Today Finn and I went to visit his cousins. First we made a quick trip up to Springfield to file some paperwork. Finn flirted with the clerks the entire time.

Next we went to visit Hank. Finn was surprising very friendly. I was so happy. Unfortunately when he is friendly he is also rambunctious - he didn't quite ransack the place but he bring touch everything he could get his hands on; except for Hank that is. He was extremely ambivalent about Hank. The best part of the visit was when Finn got big gourd stuck under MJ's coffee table. It was hilarious - I wanted to run and get my camera but he sounded so scared that I decided to help him instead.

After we left we met Dad for lunch off the dollar menu at Wendy's. Once home Finn took a 35 minute nap and then sat with me for about an hour. I don't think he feeling very good - he had six bowel movements today.

In other news, Finn watched about a fourth of Calamity Jane last night. He loved the music, but got extremely bored in between songs. He also has started to run to the window when we leave him at Victoria's and wave bye. Michael called me on Wednesday to tell me. He said it was really sweet.