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This morning after taking my medicine I turned around to see Finn sitting in my seat (the seat I always sit at during dinner). He was sitting very still and very politely asked for something to eat. He wanted dry cereal so I poured some out for him. I asked him to go sit in his chair and he responded, "no, sit here." Since he wasn't acting like an orangutang I decided to let him. Surprisingly Finn sat there the entire time without incident.

Well, Finn has learned to "fake" smile. I didn't even have to prompt him this morning, I just put the camera on him and started doing this smile. I knew this was coming. It was cute today, but I'm sure after two years of this it will get old. I will take some time to enjoy it though because I presume it is a milestone for a toddler.
Next Finn and I went to store to get a few things for our cookout with Greg, Shelley, Macey T. and Gabby. While at the store Finn spotted the Pop-Tarts and everyone in the s…

Barnes and Noble - A,K,A

Finn's new favorite place. Today was a Finn and Mama day and after a long day of sitting a home, we got in the car and made the trip to Barnes and Noble. The purpose of the trip was to buy a book for me, however the minute we walked in the door Finn was mesmerized. First we saw the Harry Potter display. He yelled "MOVIES" and took off toward them. Then we ran over to the children's section. Finn very quickly found the "Thomas" and trucks section. We sat in the floor and looked at Thomas books for about 30 minutes. Then we found the Mecca of Barnes and Noble - the Thomas the Train table train set. Finn played with the train set for a while until a little girl came up and wanted to to play too. The little girl ran over to Finn, gave him a side hug, and said "I like this baby." In response Finn grabbed his crouch and said and "poo poo." We certainly don't have to worry about Finn being a "ladies man."

Next we went …