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Traveling to Fort Walton Beach with Will

On Friday, after Sam's field trip, we loaded the van and the five of us headed to the Begley Family vacation in Destin, Florida. The boys were so excited!  Michael and I on the other hand were a little nervous about the prospect of riding all the way to Florida in the car with Will.  Since we waited until after the field trip, our drive didn't start until 3:00.  This put us going through Nashville at rush hour.

After we felt that we had managed to make it through all of the weekend rush hour traffic, we stopped at Hardees for dinner.   Even though he had only been in the car a little over an hour, Will was ecstatic to be out. While we were waiting on our food we let Will run around all over the restaurant (we were the only one in there at the time).

We forgot to bring in his shoes so he ran around in his socks.  You should have seen the bottom of those socks.  Gag.

After supper we made a big parenting decision - we turned Will's car seat around to face the front.  He was t…


Last week the boys went with Gran to get their Halloween costumes.  When they got home they decided to model them for me.
Sam as "The Flash."

Finn as "Wolverine"

I need to get my kids in acting.  Not really - I don't want them to be actors.  All I really mean is that they are just so natural.


Will cried most of last week.  I am not exaggerating.  If he was home - he was crying.  One night I was so tired of the crying that I put Will in his bed so that I could cook dinner.   It seemed to work.  He wasn't crazy about getting in his bed, but he didn't cry too long so I assumed all was well. 

A few minutes later I heard a very loud "thunk." Michael, Sam and Finn were in the garage working out so I assumed Michael had dropped a weight and went about my business.  After getting dinner finished up I went upstairs to get Will.  When I opened the door to his room I was surprised when his whole body fell into the hallway.  It was at this moment that I realized that the very loud "thunk" was Will falling out of his crib.  I have no idea how he fell - it could have been head first or he could have fallen onto his bottom - no idea.  I was just glad he wasn't hurt. That night we lowered his bed from the medium position to the lowest position.

Here is Will…

Homecoming 2017

Last Friday was Homecoming.  Just like in years past, the elementary school children (or maybe I should say their parents) built floats.  The parade always takes place at Drake's Creek Park in Hendersonville.  Sam was very excited to see that Papa was able to come.

Keeping in line with Homecoming week, the floats were decorated by the decade.  Finn's decade was the 80s. I could not let an opportunity like this pass me be by so I went to Wal-Mart and bought red, white and blue duct tape and made Finn some Rocky IV shorts.  They were not easy to make - but the final results were well worth the frustration.  Finn was so excited to see them - as so was his friend Jack for that matter.  Finn was really proud to wear those shorts.  He smiled the whole time. 

 A mother's job is never done.  Especially when said Mother didn't make an allowance for Finn's bottom in the duct taped shorts. Anytime he bent forward the seams would pop. 

Sam's decade was the 50s. He wasn&#…

Spirit Week 2017

Well . . . the most dreaded of all weeks is now behind me.  Spirit Week.   Yes, I dread this week - not because it isn't fun, but because it is a lot of work.  Particularly for a mom who procrastinates and attempts to throw something together the night before.  I wasn't much of a "participator" growing up, so these kinds of things are way out of my comfort zone.  I don't want my boys to be like me, so I encourage them to really have fun with Spirit Week.  .

This year's theme was centered around the different looks from the decades - 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's.

THE 50's:

THE 60's:

THE 70's.  

Sam was sweatsuit Rocky from the original 1976 ROCKY.  Finn was Rocky from ROCKY II.  Sam did not get the reference.  

THE 80's:

Sam was Ivan Drago from Rocky IV, complete with the hammy and sickle of the former Soviet Union. We were a little nervous to send Sam to school decked out like a Russian nationalist - but, against our better judgm…