Monday, May 31, 2010

David and Sharon's Wedding

Today David and Sharon got hitched. But before the "hitching" we had a big day. The day started with Finn helping me teach Sunday School. Midway through the lesson Finn started wiggling so hard that I couldn't hold on to him so I put him the floor next to the his stroller and continued on with teaching. Ever so often I would look down and see Finn playing quietly with the wheel of the stroller. Suddenly I heard this screech of panic. I look down to see that Finn has pulled himself up onto his feet but his hands were still on the wheel which was slowly but surely starting to move away from him. He had no idea what to do to get himself out of this predicament. Before I could act Finn had plopped belly first on the floor. He wasn't hurt, just a little scared.

After Sunday School we rushed home to put Finn down for his nap. We knew that we had a long day ahead of us so we wanted to let Finn sleep as long as possible. While Finn was napping Michael and I got ready for the wedding. At around 12:45 Michael got a call from David letting him know that groomsmen pictures were taking place within the next few minutes. When Michael got the call he was standing in the bathroom, in his boxers, brushing his teeth. We thought that pictures started at 2:45, so in a mad dash Michael jumps in the car and heads for the farm (which is approximately 35 minutes away). This left me to get everything ready. I knew that it would be a hot day so I packed the cooler with ice, cokes, water and food for Finn. Then I packed the booster seat and the some of Finn's little toys.

Next I went to wake up Finn and dress him for the wedding. Unfortunately the pants wouldn't even fit over Finn's thighs and hip, so on the way to the wedding Finn and I stopped at Dillard's to buy him an outfit.

Finn and I got to the farm at around 2:45. Right about the time we got there it started to rain. This was problematic because the wedding was an outdoor affair. We waited out the rain in the chapel with the other groomsmen. While there Edward played the keyboard while Finn danced to the music. He would hold Michael's hands and bounce with the rhythm. He definitely has more rhythm than his Mom. Next Finn took a turn at tickling the ivory.

After about 30 minutes Dad and Gina arrived. They came to hang out with Finn so that Michael and I could practice our song for the wedding and do other things in preparation for the ceremony.

Shortly after they arrived the skies cleared and the sun came out allowing for the sound equipment to be uncovered and Michael and I to sing a little.

Next we had our pictures taken with David and Sharon. By this time the sun had really warmed things up a bit and Finn was hot. This made for a fussy baby during picture time. The photographer was Stan Dunlap, Lindsey's dad (by way of background Lindsey is married to Chase and we sang at their wedding back in October). Just a quick plug, if you need pictures go to Stan Dunlap he is great and his lovely assistant/wife Julie can make any baby smile. Even a fussy, hungry, overheated one.

Right after the pictures were taken I took Finn up to a big barrel of ice water to cool him off. I gave him a chunk of ice to hold on to. After a few seconds of clutching the ice, Finn's hands started to hurt, but he didn't know how to remedy the situation. The common sense thing to do would be to drop the ice cube, but Finn hasn't developed a whole lot common sense yet so instead he looked at me and gave me the panicky cry. When I took the ice from him he started to feel much better.

By this time it was about 5:00 and the wedding was set to start in an hour. Much to every one's dismay we heard a huge crack of thunder and then it started raining. By 5:30 most of the guests had arrived and everyone stood under the awning to keep dry. At 6:30 David and Sharon made the decision to have the ceremony under the tent. In order to keep the bridal party dry several guests stood in a row and held umbrellas.

The wedding party entered to an instrumental version of "Can You Feel the Love Tonight."

The ceremony was officiated by Sharon's maternal grandfather. Right before the ceremony started David made a comment that the minister shared with the congregation. Quoting David, "I'm glad it rained because it make us all focus on what really matters." All the guest stood in the tent and watched as David and Sharon got married. Sharon looked absolutely beautiful. Despite everything it was a meaningful, sweet, beautiful and funny wedding. David even provided color commentary during the ceremony. Finn watched the wedding from the reception tent, but fell asleep on Dad's shoulder midway through.

One positive thing that I can say about the rain is that Michael and I didn't have to sing. The sound guy told us that if it rains the song is cut. Even though we would gladly sing for David and Sharon, we were both relieved that it didn't happen. I am not joking when I say the song sounded really bad during rehearsal.

After the reception started Sharon and David shared their first dance as a married couple. Sharon danced with her father to "Cinderella", David and Deniece danced to "Three Times a Lady" and David and Lydia danced as well.

During the reception Michael and I sat at a table with Brandon, Carissa, Chase and Lindsey. Finn sat behind us with Dad and Gina and ate pineapple. He attacked that pineapple with a vengeance. After he was done he took his pineapply hands and rubbed them all over my face and into my hair.

After dinner Sharon and her bridesmaids performed a choreographed dance. Sharon changed into a white version of her bridesmaid's dress and wore cowboy boots. After the choreographed portion of the dance was complete Deniece, Tina, Donna, and MiMi joined in. Chelsea was even able to pull James out onto the dance floor. Michael and Finn joined them for a few minutes as well.

Next came the toasts. Michael said a few words about David and Sharon and James asked everyone to raise a glass in honor of the happy couple. Next David grabbed the microphone and told everyone that Michael had always been a good mentor to him and that James has always been his best friend. He also thanked his mother and told her how much he loved her. He finished by saying that "she [Deniece] was his favorite person, well, that is, except for Sharon." The statement got him a pretty good laugh. Next, Sharon's Maid of Honor talked about how much she loved Sharon. Finally, Sharon thanked her family and friends for helping with the wedding. After the toast fireworks were released.

At around 9:00 Finn and I threw in the towel. It was a great night.

The "Nappster"

I am proud to say that for the first time (at least with us) Finn took a two hour nap in his crib without pitching a screaming fit.

Prior to the nap I tuckered Finn out by letting him help me reorganize all the drawers in the kitchen. I would pull things out to throw away and he would sit next to the pile and shove things into his mouth. He brings new mean to the old saying "one man's trash is another man's treasure."

After Finn woke up from his nap, Finn, Michael and I went through our closets and made piles to give to Goodwill. I don't think that Finn felt real good today because he whined and whimpered most of the day. I tried to get him to play with his toys but all he wanted to do was sit next to me and/or Michael, whatever the case may be. Finally we put in his farm video and I laid down next to him on the floor and we watched the video together. Every time I would move even the slightest bit Finn would roll over and put his hands on my face to make sure that I wasn't going anywhere. When he was satisfied that I wasn't leaving him he would roll back over and focus in on the video.

At around 5:00 I went to town to run a few errands and then Finn and I went to the grocery store. When we got back Michael left to have dinner with David and James on David's last night as a single guy.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Today Finn helped his Mama shop for something to wear to David and Sharon's wedding. When I went to pack the stroller I realized that Michael had the stroller in his car in Nashville. I had to get an outfit so Finn and I decided to go anyway.

Since I didn't have the stroller I had to carry Finn in one arm and shop with the other. Well, Finn is really heavy and quickly realized that I can't do any serious shopping without a stroller or a buggy. In desperation I decided to put Finn down next to me in the floor.
Finn had so much fun shopping. He chewed on every dress he could grab.
Once we got into the dressing room Finn spent his time licked the mirror and pulling all the tags off the clothes. Then he ate some yogurt sitting in the dressing room floor.

Next Michael met the two of us for lunch at the food court. Afterwards Finn and I grabbed the stroller from Michael's car and we went strolling at Dillards.

Next Finn accompanied me to the dry cleaners, a random lawyer's office, Wal-Mart and finally to New York and Co. In all we were gone 5 hours. This is the longest that Finn has ever gone without nursing, well at least while he is with me.

When we got home Finn and I got dressed and we went to David and Sharon's wedding rehearsal. A few minutes into the rehearsal it started to rain so Finn and I stayed on the porch. Notice the umbrella that Michael is holding. I feel so sorry for the poor little girl that Michael stole the umbrella from.

While everyone else was rehearsing Finn swung on the porch swing.

After the rehearsal we went to Fulin's for the rehearsal dinner. While at the dinner, Finn spent some time hanging out with his Uncle Charlie.
Finn and I also successfully grossed James and Chelsea by sharing baby pears. The dinner was wonderful; the beef and broccoli was the best I have ever eaten.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Today was Finn's first day to go back to Victoria's since the surgery. Michael dropped him off before he went to work. When I walked into my office today I was startled to see a a bird hanging on the window. After I caught it I let it go outside. 30 minutes later I walked back into my office and I found another bird. Caught that one too!

After work I went to pick Finn up from Victoria's house. I was so excited to pick him up. I was sure that after going 9 long hours he would be ecstatic to see me. When I walked in I waited for the big Finn smile. Instead he just looked at me like he was really upset with me. I don't get it, Michael dropped him off, if anything he should be mad at Michael. After a few minutes Finn perked up and seemed genuinely happy to see me.

Next we went to meet Michael at Danny's to get our hair cut. Danny has been cutting our hair for the past five (5) years, but today was the first time Finn met Danny. Danny took a look at Finn's hair and told us that he has a double crown cow lick. He also called dibs on giving Finn his first professional hair cut.

When we got home I gave Finn a bath while Micheal went to get dinner (I forgot to plug the crock pot in and our chicken was still raw). Before the bath, Finn spent some time playing on toilet. After the bath we went downstairs to discover that we were out of diapers. I remembered that I had several in the diaper bag so I didn't bother to panic until I realized that the diaper bag was in the car with Michael. Thankfully I was able to dig around and find a lone diaper in Finn's room.

During dinner Finn played in the TV cabinet. He pulled out all of the DVDs along with everything else in the cabinet. He looks so serious when he plays in the cabinet. It is almost like he thinks he is doing something really important.

I put Finn to bed awake tonight and he didn't cry at all. Five minutes later I went back into his room to check on him and he was still awake. He looked up at me and didn't even cry. I was so impressed.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No News is Good News

Or so they say. Not a lot happened today so I am just going post a few pictures.

To sum up, I woke Finn up this morning at 7:00. When I went into his room he was laying on his side. I am going to give it one more night and if he continues to roll over we will have to try something else. I left the house around 8:30 and was gone until 5:00. Finn went to the Farm today to help with wedding preparations, so he didn't make it home until after 6:00. I was going to start going to a new bible study lead by my good friend Regina. The bible study started at 7:00 and I would've had to leave the house at 6:45 so I decided to wait and go next week. I wish there were more time in the day.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Addison's Third Birthday Party

Today Mama took me with her to Sunday School. I definitely want to go to Mama's Sunday School class instead of going to the nursery because I got to see all the girls and they brought me a ton of food. They waited on me hand and foot and best of all I got to see Victoria. I sat in my booster chair next to Mama and tried my best to behave. I lasted 15 whole minutes. I am certain that my Mama was proud of me. She later told me she wasn't.

After church Mama and Dad took me to Verizon Wireless. Aunt Em gave Mama her old phone and Mama went to have it hooked up. I fell asleep in the car so Dad stayed with me while Mama went in. She was in there forever . . . thanks Aunt Em.

Next Mama and Dad took me to the loudest place on earth . . . Chuck E. Cheese for my buddy Addison's birthday party.

It was so much fun . . . well that is at first. I got to ride on this frog thing that went in circles. I overheard Dad say that he was dizzy from following me around.
Next Mama put me on the race horse. Dad didn't think it was a good idea because he thought I was too little. I probably am, but Mama insisted. She held on to real tight.
It was smooth sailing until Dad put a quarter in the horse and it took off. I had to hold on for dear life. Then when I thought it couldn't get any worse that horse jumped.
When the horse stopped I was so happy to be safe and sound that I reached for the first person I saw . . . Chase. I haven't really wanted to hang out with too many people since I got my head shaved. Mom and Dad were shocked that I wanted to see Chase. But they shouldn't be, Chase is funny.
Next I got my picture taken and they put in on a credit card thingy that said "backstage pass." It was a terrible picture of me. Dad thought I looked like a ghost.
Then we went to look at the weird monkey thing. It scared me a little bit.
Finally, I flew a jet.
Next we went to eat Pizza. This where things started to go South. Right next to the table was a huge purple gorilla that played the drums - he had a band with him too. I didn't like it one bit. I didn't cry, but I had my eye on those guys. Then this big mouse called Chuck E. came out and sang to Addison. I liked him from a distance but Mama made me get my picture taken with him.
She really should have known better.
Mama is mean.
Happy Birthday Addison!!! Thank you for inviting me to your birthday party, I had a great time!

Mama here. Today was the first time I have ever seen Finn act jealous. While Michael was holding Finn I picked up Giada (Jeremy and Martha's daughter). When Finn saw me hold he Giada, he went from being happy and pleasant to needy and fussy. He immediately reached for me and started crying.

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