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We Call "him" John Cena

Well, I spent my Christmas money!
This may be the best purchase I have ever made.  I turn him on and he vacuums for almost 2 hours. You would not believe the amount of dust and debris on my floors at any given time.  My floors have never looked better.  He even gets in corners and cleans the bottom of the base boards.  I spent the first few days following him in around in complete awe.

Given his stellar performance, we decided to call him "John Cena."

Finn's First 5K

On Saturday Finn and I woke up really early and met Grandad and Gigi in Nashville for the 2017 Hot Chocolate 5K.   Finn has been training for months - NOT!  Finn hasn't trained at all - so I was pretty sure that this would be an awful experience for both Dad and Finn.  I really thought that Finn would run about a quarter of a mile and then Dad would have to drag him the rest of the way.

Well kiddos, I was wrong. Finn did great! He ran about 2.5 miles and finished strong.  I was really proud of him.  He had plenty of support along the route as well.  Being seven (7) random runners "high fived" him, cheered him on, and one guy even came up and rubbed his head.

Enjoying the spoils. 

After his race, Finn then went straight over to play the last two quarters of his basketball game.  He was so tired, but played really good nonetheless.  The next morning he told me that his legs hurt.

Sam and the Fat Man

This past Saturday was Sam's fourth basketball game.  This time he was paired up with a little boy that was at least a head taller and probably 50 pounds heavier.   Sam was none to pleased to guard and, in turn, be guarded by a boy that was much bigger that he.  During the first several possessions, Sam let his angst be known to all in the gym.  As he ran past Michael (who is also one of his coaches) he yelled repeatedly and loudly: "WHY DO I HAVE TO GUARD THE FAT KID!"  Patrons sitting in the bleachers thought it was hilarious.  I just put my head down and hoped the "fat kid's" parents were not sitting right next to me.

The rest of the day was a blur.  Will woke up the night before at 3:00 a.m. and did not go back to sleep, plus Finn and I had left for Nashville at 5:30 to meet Grandad and Gigi.  So by the time we got home from the game, I was exhausted.  I think that Will and I took a four (4) hour nap.

Later that evening the boys went to Gran and Pa…

Now Finn is Sick!

On Monday at basketball practice Finn started to feel bad. So bad, that he sat out the last half of practice.  On the way home we had to stop the van so that he could throw up on the side of the road. We knew that we couldn't take him to school the next morning, and we had no childcare options so Finn had to come to work with me. Ordinarily I would just stay home with him.  However, I had a final hearing the next morning that I could not cancel.

Sam was not happy about Finn going to work with me.  Before leaving for school Sam said, "Mom, went I get to school I am going to tell Ms. Mandy that I am sick.  She will take my temperature and then she will call you to come get me. Then you will take me to work with you."  His plan was detailed - but he didn't realize that he had just exposed his devious scheme.

We got to my office around 8:30.  Finn hung out at my office while I went down to the Courthouse for my hearing.  Luckily I was only gone around an hour so he didn…

48 Hours of Bodily Fluids

Well, poor Will was sick all last weekend.  It started Thursday afternoon with some orange vomit and continued to late Saturday afternoon.  However, he decided to also incorporate a little diarrhea, just to mix it up a bit. Even with all the fluid evacuation, he didn't seem to feel too bad.  He was really lethargic and slept on me most of the weekend. It was so nice for me - really, it was.  I never tire of snuggling with a sweet baby.

He is sitting pretty solidly now. 
Mom also spent the night with us this weekend and took Sam out to spend his birthday money. He bought "Cars" gear.  Here he is playing with his color change car. 

This is Will helping me clean up Finn's room.  

Wigs with Friends

On January 27th we celebrated Sam's birthday at Circus World.  He invited his cousins, Jack and John Matthew and a few friends from school.  They had a great time! They did the jumping trampoline thing/go carts/laser tag and bowling.

Oh, and check out Finn's take on Steve Urkel. Finn decided that he did not want to attend Sam's birthday party wear in his school uniform so he brought changing clothes.  He did not run his changing clothes by me before leaving the house.  

That next morning we got up and met Grandad and Gigi at Dunkin Donuts for breakfast.  Then we went over to watch the boys play basketball. 

On Sunday I went to my close friend Robyn's house.  She has been diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer.  We went over to lend moral support as her shaved her head.  Then we played with her wigs. 

Eating . .. sort of

Well, we are making some progress with Will's eating.  It is slow going ... really slow going.  He is seven and half months old and it is still hit or miss.  He hates green bean - but I don't blame him.  He tolerates carrots, sweet potatoes and oats. Tolerating is really the best I can hope for right now. Here's to less picky eating in the future.

Surprise sickness

When I picked Will up from daycare yesterday, I was informed that several babies had gone home throwing up.  Thirty minutes later - Will threw up too - in the car! It was so gross and so smelly.  The boys were really upset. For a minute, I thought they would throw up from the smell.  Luckily, we were on our way to the dentist so they quickly forgot about Will's vomit and started panicking about the dentist.  You see, I had kept this little tidbit from them until right before time to go.  This spared me days of whining.

Oh, and Will just started eating carrots.  That is why he is orange. 
When he got to the dentist's office I took Will in to change him.  When I pulled his only spare outfit out of the diaper bag I notice that the "do not steal me" hard, plastic tag was still attached.  Perfect.  I decided that he would just wear nothing.  So he sat in my lap, wearing nothing but his diaper all while throwing up into a baby blanket.  It was a make it work moment.  And o…