snow cone. 

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