Friday, July 1, 2016

Second Pediatrician Appointment

On Thursday mom and I took Will back to the pediatrician for a jaundice check and weight check.  Finn must have heard us up and stirring and came to get in bed with Michael and Will.

Since Will was fussing, I asked Finn to snuggle with him. 

The pedatrician appointment did not got as well as I had hoped.  I assumed it was mostly a jaundice check. Well, his jaundice had not gotten any worse, but his weight was the more pressing issue.  He hasn't gained a pound since we left the hospital.  He still weighs 6 pounds.  The pediatrician asked me to supplement him with formula at every feeding.  We were instructed to feed him every 3 hours. He told us to come back in the next day for another weigh in. I was really upset by the news.  Being a bit of a worry wort I spent the rest of the day pretty nervous and admittedly, weepy. 

Mom made chicken nuggets for dinner and we all ate together.  Then we went to Dairy Queen for ice cream.  It was nice to get out.  I was pretty down all day so the family trip to the DQ was a good pick- me - up. 

Will and I slept upstairs again.  He did much better this time.  In between feedings, he slept in the bassinet without fussing. 

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