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Reasons to Like Godzilla

Tonight as Finn and Sam were preparing to wind down for bed, Finn asked to watch the "Godzilla" cartoon. During one scene Godzilla picks up two humans and holds them tight in his hands so that they will be safe. Finn then asks, "is that how God holds us in his hands?"  I said, "yes."  Finn responds, "see mom, this is why it is good to watch Godzilla - it teaches us about God." He is such a stinker.

Earlier in the evening I took a page out of Michael's book and took the boys to Chik-Fil-A for dinner.  I can't remember the last time I actually took the boys to dinner on my own.   When we got there Finn cut line and ordered his meal in the middle of another family's order.  I pretended he wasn't mine.  Finn was overly excited about his chicken nuggets.  After every bite he would proclaim how much he was enjoying his food.  For example, BITE - "mom, these are soooo good."  BITE, "mom, I am soooo glad that I picked this restaurant."  BITE - "mom, you have got to try this chicken without ketchup."  The dining area wasn't very crowded and Finn's voice reverberated off of every wall in the place. Now, everyone at the Gallatin Chik-Fil-A (including the cooks) knows how much Finn LOVED his chicken.

Next, the boys went to play in the "play area." There was another little kid in in the play place that kept annoying Finn and Sam. At one point I look over to see this kid rubbing Sam's head with both hands as though Sam were a red head and he [the boy] was in need of some luck. He did the same to Finn a few minutes later.  I was very perplexed. Sam also managed to make a "best friend."  A seven (7) year old little girl approached Sam and asked if she could be his best friend.  The conversation went as follows:

Girl:  "Sam, will you be my best friend."
Sam: "Yeah!"
Girl:  "Good, lets play Grandpa" (whatever that means).
Finn:  "Sam, lets go play."
Girl: "But Sam, your MY best friend."
Finn:  "Actually, he is MY brother."
Girl: "Sam you have pick - do you want to play with your best friend or your brother?"

Sam, pined it over for second and trounced off after Finn.  You know that they say, "Bros before . . . ." well, you know.

Next, I ordered the boys some ice cream cones.  Did you know that at Chik-Fil-A you can exchange your toy for a free ice cream cone - well I didn't, and I was pretty excited.  I also gave in and ordered a cookie.

On the way home Finn says, "Mommy, I miss Daddy so much."  He goes on to qualify that while he misses daddy, he is happy about not having to watch so much basketball.  Sam immediately chimes in, "Daddy 'woves' basketball!"


  1. Okay, I am very glad that Finn compared Godzilla holding humans to God holding us, but, I think that using God to justify watching Godzilla is a bit of a stretch! Oh well, he gets it from his mother! Mom


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