Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

On Friday, Grandad dropped by the house to pick up the boys for the weekend.  It was really nice to have a quiet weekend - I don't think I turned the TV on the entire time. On Friday night Michael and I went to see "Neighbors."  Then on Saturday we went to Porter's Boat House with Brandon and Carissa where I ate my first oyster.  The place was great - they had the best catfish and grits! We sat out on the patio and pretty much closed the place down.

On Sunday I want to pick the boys up in Murfreesboro. I met Dad and Gina at Old Chicago Pizza to discuss our upcoming trip to Disney World.  When we got home Gran and Pa came over for dinner.  (Pa came in on Friday for a surprise visit.)

After dinner we took the boys down the creek.  Sam rode his tricycle.  He was pretty good.  He had the pedaling down, but couldn't quite master the steering. I stood in front of him and told him to look right at me when he was riding.  As long as he kept his eyes on me he could steer straight.  However, the second he turned his head, which it usually was within a few seconds, he would turn off to the side. Once he turned so hard that he fell off.

Finn rode too - he was fine as long as he wasn't riding down hill.

When we got to the creek the boys did their best to get in. I walked about half way through, but the rocks were slick as ice.  It took about 10 minutes to walk three feet.

The boys had a great time.  Thank you Gran and Pa for dinner and for the visit.

They were both exhausted by the time we put them to bed.  I couldn't resist taking a picture.

This is what Finn typically looks like when he is sleeping.  This is what Sam typically looks like . . .

I have no idea how he breathes under there.  I have to move the blanket off of his head every night. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Last Day of School

Well, Wednesday was the boys' last day of school.   Finn will go on to the K4 class and Sam will stay right where he in the K2 class (much to his teacher's dismay - have I mentioned that Sam is horrible).  Both boys were pretty cooperative and excited because they were having a program at school, bouncy houses and McDonald's.

Check out our dead grass.

Finn trying to spy on Michael working out in the garage.

When we got to school I learned that Ms. Beth (the most patient woman alive) will not be at the Gallatin campus over the Summer for Crusader Camp.  She will instead be at the main campus.  Oh dread. Sam is going to be devastated.

The awards ceremony started at 9:30.  I missed the whole thing because I was in Court.  Wednesdays are not good days for me to take off.  They combined all the classes for a few songs and a poem about mission work.  According to what I have been told, Finn is either a natural born leader or inordinately bossy.  During "I'm in the Lord's Army" some of Finn's classmates did not stop singing at the end of the song and continued to sing a second refrain.  Finn immediately turns around, and starts waving his arms in a swatting motion as if to say - stop it.  During the poem all of Finn's classmates (including Sam) forgot the words midway through.  Finn, with this elephant memory, powered through the rest all alone.  While doing so he cut his eyes back and forth to his classmates with a look of "get it together" all over his face. In the classmate's defense - this was a pretty hard poem.  I am so glad that Gran taped this performance.

Next they gave out the awards. Finn earned the "Best Artist" award.

Sam was awarded "Most Inquisitive."  Or in other words, "most likely get into something that he is not suppose to and ultimately wind up in time out or worse" award.  I love teacher speak. 

After the awards ceremony the kids played outside at in the bouncy houses.  Sam wouldn't go inside and mostly explored the parking lot.  

After playing for an hour or so they ate their lunches and went home.  Gran brought the boys back to the house and they took naps.

After naps we went to Hobby Lobby to frame our family portrait.  Then it was off to "Chef's Market" for dinner.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Brunch at Germantown Cafe

On Sunday we got all dressed up and met Gran for brunch at Germantown CafĂ©.  Finn and Sam were in good spirits and ready to eat.  We started out with complimentary bread - it more like an extra large donut hole but way better.  For the main course we had meat lovers omelet and lemon poppy seed French toast. 

Finn drinking his water and him milk at the same time.

The Germantown area is so picturesque - well at least some of it.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mish Mash

 Sam playing cars on the table.

 The Friday before Mother's Day, while taking his morning constitution, Finn told me that he a surprise for me for Mother's Day.  He told me that he couldn't tell me what it was, but that it had mulch in it and that it grew.  That afternoon he and Sam came home with a plant for me.

I asked Finn to pose for me - this is way I got.

 Puzzles have become quite a hit at our house.  To my surprise, Finn is really good at them.  He can put together puzzles with the tiniest pieces.  Sam would rather play dinosaurs with his puzzle pieces.

Sam as "Uncle Sam."

Well, we have had a pretty hard time with Sam this week.  I have been called up the school twice to "take care of a problem."  After eating his lunch, Sam will crawl under the table and refuse to come out.  For the past few days I have picked Sam up from his nap room and taken him upstairs to the dining hall where they all eat.  I show him his table and ask him if he got underneath it.  He told me yes.  I asked him why, he said, "because I was mad at you."  Then he gets his punishment.  Afterwards he asked me if he could go home. I told him no and put him back in bed.

Finn has also had a interesting week.  This week he learned about the devil, all thanks to the movie "Fantasia."  Specifically, "A Night on Bald Mountain."  He and Michael had a very, very lengthy discussion about the topic.  He processed rather well.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

 On Saturday we drove down to Nana and Papa's house to celebrate Mother's Day weekend.  On the way down we stopped at a store in Murfreesboro to make a quick exchange.  I misspoke - nothing is quick about Murfreesboro.  Anyway, while in the store, I turn around to find Sam rubbing a mannequin's leg.  He said, "it is so beautiful mom."

Once we got to Nana and Papas house me went to Ms. Shelton's to pick up my picture.  Finn and Sam played in the yard while he oohed and ahhed over her selection.  When I went outside to check on the boys I found that Finn had moved Ms. Shelton's decorative rocks (big rocks) away from her flower bed.  I hurriedly and very quietly put them back where they went - or at least I hope I did.

Next we went back to the house and played on the new swingset that Papa made for all the boys.
 Sam relaxing in Adirondack chair on the covered deck.

Finn and I swinging.  Finn wanted to see who could go the highest.  He claims to have won. I will dispute that to my dying day.

 Next Finn wanted to race.  Even barefoot and in a dress, I smoked em' all.

 Finn wiped out on his second race.
 It was all made better with a sip of Diet Pepsi.

After playing outside, we came in and made sandwiches on the panini maker.  Finn and Sam had peanut butter and jelly.  Only they didn't eat their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches because Nana gave him crunchy peanut butter - oh the horror.

 After supper the boys played upstairs.  Much of their playing involved dog piling Papa.

 The next morning Finn woke me up with a surprise - donuts in the bed.  He was so proud of his efforts.  So proud in fact, that he took two of my donuts off my plate while I wasn't watching.

 Our "all dressed up and ready for church" picture.

We went to church at FBC Sparta.  Sam was terrible and Finn was whiny.  Midway through the service I took Sam to the nursery.  They couldn't give him back to me fast enough at the end of the service.  Sam must have cried most of the time.  In fact, when I picked him up he was still crying.  When he saw Finn for the first time he cried as hard as I have ever heard him cry.

Next we went to Aunt Laura's for Mother's day/ Papa' birthday.  I gave Sam a banana and put him down for a nap in the pack-n-play as soon as humanly possible.  He thankfully slept the entire time.

All the group pictures. . .

Finn with his new buddy Caleb.  Finn thought it was awesome that Caleb called him "Sven."

 Sam, after I woke him up.

This picture about sums it up - Sam in poor spirits and Finn with the thumbs up.

We had a great day.

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