Now Finn is Sick!

On Monday at basketball practice Finn started to feel bad. So bad, that he sat out the last half of practice.  On the way home we had to stop the van so that he could throw up on the side of the road. We knew that we couldn't take him to school the next morning, and we had no childcare options so Finn had to come to work with me. Ordinarily I would just stay home with him.  However, I had a final hearing the next morning that I could not cancel.

Sam was not happy about Finn going to work with me.  Before leaving for school Sam said, "Mom, went I get to school I am going to tell Ms. Mandy that I am sick.  She will take my temperature and then she will call you to come get me. Then you will take me to work with you."  His plan was detailed - but he didn't realize that he had just exposed his devious scheme.

We got to my office around 8:30.  Finn hung out at my office while I went down to the Courthouse for my hearing.  Luckily I was only gone around an hour so he didn't too bored. On my way back I stopped at Sonic and picked him up a drink.  He was so excited.

After I got back from the office, Finn and I met Michael for some Chik-Fil-A.  I had so much fun having Finn at work with me.