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A Few Moments with the Boys

Will watching Moana - his new favorite. Seriously, we watch Moana all the time.

Sam, dressed like Ty from "Dude Perfect."  He came down to breakfast with his hat on backwards.  He said, "Mom, I am Ty."

More Moana with Finn.  Finn loves to snuggle with Will.  Will usually fights to get away from Finn.  However, on this rare occasion, Will humored Finn.

Watch Long Hollow Christmas with Daddy.

Sick Day

On Monday night, Will fell asleep while drinking his bottle.  This never happens.  I thought to myself, I wonder if he is getting sick. 

Yes . . . he, in fact, was sick.  Nothing major, but he cried the next morning for almost a full 30 minutes when I first got him out of bed.  He had a terrible cough and a ton of congestion.  I probably could have taken him to school, but I wasn't feeling great either so be both decided to work from home that day.  Will napped and watched Moana and I drafted a contract while sitting on the couch, wrapped in a blanket and sitting on top of a heating pad.

That evening we took the boys to Kid's Night at Blue Coast and then to do Christmas shopping, both for their Christmas parties at school and also for each other.  Michael and Sam took Will and went to Target to buy for Finn, while Finn and I went to Ulta to get a few gifts - then we switched.  The boys were excited to buy gifts for each other.  They used their own money and really tried to ge…

When you give a Boy a Sharpie

Last weekend, the boys stayed the weekend at Nana and Papa's house.  On Sunday, while on the phone with mom coordinating the pickup schedule, I overheard Sam say "Nana, I need a Sharpie."  I then overheard as Nana gave said Sharpie to Sam with very little inquiry.  The results were priceless.

Begley Christmas

On Saturday the 16th - we went to Gran and Pa's house for the Begley family Christmas.  We had a great day.  We started with a big breakfast.  Will was starving so we let him get started early.  He did a pretty good time sitting in the big chair.

Finn, Sam and Michael sat at the kid's table.

Our best attempt at a group picture.

This was Will's first Christmas of the year, so I wasn't sure how he would do with opening gifts.  He took to it with no issue at all.  He loved opening presents.

His favorite present was Tickle Me Elmo.  He was so excited - he squealed and ooh'ed and gasped.

He opened the rest of his presents holding Elmo.

Sam sat a my feet and opened his gifts.

After presents we went outside and flew the drones and rode the dune buggy.  Then we all sat in the den and played with toys.  It was a great day.

Jody’s Birthday

My 2017 Discipleship group.

Last Sunday, Michael and I met our friends Elena and Dustin and Jody and C.J. for dinner at BarTaco in Nashville to celebrate Jody's birthday.  We always have a fun time when we get together with this group.

HCA Christmas Party Day

Friday was a big day.  All three boys had Christmas parties at school and Judge Brown's retirement party was that night.  The morning started, as it often does, with Finn laying in my bathroom floor while I do my hair and makeup.  He comes into my bathroom every morning and we talk for about 30 minutes.  On this particular morning, I turned some music on to have in the background.  Finn got ill with  me and told me to turn it off - that he just wanted to talk to me.   I often forget that it won't be like this forever - there will come a time (in the not too distant future) where Finn won't want to hang out with me every second of the day. But for now, I will enjoy it.

Will found a picture of Finn and Sam - grabbed it - and started walking around the house with it.  He was so precious looking at his brothers.

Before going over to HCA, I dropped Will off at daycare.  This is his teacher, Miss Jazz.  I really like Miss Jazz and Will loves her.  She is so patient and sweet.  …