Monday, June 23, 2014

Practice Makes Perfect

For the last couple of weeks, we have been tracking down the elusive ice cream truck.  We can hear its music blaring all over the neighborhood - but no matter how hard we looked (we got in the car and tracked it around the neighborhood) we couldn't seem to find that truck.  For a four year old, this is heartbreaking.  On Sunday, while I was napping with Finn, Michael came into the bedroom and got Finn out of bed and asked him if he wanted to get something from the ice cream truck.  They bolted out the front door and started out on foot.  A few minutes later, they emerged victorious with a  Spiderman popsicle.

On Monday we took the boys to the Sumner County Fair. We thought it would be a good idea to let Finn ride a few of the bigger rides to get him ready for Disney World.  First they rode the train.  Sam cried his eyes out on the first lap, and loved the next three.  Finn was bored. 

Next, Finn and I rode a tall, swirly, fast ride.  Finn was so excited.  He kept yelling, "THIS IS AWESOME!"  I'm glad he was having fun, but I was sitting there imagining how I was going to die.  Tonight was the first night of the fair and the rides hadn't been up too terribly long.  I am glad that Finn wasn't scared.  Looks like we are officially ready for Tower of Terror!

While Finn and Daddy rode the Ferris Wheel, Sam went fishing.  Originally, he just dunked in his hand in and grabbed a handful of sharks.  The carnie stepped in and handed Sam a pole.  He was proficient with both the pole and the death grab.

At the end of the evening, Finn and Sam received their "crown jewel" of the fair - cotton candy.

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  1. They are growing so fast! You all are going to have a great trip!


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