This morning after taking my medicine I turned around to see Finn sitting in my seat (the seat I always sit at during dinner). He was sitting very still and very politely asked for something to eat. He wanted dry cereal so I poured some out for him. I asked him to go sit in his chair and he responded, "no, sit here." Since he wasn't acting like an orangutang I decided to let him. Surprisingly Finn sat there the entire time without incident.

Well, Finn has learned to "fake" smile. I didn't even have to prompt him this morning, I just put the camera on him and started doing this smile. I knew this was coming. It was cute today, but I'm sure after two years of this it will get old. I will take some time to enjoy it though because I presume it is a milestone for a toddler.
Next Finn and I went to store to get a few things for our cookout with Greg, Shelley, Macey T. and Gabby. While at the store Finn spotted the Pop-Tarts and everyone in the store new about it. Next went home about put on a bottle of sunscreen and headed toward the pool.

The pool was a bit of a disappointment. All across the pool you could see babies crying, parents flinching and kids mindlessly jumping it. It was freezing. Michael and I both lost our breath just by putting our feet in the water. I don't know if I have ever felt pool water that cold. Finn put one toe in and immediately said "all done." He wanted nothing to do with that cold water. We were able to get him to put his feet in the water and splash around, but when Michael put him in up to his waist he screamed. I felt so bad for him. Unfortunately our pool trip only lasted about an hour.

The essence of our day at the pool. With as much as we pay in homeowner's fees, you'd think we could get a heated pool.

He was so tired on the trip back home.

Then we all started getting ready for our guests. Finn went to gran and pa's house while I cooked and cleaned and Michael mowed and picked weeds. Around 4:00 Greg and Shelley arrived and we all ate. Finn and Macey T. played for a couple of hours and then Finn fell asleep in my lap.