Swing Master

This past Sunday we decided to pull out the little pool.  The boys wanted to play in the water, but I had no desire to chase Sam around the freezing cold pool in a bathing suit for two hours while he whined incessantly. As a compromise we filled up the kiddie pool with warm sink water and let them play - somewhat unsupervised.  What I really mean is, I sat next to them in a lawn chair and zoned out. It was so wonderful to zone out.

Sam on the way to church Sunday night.

Monday was the boys' first day of Crusader Camp. I am so excited about camp - they have a different activity everyday.  On Mondays they do crafts/gardening, etc.  On Tuesdays they play water games. On Wednesdays they have someone come in that teaches them tumbling and and exercises.  I can't remember Thursday and Friday.  As excited I am about camp, I feel a little sad for Finn because all of his friends have moved on.  He is now the oldest and only boy outside of the babies.

First day picture.

On Monday night we took the boys to big pool to let them try out their new pool noodles.  We put the boys on their respective noodles in the big pool and let them practice floating and kicking.  Both were a little panicky at first - but I think it had more to do with the water temperature than the floating exercise.  Both ended up doing pretty well.

Finn has officially learned to swing on his own. My days of pushing this boy in the swing are officially over. As I was watering the plants tonight I look over and see Finn swinging away. Goodness how the time is flying.

I may have mentioned this before - but Finn supplies the soundtrack to his life.  He is always humming something as he works or plays; typically the song is relevant to the particular task.  Tonight, as we were filling up buckets of water from the kiddie pool to water the plants, Finn starts humming the theme to Fantasia's "The Sorcerer's Apprentice."  I don't know the actual name of this classical piece.  Anyway, on "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" Mickey Mouse bewitches a broomstick to carry large buckets of sloshing water.  Tonight, as Finn was carrying his own large bucket of sloshing, he starts humming the tune.  He looked so precious half marching/half dragging around that bucket.

This is a picture of the boys watching Fantasia. At this moment they are watching one of the more frightening vignettes where lava from a volcano is chasing down "mother earth."  (At least I presume she is "mother earth.")  Fantasia has become one of Finn's fast favorites.  I am really pleased at how much he likes classical music.  I didn't expect Finn to like the movie at all - in fact, I assumed he would dismiss it at boring since there are no words.  Well, I couldn't have been more wrong.  

Oh, and I just found out that I am an aunt again!