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Working with Mom

On Thursday night Grandad and Gigi came up to visit.  They brought Pizza and dad held Will for hours.

On Friday, Will came to work with me for the first time.  He did great!  He slept all morning in his carseat and I wore him all afternoon in the wrap.

On Saturday we took the boys to church to listen to a lecture on Dinosaurs and the Bible by Ken Ham.  Finn found it pretty interesting.  Sam tuned out for most of it. However, he became extremely interested when Mr. Ham showed pictures of hippo and elephant bottoms. (you had to be there).  Sam, Finn and Jack all laughed so loud and had the hardest time calming down after that.

After church we went to dinner with Dustin/Elena and Shelley/Matt and Eric/Amanda and their children.  Then Finn went home with Jack for his first sleepover (away from home).  By all reports he did great.  He and Jack allegedly stayed up until 2:00 a.m. watching "Honey I Shrunk the Kids." 

First Day of Work

Wednesday, July 20th was my first day back at work.  It wasn't as traumatic as I had feared.  When I got to the office it was almost like I had only been gone for a long weekend.  I was able to get back in the swing of things pretty easily.  I stayed busy enough that I didn't really miss him all that much either.

When I got home he was snuggling with Gran.  When he heard my voice he started bobbing his little head around to try to see him.  It was so sweet.

Check out those long arms.

Due Date

On Sunday we took Will to all three services.  We have our adult Sunday School at 8:00, I teach middle school at 9:30 and then we had service at 11:15.  I wore him in Aunt Sharon's wrap and he did really good.  He cuddled up next to me for the almost four (4) hours we were there and didn't make a peep. I did feed him twice; once during Sunday School and at the end of the service.
After church we went to Blue Coast for lunch where Finn somehow got me and Daddy to arm wrestle at the table.  I smoked Michael (I really didn't). 
Once home we all took naps and hung out the rest of the day.

On Monday, Will and I stayed home all day and cuddled.  I go back to work on Wednesday so I wanted to soak up as much snuggling as I could.  I also finished the entire series of Downton Abbey. 
Monday was also Will's actual due date.  I thought about this pretty regularly during the day and got a little bit weepy.  I am not sad to go back to work, I just know that this is my last materni…

Family Resemblance

Just a few baby pictures of the boys.





There was a time when I was pregnant that I was disappointed in myself for waiting so long to have another child.  Finn and Sam are so close - I believe because they are close in age. I felt like I cheated Will out of having a close bond with his brothers.  Well, this may still be the case, but I have found joy in watching Finn and Sam interact with Will.  When Sam was born Finn was two years and four months old and was too little to be very interested in Sam.  This time, with Finn being six (almost seven) and Sam at 4 and half, they are very interested in their new brother.  It is so nice to see how they interact with him.  Yesterday at church, after picking the boys up from Sunday School, neither boy would even consider walking to the car until they had each had an opportunity to hug and kiss Will.  The funny thing about this is that we didn't pick them up at the same time.  We picked Sam up first and then went upstairs to get Finn.  Regardless, they both wanted to spent a mome…

Visit with the Vaughn Family

On Friday my family from Sparta came to visit us.  Finn, Sam, Will, Nana and I met them at Chef's Market in Goodlettsville for lunch.  Granny, Laura, Tracey, Kara, Bruce and Jack all came up. Emily and her boys met us too. Lunch was really good.  Will slept the whole time.

After lunch we all came back to my house.  It was there first time to see my new house so I was able to show them around.  They also brought gifts for Will.  Kara's gift was so great.  She had cut up three gallon bags of  chicken tenderloin and provided all the fixings for a quick and easy dinner.  It was so nice.

All of the boys played together while the girls sat in the den and talked.  It was such a nice time and I am so glad that they came up.

Later than evening we all went to Babies-R-Us.  I decided to get a fancy baby monitor for Will since his room is upstairs.  Thank you Laura, Tracey and Melissa.  Your gift went to pay for the monitor.  I also shopped a little bit for Will.  I got him some premmie …