Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend at Nana and Papa's

Finn spent much of last week at Nana and Papa's house.  He had a great time mowing, swinging and lounging.

One really neat thing that Finn did was to sleep outside, all night, in Nana and Papa's treehouse/swingset platform.

 I think that Mom is talking to me on the phone in this picture.  Specifically she is telling me, "Well . . . I need to tell you about Finn's foot."  Just what you want to hear.  Apparently Finn dropped an ax on his toe.  It was bleeding pretty badly so Papa took him to the ER.  Mom wasn't home at the time and decided to meet them at the hospital. Always the pragmatist, Nana cleaned the toe up and saw that the cut wasn't that bad.  Or as Monty Python would say, "tis but a flesh wound."  They took him back home, cleaned it up good and bandaged him up.  Finn was good as new by the time he got home on Wednesday.

 Watching TV with Papa.  Isn't Papa a good sport!

Practice Makes Perfect

For the last couple of weeks, we have been tracking down the elusive ice cream truck.  We can hear its music blaring all over the neighborhood - but no matter how hard we looked (we got in the car and tracked it around the neighborhood) we couldn't seem to find that truck.  For a four year old, this is heartbreaking.  On Sunday, while I was napping with Finn, Michael came into the bedroom and got Finn out of bed and asked him if he wanted to get something from the ice cream truck.  They bolted out the front door and started out on foot.  A few minutes later, they emerged victorious with a  Spiderman popsicle.

On Monday we took the boys to the Sumner County Fair. We thought it would be a good idea to let Finn ride a few of the bigger rides to get him ready for Disney World.  First they rode the train.  Sam cried his eyes out on the first lap, and loved the next three.  Finn was bored. 

Next, Finn and I rode a tall, swirly, fast ride.  Finn was so excited.  He kept yelling, "THIS IS AWESOME!"  I'm glad he was having fun, but I was sitting there imagining how I was going to die.  Tonight was the first night of the fair and the rides hadn't been up too terribly long.  I am glad that Finn wasn't scared.  Looks like we are officially ready for Tower of Terror!

While Finn and Daddy rode the Ferris Wheel, Sam went fishing.  Originally, he just dunked in his hand in and grabbed a handful of sharks.  The carnie stepped in and handed Sam a pole.  He was proficient with both the pole and the death grab.

At the end of the evening, Finn and Sam received their "crown jewel" of the fair - cotton candy.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sleeping in the Tent

Most of this week, Finn has been at Nana and Papa's house so we had a few days to enjoy Sam.   I was a little worried about dropping Sam off at school without Finn being there.  He did better than expected, but his teachers told me that he really missed Finn.  He asked them all week, "where is my Finn?"  On the day we got Finn back, I took him to go pick Sam up from school.  The second Sam saw Finn, he ran over to him, yelled FINN! and gave him the biggest hug.

On Friday night I went to a wrap party.  The boys had popcorn and watched "Dinosaur."

On Saturday, I bought Finn some new play clothes.  He was really pumped about this basketball shorts.  Now he really does look just like daddy.

On Saturday night, Finn asked me if he could sleep in his tent.  Since it is a Saturday night, we told him yes.

Well, Sam decided that he wanted to try too. We knew this wouldn't work, but decided to let them do it anyway.  The boys watched an entire movie before getting up to ask me to put in another one. It was at that point we put both boys in their own beds.

While we are on the topic of sleep - I haven't met anyone who dislikes sleeping as much as Finn.  On Friday morning I asked Finn if he had "happy dreams."  He said, "no, I didn't have any dreams." I said, that's good."  He responds, "Mom, that isn't good, I like to have dreams."  I asked him why.  He says, "because I can imagine that I am awake."

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happy Father's Day

Sunday was Father's Day.  We decided to take the boys to see a movie - "How To Train Your Dragon 2" Both boys were really good at the theater.  Sam sat in my lap and ate popcorn from the minute we sat down until the minute we left.  Finn sat next to Michael and ate his own little box of popcorn.

When we got home Sam took a long nap and Finn gave Michael the Father's Day gift that he made for Michael.  It was homemade frame and card.  It was quite sweet.

Next I took Finn to meet Nana at 109.  Finn spent the next couple of days with Nana.

Sam also gave Michael the card he made.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Reasons to Like Godzilla

Tonight as Finn and Sam were preparing to wind down for bed, Finn asked to watch the "Godzilla" cartoon. During one scene Godzilla picks up two humans and holds them tight in his hands so that they will be safe. Finn then asks, "is that how God holds us in his hands?"  I said, "yes."  Finn responds, "see mom, this is why it is good to watch Godzilla - it teaches us about God." He is such a stinker.

Earlier in the evening I took a page out of Michael's book and took the boys to Chik-Fil-A for dinner.  I can't remember the last time I actually took the boys to dinner on my own.   When we got there Finn cut line and ordered his meal in the middle of another family's order.  I pretended he wasn't mine.  Finn was overly excited about his chicken nuggets.  After every bite he would proclaim how much he was enjoying his food.  For example, BITE - "mom, these are soooo good."  BITE, "mom, I am soooo glad that I picked this restaurant."  BITE - "mom, you have got to try this chicken without ketchup."  The dining area wasn't very crowded and Finn's voice reverberated off of every wall in the place. Now, everyone at the Gallatin Chik-Fil-A (including the cooks) knows how much Finn LOVED his chicken.

Next, the boys went to play in the "play area." There was another little kid in in the play place that kept annoying Finn and Sam. At one point I look over to see this kid rubbing Sam's head with both hands as though Sam were a red head and he [the boy] was in need of some luck. He did the same to Finn a few minutes later.  I was very perplexed. Sam also managed to make a "best friend."  A seven (7) year old little girl approached Sam and asked if she could be his best friend.  The conversation went as follows:

Girl:  "Sam, will you be my best friend."
Sam: "Yeah!"
Girl:  "Good, lets play Grandpa" (whatever that means).
Finn:  "Sam, lets go play."
Girl: "But Sam, your MY best friend."
Finn:  "Actually, he is MY brother."
Girl: "Sam you have pick - do you want to play with your best friend or your brother?"

Sam, pined it over for second and trounced off after Finn.  You know that they say, "Bros before . . . ." well, you know.

Next, I ordered the boys some ice cream cones.  Did you know that at Chik-Fil-A you can exchange your toy for a free ice cream cone - well I didn't, and I was pretty excited.  I also gave in and ordered a cookie.

On the way home Finn says, "Mommy, I miss Daddy so much."  He goes on to qualify that while he misses daddy, he is happy about not having to watch so much basketball.  Sam immediately chimes in, "Daddy 'woves' basketball!"

"Guns and Leather"

On Thursday night Nana spent the night with us.  We had signed up to take the carrying permit class the next morning so she came the night before to save travel time in the morning.

When she got there she found the boys playing with their new ooze at the kitchen table.  Earlier in the week Finn had asked if we could make different colored ooze.  Since ooze is so much neater than Play-Doh, I decided that it would be a great idea.  Finn made purple, orange, and more green.  Sam made teal. 

Next they sat on the couch and snuggled with Nana and read books.

The next morning, mom and I got up early and headed out to "Guns and Leather" in Greenbrier.  The class was broken into two parts:  classroom instruction and the gun range.  The class was really interesting.  After they had gone over all the applicable laws and the different parts of a pistol, we were tested.   I am proud to report that I made a 100 on my test.  I was so nervous that I would fail. I wasn't quite as proficient on the range.  Out of 50 rounds, two of mine didn't hit the paper.  Mom did great with 100% hitting the target.  Before the class, I had never shot a pistol and it was a little awkward trying to aim.  I told mom after we left that after each time I pulled the trigger I closed my eyes - probably not what the instructor would want to hear.

Well, I am really glad that we went.  It was interesting and I had a lot of fun with mom.  Thank you Granny Martha for loaning me your gun for the day. 

When we got home we taped my target to the door for the boys to see.  Sam thought it was cool.  I know this because he said, "that's cool mom."  He didn't say it with much enthusiasm, so I think he was just appeasing me. Finn took one look and said - "why didn't you get any in the middle.  Finn is pretty hard to impress.

More ooze play.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Quasi Sleepover

On Saturday we took the boys over to Chase and Lindsay's house for a cookout.  We didn't get there until 6:30 and we assumed that we would have cram our burgers down and leave before the boys tore the place up.  Much to our surprise, Finn and Sam were wonderful.  They ate their supper without a fuss and then willing laid down upstairs on Chase and Lindsay's sectional and watched Ninja Turtles.  I turned off the lights and gave them each a blanket and told them to go to sleep.  They were so excited at the idea of camping out on the couch.  For the most part they stayed put.  Finn did come downstairs one time and let me know that Sam was playing with a blank piece of paper - but otherwise, we were able to sit and talk to our friends until 11:30.  When we went upstairs to the get the boys they were both wide awake.  I didn't expect that.

The boys at church on Sunday.

Monday was a good day - the boys both slept until 8:00.  Michael took the boys to school while I lazily got to work.

Finn had a pretty tough night.  First, he fell head first out of the swing.  He was crying so hard that he couldn't even catch his breath.  I took him inside and snuggled with him and asked him to tell me what hurt.  He told his head and his hands.  By the look of it, I was sure that Finn broke a limb.  Thankfully he seemed fine. After about 30 minutes he finally told him how he fell.  I had been asking him since he fell, but we was plainly ignoring me.  Out of nowhere Finn said, "I didn't tell you how I fell because I didn't want to get in trouble." He finally fessed up that he was trying to swing without holding on.  No wonder he fell.  Just in case you were wondering, Finn wasn't in trouble.  I figured that falling head first into the ground was punishment enough.

Next, Finn was playing with his ooze at the kitchen table and Sam, out of nowhere, came up and stabbed him with a sharpened pencil.  What in this world! Michael is never allowed to leave the house ever again.

During baths the boys decided to spit water at each other.  They would each fill their mouths and then spew the water out of their mouths with great force right in the other's face.  They laughed so much at this.

Before bed, we all snuggled on the couch and watched Harry Potter.  Sam asked all the usual questions: 1) What is a rubber duck? 2) Why is Harry not clapping? 3) What is "see you at school."?  Every single time we watch the movie, I have to answer the same three questions.  Now, I typically do not take "selfies" - but they were so sweet and snuggly that I wanted to capture the moment.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Swing Master

This past Sunday we decided to pull out the little pool.  The boys wanted to play in the water, but I had no desire to chase Sam around the freezing cold pool in a bathing suit for two hours while he whined incessantly. As a compromise we filled up the kiddie pool with warm sink water and let them play - somewhat unsupervised.  What I really mean is, I sat next to them in a lawn chair and zoned out. It was so wonderful to zone out.

Sam on the way to church Sunday night.

Monday was the boys' first day of Crusader Camp. I am so excited about camp - they have a different activity everyday.  On Mondays they do crafts/gardening, etc.  On Tuesdays they play water games. On Wednesdays they have someone come in that teaches them tumbling and and exercises.  I can't remember Thursday and Friday.  As excited I am about camp, I feel a little sad for Finn because all of his friends have moved on.  He is now the oldest and only boy outside of the babies.

First day picture.

On Monday night we took the boys to big pool to let them try out their new pool noodles.  We put the boys on their respective noodles in the big pool and let them practice floating and kicking.  Both were a little panicky at first - but I think it had more to do with the water temperature than the floating exercise.  Both ended up doing pretty well.

Finn has officially learned to swing on his own. My days of pushing this boy in the swing are officially over. As I was watering the plants tonight I look over and see Finn swinging away. Goodness how the time is flying.

I may have mentioned this before - but Finn supplies the soundtrack to his life.  He is always humming something as he works or plays; typically the song is relevant to the particular task.  Tonight, as we were filling up buckets of water from the kiddie pool to water the plants, Finn starts humming the theme to Fantasia's "The Sorcerer's Apprentice."  I don't know the actual name of this classical piece.  Anyway, on "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" Mickey Mouse bewitches a broomstick to carry large buckets of sloshing water.  Tonight, as Finn was carrying his own large bucket of sloshing, he starts humming the tune.  He looked so precious half marching/half dragging around that bucket.

This is a picture of the boys watching Fantasia. At this moment they are watching one of the more frightening vignettes where lava from a volcano is chasing down "mother earth."  (At least I presume she is "mother earth.")  Fantasia has become one of Finn's fast favorites.  I am really pleased at how much he likes classical music.  I didn't expect Finn to like the movie at all - in fact, I assumed he would dismiss it at boring since there are no words.  Well, I couldn't have been more wrong.  

Oh, and I just found out that I am an aunt again!

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