Weekend at Nana and Papa's

Finn spent much of last week at Nana and Papa's house.  He had a great time mowing, swinging and lounging.

One really neat thing that Finn did was to sleep outside, all night, in Nana and Papa's treehouse/swingset platform.

 I think that Mom is talking to me on the phone in this picture.  Specifically she is telling me, "Well . . . I need to tell you about Finn's foot."  Just what you want to hear.  Apparently Finn dropped an ax on his toe.  It was bleeding pretty badly so Papa took him to the ER.  Mom wasn't home at the time and decided to meet them at the hospital. Always the pragmatist, Nana cleaned the toe up and saw that the cut wasn't that bad.  Or as Monty Python would say, "tis but a flesh wound."  They took him back home, cleaned it up good and bandaged him up.  Finn was good as new by the time he got home on Wednesday.

 Watching TV with Papa.  Isn't Papa a good sport!