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Susie Homemaker

Today Finn discovered the dishwasher.
He was caught off guard by the the rolling dish rack.

He ended up pulling a spoon out and dropped it on the floor. He worked really hard to recover that spoon.

Next Finn reacquainted himself with the door stop. He then proceeded to pull the white tab off and put it in his mouth. Needless to say all of our doorstops are "tabless" now.

The Summit

I lost Finn this morning. I was sitting on the couch, half awake, drinking a cup of coffee when I noticed that Finn was not in his usual spot. Before sitting down with my coffee I set Finn down on a blanket in the middle of the living room floor. I figured that he had just wandered a few feet to the right or left, but a quick scan revealed nothing. Moments later I heard the pitter-patter of little hands slapping the floor behind me. Finn had made his way behind the couch and according to this body language, was contemplating climbing the stairs. I really wasn't all that concerned because Finn had just started crawling the day before; there was no way that he was going to be able to climb those stairs. I clearly underestimated the power to peer pressure. It was at that moment Kodiak darted past Finn and ran up the stairs. Much to my shock and horror, Finn started climbing after him.

Upon seeing that Finn was actually able to climb, I did what any careful parent…

Pool Party

After forcing Finn to crawl around all day he was understandably tired and took a quick nap in my lap.When I tried to put him in this crib, one little eye popped open, he got a good look at me and started screaming.I knew that a nap was a lost so I went ahead and got him up.Shortly thereafter MJ, Zac and Cooper came to pool to swim.Finn and I went to the pool for about 15 minutes on our way a Sunday School pool party at Sam’s house.It was so much fun hanging in the pool with the girls and the Finnster.Present at the party was Sam, Shelby, Monica, Kristina, Sidney, Lindsey and Courtney. We played pool volleyball, ate snacks and dunked Finn.That’s right, we blew on his face and dunked him under the water. He didn’t cry at all.It kind of reminded me of the Shirley Temple movie “The Little Colonel” when she dunked the boy and asked “are ya saved?”Finn only stayed for about 45 minutes for before Michael came to pick him up.Right before he got there Finn was really tired and just wanted me …

A New Era (6/26/10)

Today was a great day!Finn and I got up at around 6:30 and we both ate breakfast.After breakfast I took Finn upstairs while I walked on the treadmill. Normally when I walk on the treadmill I put in the den floor and let him play with this toiletry basket.

When I was about 90% finished walking I noticed that Finn was no longer sitting next to his basket, but instead he was crawling warp speed toward the treadmill. Okay, I may have exaggerated a little bit; he was making pretty good time.

Before I knew it Finn had made it to the treadmill and was attempting to put his fingers on the belt. Scared that he would get his hands caught in the belt I picked him up held him for the last part of my workout.

I was so excited to see Finn crawl, but more so I was thankful that I was able to be with him when he crawled for the first time.After I got off the treadmill we rushed into the bedroom to wake Michael up to tell him the good news.Next we returned to the site of our big accomplish…

Friday with Finn

Today Nana came to keep Finn and Cooper while MJ and I went to the pool.We had a nice day to lay out, but I got a little bit red.Sunbathing Tip # 1, never lay out with a person that has recently spent a week in the Dominican Republic; you can’t keep up. While we were at the pool Mom stayed with Finn and Cooper.After we got back from the pool we all went to have lunch at Blue Coast.FYI, the highchairs at Blue Coast are terrible.Finn couldn’t sit in them without sliding forward.Finally, I ended up giving him a tortilla chip and put him in the floor. At this point it has to be painstakingly obvious that I am not a germaphobe. After Mom and MJ left I gave Finn a bottle and we rocked until Michael came home with dinner.

Copy Cat

Today Finn got a wonderful surprise, Victoria and JT came to pick Finn up from the house and take him on a car ride. He got to sit in JT's big car seat and everything. When we first put him in the car he acted a little nervous, he kept looking at me as if to say, "I'm not going to cry but I would prefer for you to stay within my line of sight."

After a few minutes we all started raising our hands, including JT. It was at this point that Finn decided that this arrangement wasn't so bad after all.

When Finn got home this afternoon he was so happy to see me. He was also in a great mood which is surprising given the fact that he only took a one hour nap.

At some point while feeding Finn his green beans and potatoes, I must have put my hands on my head in complete and utter frustration (seriously a very messy combination). The next thing I know Finn is putting both hands on his head and laughing. Once he gets his hands on his head he takes his right hand and taps…


Tonight Michael is out of town so it is just me and the Finnster. He always behaves beautifully when we are here by ourselves. When I got home from work I gave Finn a bottle and he laid down in the floor and drank the whole thing without fussing or fidgeting. He laid there quietly, drank his bottle and watched the 5:00 news.
Afterward Finn took a turn on his new toy. He got this toy as a baby gift, but he is just now old enough to play with it. It takes four (4) D batteries. Of course, I don't have D batteries laying around so Finn will just have to make due until I can get to the store. Luckily he is a baby and has no idea of what this toy is actually capable of doing. For now, ignorance is bliss. He especially likes the ladybug post because when he pushes it down the monkey pops out of the palm tree.

Even though Finn was pretty interested in his new toy, he still prefers to play with random items around the house, i.e. paint brushes, measuring cups, door stoppers (he lea…